The 'New World Order': Las Vegas Shootings: Another False Flag? 58 Dead?
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.

Las Vegas Shootings: Another False Flag? 58 Dead?

Bizarre Things That Just Don’t Make Sense About the Las Vegas Mass Shooting False Flag Event

They’re engaging us with engineered psychological warfare to destabilize a demographic to sanction more control or deflect from an occurrence they’re pushing through. Some believe this is to deflect from other current issues, the past deep state moves were mirrored prior to justifying UN globalist legislation to incrementally turn the thumbscrews to enslave us further…

Despite the fact that the news reporting on this shooting is still in its early stages, there are five bizarre things that just don’t add up about this carnage. Listed below.

#1) Masses of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters

Although law enforcement claims there was only one shooter, multiple witnesses are publicly reporting the presence of multiple shooters. This could reasonably be the response to confusion and chaos, but it’s also highly suspect that the shooter had “full auto” weapon which is typically limited to law enforcement or military personnel.

This question about multiple shooters was also raised after the Aurora, Colorado “Batman movie theater” shooting, in which countless witnesses reported the presence of multiple shooters.
If this shooting was executed by multiple shooters, it would clearly suggest planning and coordination among a group of individuals who sought to carry out the shooting for a political purpose of some kind.

#2) Who informed concert-goers they were “all going to die” a full 45 minutes before the shooting began?

Via the UK Express:

One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

The witness, 21, told local news: “She had been messing with a lady in front of her and telling her she was going to die, that we were all going to die.

“They escorted her out to make her stop messing around with all the other people, but none of us knew it was going to be serious.”

She described the lady as Hispanic. The lady was escorted from the venue along with a man.

The unnamed witness, who was attending the event on her 21st birthday, described the pair as short, both around 5 ft 5ins to 5ft 6ins tall, and looked like “everyday people”.

It’s obvious that neither of these two individuals were the shooter, as the shooter is a much taller Caucasian dude. 

Therefore, this is not a “lone gunman” massacre. There was coordination. At least three individuals were mindful this shooting was about to take place.

#3) Why were the exits obstructed, trapping people like rats in a maze?

Countless reports from witnesses who were on the scene disclose that practically all the exits were obstructed. One witness detailed the scenario as “being caught like a rat in a maze” with many “dead ends.”

Why were practically all the exits blocked? Basically, the concert created a kill zone that amplified the casualties. Until now, based on the Clark County Sheriff in Vegas, over 500 individuals have been injured and 58 folks have so far died.

These are unspeakable numbers, drawing near war-time casualty counts. It’s apparent from the coverage that this shockingly high body count would not have been likely if folks had been free to flee the concert venue.

Basically, the concert trapped the folks, preventing them from escaping, and denying them the capacity to seek cover. From there, continual, full-auto gunfire is almost improbable to survive.

Furthermore, once the shooting began, the stage lights were aimed to the crowd, lighting up the audience and making them an much easier target for the shooter(s). Was this planned?

#4) So why did the shooter have as many as 23 firearms in his rooms?

Based on news reports, the shooter – known as Stephen Paddock – had as many as 23 firearms in his rooms, which include several rifles. If he was the sole shooter, what’s the issue of using so many rifles? One dude can clearly only shoot one rifle, and since he possessed a full auto rifle, he could clearly accomplish his evil aims by concentrating on his one rifle. There was no demand for him to have numerous rifles.

Hence were the other rifles contributed to the room to “stage” the crime scene with an large quantity of guns? Why would one elderly man make an effort to carry 23 weapons to a hotel room to begin with? That’s a lot of work. Rifles are not lightweight equipment.

I get the concept that a lone, elderly man would carry so many rifles to a hotel room for no sensible reason to be tremendously suspect. It makes no sense at all.

(UPDATE) Multiple Shooters From Rooftops, Several Victims In Las Vegas.

Las Vegas shooting: ‘YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE’ – A possible shocking warning 45 Minutes Before the shooting attack

A LAS VEGAS shooting witness was reportedly warned that everyone at the Route 91 music festival was “going to die” 45 minutes before the attack near the Mandalay Bay hotel.

58 people were killed and over 500 more injured after the Las Vegas shooting, according to Las Vegas police.

Chilling video has emerged showing the moment gunshots ring out during the busy music festival, cutting short Jason Aldean’s appearance as the packed out audience escaped the shooter in terror.

Joseph Lombardo, the sheriff of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, confirmed the shooter had been killed by police, adding his companion Marilou Danley remains at large.

