The New World Order
The New World Order

Sarah Palin's Illegitimate Child - Rain Of The Alaskan Bush Family

She is a daughter facing shadows and reminiscing about a family whom she dared not publicly acknowledge. The Palin Family.

It's Rain of the Brown family. The Alaskan Bush family. 

Rain said, "I am not bitter. I am not angry. In fact, there is a great sense of peace that has come over me in the past year."

She has announced that she was the daughter that the Palin's had never publicly acknowledged.

She would like to meet her older siblings and start a friendship.

"People have to understand that this is a part of the inheritance of Alaska,". "It was not uncommon for the tradition in families to keep knowledge of these types of relationships alive and well."

Rain is the subject of gossip in her native Alaska but Sarah Palin did not want to risk harming her career.

"Throughout her life and mine, said Sarah we respected each other," "I was sensitive about her well-being and her career. I knew her beyond her public image."

Sarah' revelations are not likely to damage Rain's legacy because many Alaskans already had heard rumors about her and because her family has accepted her as their own.

People are suspicious. She isn't like any of the members of the Brown family. They howl, talk with strange accents, and need dental work. But Rain wears makeup, dresses up and doesn't act strange like them.

Alaskans need to realize that we have a very complex history here in Alaska.

The satire contained in this article and the fictional nature of it's content – even if based on real people and however similar to real events, is solely for entertainment.
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