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Free Online Construction Courses

Free Online Construction Courses List

Building Technology I: Materials and Construction at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This course explores the construction, theory and history of structural systems; it also looks at buildings and energy issues. An interactive learning tool is provided that can help students understand structural forces, although a Java plug-in is required. Additional materials include lecture notes, an assignment, a quiz with solutions and study material, all available as PDF files.

Civil Engineering Construction at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

This OCW course investigates complicated construction systems and methods. Students can learn how to choose an acceptable construction design and make reasonable technological decisions. Notes from eight of the original lectures are provided as PDF slides. Lectures are in English and cover dams and bridges, civil runways and airports, gas and oil structures, engineering procedures, earthworks, mass haul diagrams, marine structures and special construction projects.

Construction Equipment Visibility at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In this free resource, individuals learn about the blind areas of various construction vehicles, including backhoe loaders, dozers and graders. This information may help prevent accidents on a construction site.

Construction Measurement III at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Also presented in English, this OCW course has PDF notes for six of the nine lectures. Topics covered include electrical and mechanical works, provisional sum, prime cost sum, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete, electrical installations and installation of air conditioning.

Construction Technology I: Part A and B at the University of Cape Town

While this course is written according to South African standards and regulations for the construction industry, it still may be of value to readers seeking information on construction techniques. Students are introduced to building sections, including ramps, walls, stairs, foundations, roofs, walls and floors.

Introduction to Project Planning at the University of Cape Town

The role of planning in project management is the focus of this postsecondary OCW course. A planning techniques manual and a critical path presentation are available as PDF files.

OSHA Construction eTool at the U.S. Department of Labor

This is a tutorial on controlling and identifying construction hazards that can lead to serious injury. The tutorial looks at electrical, struck-by and trenching hazards, as well as falls. It's presented in text format with illustrations and many addition resource links.

Prevention Videos: Construction Hazards at the U.S. Department of Labor

The videos that are part of this resource show how construction workers can avoid injury on the job. Topics covered include construction falls, strains and sprains, struck-by accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and excavation accidents.

Project Management at MIT

This OCW course covers the calculable tools, methods and theories used in construction project management. Additional topics include risk management, scheduling and project estimations. A suggested reading list is available, and students can download lectures and term project guidelines as PDF files.

Use of Underground Space at Delft University of Technology

This bachelor's-level OCW course is presented in English. It covers topics such as subsoil basics, risk and safety management, tunnels, basements, special constructions, subsurface planning, legal aspects and land uses. Free materials include eleven video lectures with PDF slideshow files, readings, guidelines for an optional final paper and sample completed papers.
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