One woman, who was at the Route 91 music event, claimed an unidentified woman had told other concert-goers they were “all going to die” after pushing her way to the front of the venue.

Police officers running to cover at the scene. John Locher/AP

Multiple Shooters In Las Vegas! Paddock a Patsy!

I have accumulated evidence proving the FBI is lying or at least misleading about the official story on the Las Vegas shooting. In all the videos and pictures, you don’t see any muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor but video has just surfaced that appears to clearly show muzzles flashes from the area circled in the photo above. You can also clearly hear two sets of gunshots also! Jim Stone agrees with me on this. I clearly hear two guns and see two sets of muzzle flashes in one video shown in my video above in this area!

No doubt in my mind there were two shooters and the video above shows two sets of muzzle blasts in this lower center area of the hotel! Was Stephen Paddock used as a patsy to blame for the shooting while a well trained team did the actual shooting from a lower level near the middle of the Mandalay Bay hotel? 

I don’t have all the answers but I’m bringing out things that need to be investigated and tweeted to @potus and @realdonaldtrump because something stinks here!

Remember even if windows were not shot out at lower levels of the Mandalay Bay, it’s easy to remove these windows if you know what you are doing. You keep the lights out, remove the windows, do the shooting while you have your operatives tell the police the shooter is on the 32nd floor! Then replace the windows, clean the room and leave. I show in my video how every fake news outlet on the planet practically screamed the same phrase that everybody saw muzzle blasts from the upper floors but not one is seen on any video or picture! Seems like this could be planted information to me.

Remember, An Israeli “art student” team removed a window in the Twin Towers to take photographs of the other tower and then put the window back into place.

Not hard for experts to do

It’s certainly not very hard for a professional team to remove the windows before they shoot and then put them back in while they put the patsy on the 32nd floor to die and end the story. 

Much easier to tell the world that a lone nut did this than a well trained hit team working for Antifa or ISIS both run by Intel agencies.

Other information I have collected seems to show the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock was a Anti Trumper who seems to have attended anti Trump rallies in Las Vegas! In one video, it appears his asian girlfriend is right next to him at the protest. Put your comments in the Youtube video and let me know what you think. 

Then there was the woman who told everybody up front at the concert that they were all going to die! This is shown on my video. Here’s Antifa in Australia bragging they did it! They pulled this down but luckily it was saved by somebody.

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...

Written by JayWill7497

I’m not positive if this is real or bogus yet.

But to all those in search of blood, guts and gore as evidence…..gunshot wounds are not like what you see in movies. 

It is very feasible to be shot and not spray tons of blood. In truth, some bullet wounds don’t bleed on the outside much at all.

Not stating that’s confirmation this is real….but most folks seem to not comprehend the physiology behind bullet wounds.

Are these people going to tell us 58 got killed and stash the death certificates, again?

At 9:56 – “Mary Lou Danley….weight of 111 pounds.”!!!!! ?????? Did they have a scale to measure her weight? Why 111 lbs?? You would say “around 110 lbs”…….. Suspecting that “111” is a coded number.

Yep 500+ paid actors the government hired just to make the news and terrify everyone….the 58 that “died” got a larger check than the rest….

Who can blame everyone for asking questions? Is this real or fake? Everyone interviewed, who was around the supposed gunner, such as a hotel guest or staff? There has been countless lies in past events. Specific orgs could have also chose to do a combination event of both fake and real, or create a state of hysteria based on appearances. Have not yet seen anyone who is injured in videos. Also, supposedly a firefighter is declaring many people as dead? Many questions should be raised. For instance, attempt to find some genuine bullets that were fired, and also ask questions about everyone who is injured. Likewise, if the person was allegedly firing from a hotel, then where are the accounts of noise from neighboring rooms or the hotel, or any videos from that hotel? The folks who are giving long interviews appear very weird in their demeanor, overly calm, and extraordinarily clean. Additionally, there was an strange video of a calm person doing a slick way of demanding to utilize a truck to apparently take folks to a hospital. Please spread the word, and investigate, and ask questions.?

This is sooo fake, it makes Orlando seem believable. Check out the strategically placed US flag @0:31.?

Ok…where’s the Mandalay…(Manchester) Benefit concert going to be. A drill at an Ariana Grande concert, Now at a Jason Aldean concert. 58 crisis actors dead in Pulse drill, 58 crisis actors dead in this one.

They truly need to find some different script writers at the Synagogue in Washington DC.

How at 3 minutes this video conveniently is zoomed in far enough to cut out the whole upper half of the hotel as that officer in the yellow vest walks by. Other videos with this same particular angle do not show it this low res and close up. The 3 minute mark has been tampered with, normally you’d see those rifle flashes and cloud of smoke like I just did on another video on liveleak. I smell fake here….?

