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Free Website Counters And Trackers


Free Counters & Trackers

If you have a Web site, sooner or later, you're going to want a counter for it---or at least a means of determining how many visitors your page is getting.
Across the Web, there are many free page counters and Web site tracking services available. This range from simple counters that give you only the number of hits you're getting to more sophisticated services that give you extensive data about your visitors (such as where they're from, what page they were referred by, what time they visited, etc.)

This reliable free Web page tracker offers lots of useful information about your site's traffic, including referrals, traffic trends and search engine data. The tracker is easy to set up; simply fill out a form and then cut and paste a few lines of HTML onto your pages.

This is a free service for analyzing traffic to your Web site. offers loads of info on your traffic that you can view with convenient, easy-to-read graphs and tables. Easy to set up: just put a snippet of code on your page and you're all set.

Here's a speedy, reliable free Web page counter service that offers over 350 counter styles, as well as an "invisible counter" option. gives you real-time stats about your site's traffic and the service is easy to sign up for and implement.

This reliable, free Web-based stats service gives you lots of real-time, detailed information about your Web site's traffic. The service is easy to implement; just insert a piece of code on your page. If you'd like to keep your stats private, an invisible counter option is available.

This free service offers an excellent way to keep track of your site's traffic and is easy to set up. offers loads of detailed site stats and is highly configurable. The service lets you specific your counter's font, background color and digit color. An invisible counter option is also available.

Looking for a counter for your Web site? This new site offers a reliable, free Web page counter that is ad-free (unlike many services of this kind). offers dozens of digit styles to choose from and you can sign up for as many counters as you want.

 Speedy Counter

This is a free Web site counter service that is easy to set up and gives you many counter styles to choose from.


This free service offers a quick and easy way for you to add a Web counter to your site. SimpleCount offers over 100 different counter graphic styles.

Here, you can get a free hit counter for your Web site. is easy to set up and offers a variety of styles, fonts, and background colors to match your site.
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