The New World Order
The New World Order

Free T-Shirts and Clothes

Get free t-shirts, hats, pins, free clothes, underwear, hosiery, sunglasses, clothing coupons, free clothing catalogs, jewelry,accessories, handbags, shoes, footwear, eyewear, etc. How can you possibly get such cool stuff free? It's simple. Brand want exposure and they also want your personal information. In exchange for surveys, your time, information and ability to market a product, you can get rewarded with freebies that you can wear. Who would have thought that a free t-shirt was only a few clicks away?

With Swagbucks, all you have to do is use their search engine (which uses Google results). Just for searching, you'll earn points. Sometimes, you'll even get a ton of bonus points if you hit it right. After about a month, you'll have enough points or Swagbucks to buy an giftcard to buy some free clothes. Learn more about Swagbucks.

Customize your own wearable apron for just five dollars - and pay just $5.99 in shipping. Normally these cost $15-20 each and you can make a great gift for dirt cheap. Not quite a freebie, but definitely a steal of a deal.

Under the for sale section, there is a category in your local area where people list things they would like to give away to others. Sometimes, you can find free t-shirts and clothes or other items for your home. If nothing is listed, feel free to post a WANTED: ad, which will be searchable in the entire for sale section.

If you just had a baby or need an updated look or some new t-shirts, Freecycle is an valuable resource for finding free clothes! People list their items on local neighborhood and city centric email lists all over the world. You can request items from people that are offering them or put out a wanted ad once you join and it's all FREE. With over 6 million members worldwide, this is a great bet if you whether you live in a city or a more remote area. It's especially useful for new parents who need baby clothes or want to give away clothing that their kid no longer fits in. And it's not just for clothing -people give away everything you need in your home 100% free rather than throwing them away. 


So you may have noticed that Freecycle is starting to have footprints across the world. Well, there’s more good news for my UK friends. Freegle is a site that is… well… it’s just like Freecycle. I could actually copy and paste the above two paragraphs here, replace each mention of Freecycle with the word “Freegle”, and it would be a perfect description. Unfortunately, my editor Mark wouldn’t appreciate this very much.

From what I understand, Freegle actually used to be a part of Freecycle, but something went down and the UK crew split. However, both sites are wonderful (but as a note, Freegle’s web design is much cleaner and more user-friendly).

The site mentioned here is a whole lot like a site called Hey, It’s Free! that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Basically, the creators of the site go around the Internet in search for magical items such as free promotional products and special offers coupons. Pretty cool.
However, if there’s anything that businesses like to make, it’s t-shirts, right? (We even have a few on MUO.) It also seems as if companies love giving away their t-shirts. Fortunately, in addition to everything else the site has to offer, the Free Stuff Channelgoes around looking for promo items such as these. The site is updated daily, so you could have quite a large wardrobe before the year is
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