The New World Order
The New World Order

The National Weather Association

The NWA is a member-led, all inclusive, 501(c)6 non-profit, professional association supporting and promoting excellence in operational meteorology and related activities since 1975. 

Members have many opportunities to share information, news, studies and concerns related to operational meteorology and related activities through committee work, submitting correspondence or articles to NWA publications such as the Newsletter and the Journal of Operational Meteorology, making presentations or leading workshops at the Annual Meetings, helping to maintain and add information to the NWA website, and to network with great people in a wide variety of careers (from well-known senior professionals to weather enthusiasts). Members join together on many outreach education/training initiatives to students, users of weather information, and the general public. Members also have the opportunity to volunteer for many leadership positions in the organization. Weather Broadcasters have the opportunity to earn the NWA Radio and Television Weathercaster Seals of Approval. The NWA also sponsors an Annual Awards program to recognize excellence, college scholarships, grants to K-12 teachers and other programs. Membership fees provide full voting membership, monthly NWA Newsletters, Journal of Operational Meteorology articles, reduced registration fees at NWA Annual Meetings and much more.

As with most nonprofit associations, the Board of Directors govern and lead the organization. In the NWA, the Council is the Board of Directors. The NWA Council is made up of members in good standing who volunteered and were elected by the membership to fill positions of President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, twelve Councilors and a Student Councilor. Other members are: the immediate past-president and appointed non-voting members (Commissioner of Committees, Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director and others that the Council may appoint in accordance with the bylaws). The Council also appoints committees to help serve the Council and the membership on a variety of subjects. The Council conducts the business of the Association as the basic governing documents dictate, with bylaws approved by the membership and additional policies and procedures approved by the Council. The daily business of the association is carried out by the Executive Director and other staff members with oversight by the Council and direction from the President (Council Chairman).
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