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BlogsMonitor is a directory of blogs covering a broad number of categories and interests. Each blog submitted is reviewed manually and then displayed on the official directory alongside its name, thumbnail, category of interest and description, date of registration, and user ratings covering speed, information and design quality of the blog. Blogsmonitor is free to use.
To submit your own blog you need to first register yourself on the site, by clicking the Register button on the top menu, and then you will be able to submit your blog by using the right side column or by going to the dedicated submission page


Blogadr is a free web-based directory that lists blogs in a wide variety of categories. where you can promote your blog dedicated to blogs that publish news related to sports. Submissions are free, but you can also advertise your blog paying a $1 fee per each URL included. You don’t need to register to use the service.
To include your site to Blogadr, you have to send an e-mail to the editors with the title and URL of your blog and also a category that best represents your site.


BlogsAvenue is an blog directory on the Internet that allows you to get more exposure for your online publication. Every submitted blog is available to the public, and it displays some useful info like: a thumbnail of the homepage, some site information (owner, URL, category, etc.), the rating of the site, a set of SEO info (PageRank, Google / Bing backlinks, etc.) and the reviews (if any). Plus, you can check a statistics graph with unique daily visitors and pageviews for the present day, week and month referring to the blog site. Registration is necessary.
To add your site to BlogsAvenue, you must register first. Then select "submit blog" from the right sidebar panel. Here, add your blog URL, title and description of your site (160 chars minimum), RSS feed URL, and choose a category that represents what your blog is about. Last, add the BlogsAvenue reciprocal code to your blog to activate the submission.

Top of Blogs

Top of Blogs is an online blog directory where you can list your website, and gain an inbound link that helps you crawl positions inside Google searches. Each website you submit gets published for everyone to see, and it displays some relevant info like your PageRank, a thumbnail of your homepage, the site owner, a statistics graph with unique daily visitors and pageviews during the current week, and more. Registration is mandatory.
To include your site to Top of Blogs, you have to register yourself first. Then select "submit your blog" from the right sidebar panel. Here, type your blog URL, RSS feed URL, title, description and select between one to six tags that describe your blog content.


BlogDirs is a free directory and search engine where you can submit your blog site and browse other relevant blogs properly organized in thematic categories depending on their PageRank value (those with a higher PR are displayed first). Registration is not mandatory to utilize BlogDirs.
To feature your blog inside BlogDirs, simply add the title, the URL and a brief description of your blog. Then, provide your name and email address and then select a proper category. Last, add a reciprocal link URL (which you need to validate by including a HTML code to your pages).


FuelMyBlog is a free blog submission community where you can add your blog and your RSS feed to create more backlinks for your pages and have more people coming to your site. FuelMyBlog also allows you to share, vote, promote other blogs inside the directory. You can add an unlimited number of blogs to the portal. Registration is mandatory.
To submit your blog to FuelMyBlog, just register and then add the title and URL of your blog, along with a short description for your site. Last, choose a category and upload an image to represent your blog. FuelMyBlog will generate a link that you can post to your own site to validate the submission process.


BlogRollCenter is a content submission directory where you can promote both the URL of your blog and the RSS feed of your site, to get more visitors. Registration is mandatory to submit your website and to rate / review other websites featured inside the directory. For each website, you can also access a series of statistics that may help you evaluate the credibility of the website itself and its popularity. BlogRollCenter has also a news sectionupdated daily. You can also become a Premium member and have your website featured in a random fashion inside the slideshow at the top of every page of the directory
To submit your website URL to BlogRollCenter, just enter the URL and the system will automatically extract the metadata of your site (title and description). Then you can edit the info provided, select a relevant category, add your RSS feed, email address, and last, select the country of origin of your site.

Blogs Rater

Blogs Rater is a free blog directory where you can submit your website / blog and have people rate your website to gain more backlinks, exposure and traffic. You do not need to register before you submit your blog.
To submit your site to Blogs Rater, you have to enter your name and your blog URL. Then decide whether you accept free and paid reciprocal links to be posted in your blog. Last, write a description and choose a category for your blog.


E-Articles is a human-reviewed free article submission directory where you can submit your original articles and tutorials to boost specific keywords for SEO purposes, to generate links pointing back to your site and also to establish yourself as a trusted source on a matter of your interest. Each submitted article is automatically translated into 16 foreign languages and proofread. Registration is required.
To submit an article to E-Articles, provide your email address and name, along with the title of your article. Then upload your original article or tutorial in one of the following file formats: .TXT, .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT, .HTM or .HTML (the attachment file size should be under 500KB). the article will be reviewed and you will be emailed whether and when your piece will be featured inside the directory.


PaidDirectory is a paid submission directory where you can submit your website and browse other resources organized per specific category. Registration is not required to submit your site. There are several pricing options (starting from $3.50/year) that you can check on the submission page. Depending on the pricing level you choose, you can aslo submit your RSS feed to the directory.
To submit your website to PaidDirectory, first select a pricing option. Then insert the title, URL and description of your website. Last, add your email and name and select a category.


Bllogs is a free human-reviewed blog directory that allows you to submit your url to promote the content of your blog to a wider audience. Bllogs comprises blogs coming from all over the world and written in multiple languages on different topics. Registration is not mandatory.
To submit your blog to Bllogs, just provide the title and URL of your website, the URL of your RSS feed and a brief description for your blog. You also need to select the language of your blog, since Bllogs allows you to submit a website in a wide variety of languages. Last, add your name and e-mail address.


BlogoWogo is a free blog directory and blog aggregator where you can submit your website and have people rate your content to gain more exposure and traffic. You need to register before you submit your blog.
To add a website to BlogoWogo, you first need to register. Then add the title, URL and RSS feed of your blog. Last, choose a category for your blog, and you're set.

Blog Toplist

Blog Toplist is a human-reviewed blog directory where you can promote the content of your blog to a wider audience to gain backlinks and traffic. You can submit both the URL of your blog and your RSS feed. Registration is mandatory.
To submit your blog to Blog Toplist, you first have to place a button with a reciprocal link to Blog Toplist on your website / blog. Then head to the submission page, provide your registration credentials and add the usual information about your website (title, URL, description, etc.).

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