5:17 where did the typical citizens get strechers? and no paramedics. here you all take these strechers and go pick up the bodies. Ummmmmmmkay. ?

GET THE TRUTH OUT… I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THE TRUTH OUT to family and friend’s… but there CONtrollers. have a firm grip on there mind’s.. TRUTH. Truth is hard to come by these day’s….another .DHS ..sheep x drill… take a look at that word. Sheep… rubbing it in your face “ewe” brainwashed sheeple.

Attention!!!! You Tube and Google have already started censoring ****. Expect any video with truth in to be taken down!!!!!!
Second Shooter? Footage Shows Las Vegas Gunfire Did Not Come From 32nd Story

(Before It's News)

Footage from the shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night appears to show gunfire emanating from the center of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, which contradicts official reports claiming the gunman was found on the 32nd story.

In police scanner audio of the incident, an officer can be heard describing gunfire coming from “upstairs Mandalay Bay – halfway up”:

FBI agents reportedly stormed Room 135 on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay hotel, and photos show two windows shot out on the edge of the right side of the building.

Others have speculated the flashing light seen in the footage is a strobe light which happened to coincide with gunfire.

In Las Vegas we already have over 68%, more than two-thirds, of the 'False Flag Checklist' complete

#1 Nevada Homeland Security drill announced in local media
#2 Concert advance warning 'You will die', warning also on 4Chan
#3 Eyewitnesses speak of gunfire from multiple sources
#4 MSM quickly names 'shooter'
#5 Shooter is amazingly deadly in unusual scene with almost no background / training
#6 Shooter killed quickly
#10 No obvious motive, shooter bio mundane
#11 Immediate calls for gun control & other legislation
#12 Crisis actor hiring call preceded event
#15 Odd witness interviews, inappropriate behaviour
#16 Las Vegas 'Victims funds' booming, GoFundMe etc

A full False Flag Checklist, a bit adapted from Veterans Today:

1: Drill at the same or nearby time & place
2: Foreknowledge / advance warning expressed in some way
3: Eyewitness conflicting accounts
4: MSM quickly name & demonise a patsy
5: Patsy has no military training, yet shoots / kills extremely fast & accurately
6: Patsy quickly killed, 'suicided', or as if drugged / mind-controlled
7. Driver licence or passport of killer(s) conveniently at scene
8: Shooter manifesto / social media 'hate' etc quickly 'uncovered'
9: Evidence conveniently destroyed / unavailable
10: No obvious motive for massacre, shooter bio mundane
11: Immediate calls for gun control, surveillance etc
12: Fake 'victims', crisis actors called / identified
13: Victims killed, witnesses present in multiple events
14: Victims & families have elite or theatre / acting backgrounds
15: Witness interviews show little / inappropriate emotion, even snigger / laugh
16: Victims / families score payoffs / 'fund me' riches

No blood is seen in these images, nor anyone with gunshot wounds on the ground 
or standing, someone's taking pictures documenting the event as it happened, &
some of the people are casually crouching, while others are trying to get away? 

Here's a person texting, others are casually walking while the 
police are looking for the gunman/gunmen with their weapons 
drawn? And the cop on the pavement looks like a mannequin?

(Watch Video)  How People were FOOLED by the Vegas shooting
(Watch Video)  Las Vegas Mandalay UNSEEN Phone Footage - Part 1 
(Watch Video)  Las Vegas Mandalay UNSEEN Phone Footage - Part 2 
(Watch Video)  Las Vegas Shooting: At 4:40 "No Hits It's In The Sound System!" 
(Watch Video)  Las Vegas Shooting First Actual Shots - Rare 
(Watch Video)  Mandalay Bay Crisis Actor's On Parade 
(Watch Video)  BREAKING NEVER SEEN EVIDENCE - Mandalay Bay 
(Watch Video)  Las Vegas Hero Eyewitness or Actor? 
(Watch Video)  Robert Steele "As A CIA Officer I Ran False Flag Ops. Las Vegas Is A False Flag!" 

What people are saying in the comment section of these videos?

That woman with the red hair is a crisis actor;  I saw another site that showed her at a different  massacre , and also on the Dr Phil, she was ranting there too.  Only thing that changed was her Name and hair color.

Still have not seen any of these shredded people they keep talking about. Havent even seen any blood with that much shooting hell there should be dead and dieing laying all over the place. Not buying it. Government B.S. they want our guns real bad why?They must be worried about something only a fool would trust this government it has lied to us so many times before why would we think any different.

