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Free Media Players

It is one of the free and popular media players that are available in the net. It can support all the popular media file format both audio and video playback functionality is present. Using this player you can also view and save the YouTube videos directly on your PC, just copy and paste the YouTube URL in the player.
It is a light and portable media player that is capable of playing all the media file format. With the support for DVD’s and you can also install external codec’s to run on this media player such that you can expand the features and number of file formats supported on this player. It is rated as one of the best and user friendly media player by the users.
Is the product of the Cowon America and it supports all the major video and audio file formats. It has got some advanced playback features which lets you to control the playback of the media such that you can set to have desired sound of your choose. You can also burn disc directly by using this player.
This is one another media player which all the music lovers will be aware off. It can support all the major file formats and also supports live online streaming media and it is one of the popular streaming media player on the Internet. Some of the interesting features of this player are Equalizer, Cross fade, Gapless playback (silence removal), Media library, Live Pause, CD ripping, Video Download and video sharing.
This media player supports Windows and Linux operating systems and one of the most loved media players ever. With the advance audio codec’s and filters it can reproduce great sound quality with clarity on its side. It is been downloaded by over 57 million users by the year of 2006 and the number is ever increasing. With the support for the plugins you can add new features to the player and increase its features database.
This is a product from the Apple Inc and it can support most of the media formats with support for playing live streams, media clips and animations. With the support for the iTunes file format now you can listen to your iPod tunes using this application. It can support both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.
This is an all-in-one media player with support for all the major media file formats you can also use this player to sync and share songs to your phone and also use as an iPod connector. You can download and install plugins to improve the features and make your experience pleasant. It also acts as a download manager so you can add playlist to download the songs automatically.
This is an audio player that can produce good sound and being light only 2.88MB it can support many of the popular file formats with support to AAC to WMA. Using this application you can also record live radio streaming. It features auto shutdown feature such that when the all the songs in the playlist are finished it will shutdown the computer.
One another light video and audio player and also can be used as plugins for the Windows media player, Real player and QuickTime player. From this player you can view videos on your computer or from the URL like that in the media player.
Songbird is the product from the Mozilla which is the developer of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can customize this player as per your need hence it features most user friendly media player ever. It can support iPod and you can create or download plugins according to your needs and it has got built-in support playback.
Apple’s iPod is well known as a portable audio player and now iPhone and iPod Touch can also playback video files. For converting normal files into iTunes format we require iTunes which can also multiply as media player which allows you to play songs on your computer and get the same audio experience like of iPod. It can also be used to download applications and songs from the iTunes store.
This is Windows only audio player that can produce superb sound quality while supporting many of the popular audio file formats it has gained popularity soon after its release in the year of 2002 from then it is well know as a media player rather than an audio player. Its features are equalizer with audio and visual effects, support for Winamp, Sonique and DSP plugins.
This player can be run of windows and Linux operating systems. The interesting feature of this player is it can remember the position of the track and resume playback from that point even if you shutdown the application. It has audio and video filters that give comfortable playback of the tracks and support for the sub titles and you can also search subtitles on the net from this application.
It is also known as the XBox media center and it is cross platform open source software. It can support all the common audio and video file formats and also supports image formats such that you can even view images on this application. It can play audio and video from the CD’s and DVD’s and give you theater like sound experience and also has support for various online sites like, etc., such that you can enjoy music from online playlist easily.
Is a total multimedia solution for the operating systems like that of UNIX and it is also a cross platform and open source software. It can support all the major file formats including support for the AAC and WMV file formats you can also use this application to view movies on DVD and CD’s and it is also completely compatible with network protocols.

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