The Raymond Paige video at between 7:47 & 7:48 you can see a muzel flash about half way up the building nowhere near the supposed shooters room. I got a screen shot of it on my cell phone. With a computer you'd be able to find it and see it way better than me. It's coming from exactly where the cops said they seen shots fired from on the radios. Those windows can open and the ones that open on that side are right there where the shots were.

Why isn't the videographer scared and running too? Also, no blood or injuries visible from ANYBODY running....

I also want to know the autopsy of the people that were killed to verify that the rounds that killed these individuals were all the same caliber. I would bet my last dollar there are 9mm, possibly .40 maybe .45 caliber rounds, .223 or even 7.62 rounds
You’re the only other person that noticed all the bullets thrown out on the floor around the supposedly shooters body are all still loaded and not one fired or spent cartridge, just fucking ridiculous if they expect anyone with half a brain think that guy was the shooter.

There were some eyewitnesses saying that the police closed off exits along the street right before the shooting began. Definitely needs follow up

Ok over 150 cars were impounded that were left in the parking area....Many were shot. The unharmed autos and trucks were released around day 4. They were ALL removed and placed in a police controlled lot. the address was given when they announced that the "OWNERS" with valid ID  could retrieved their vehicles. However IF your car was struck the police & FBI are continuing to hold. I have not heard taht any of these vehicles have been released as of yet!

That girl talking was on Dr Phil....

3 night festival.   Friday and Saturday....all entrances/exits open.
Sunday, authorities closed off all exits except one at 10 pm.  Shots fired at 10.06 pm.  People herded like cattle.
Mandlay bay has censors on their glass windows that identify the exact room if you throw a cocktail at one.  Hotel security be tossing you out in minutes.  No way in hell it took an hour to "find" the room.

And it sure does sound like one of those weapon, was a belt fed. And yes I was in the military. to those who say, how do you know

Seems like, fema and Homeland security,have exercises on the same day as a shooting. Just seems way coincidental

NO SMOKE ALARMS ? The second someone fires a weapon in a hotel room the hotel smoke alarms would go off.. Also smoke would be billowing out o the broken windows during this massive shooting... no video of smoke or gun flashes out of the 32nd floor.  Odd aint it?

How many cameras do you think the pentagon had? Same thing , same people are responsible for this and 911.

It's like they wanted them to get shot. BTW, they also turned all the lights on so the shooters had better vision.

No brass on the room floor. He should have been ankle deep in brass

Are there alarms installed on all the windows?

The only rooms that show the carpeting shown in the picture with the dead man, supposedly stephen paddock, on the Mandalay hotel website, are the media room and the conference room. All regular rooms have different carpetting. The address mentioned everywhere of Stephen Paddock concerns a different Stephen Paddock, in the agricultural business. Who is on Linkedin shown with his profile picture in one YT vid but researching from the Netherlands is without profile picture but still with the credentials of being in the agricultural business. One man hiring the conference center would in itself have risen suspicion. In Dutch MSM news on tv they kept referring to the 31st floor instead of the 32 floor. Others claim to see firing from a much lower possibly 4th floor. A taxi driver standing in front of the Mandalay notices nothing but hears the shooting.

Has anybody actually checked out the nearest hospitals or interviewed the emergency services drivers about transfering the injured? - if there actually were any.

Do this research look up who the owner is of the hotel that the shooting came from... You will be surprised what group he's part of...

The "Patriot Act" made TREASON legal. Now it´s called "Crisis Actor."
2001. That´s when they threw out Habeas Corpus and The Laws of Physics!
Isn´t it ironic?

Why are they still holding their beers

Did you hear the sniper shots before the machine gun shots.

Pyramids, Twin Pillars, Obelisks, 32, Harvest, Paddock, Coca Cola Satanic Advertising, sure looks like blood magic sacrifice ritual to me...

I guess im the only one that caught the first shots, 3:10 3:17 3:19 3:20 those were the sniper shots to the Fuel Tanks

Still can't believe the singer decided to run without telling the crowd whats going on...

The camera man keeps  mandaly bay hotel in frame like they are waiting/knowing something is about to happen????
Something is off about this!

64 year old dude with no known firearms training single handedly shoots and kills 50 and wounds 500 others from hundreds of yards away? Anyone with half a brain is wondering 'WTF?' Nevermind overlapping and obviously different types and calibers of firearms being heard.....also 10+ second continuous auto fire could only come from a belt fed machine gun....nah we're just supposed to accept the obviously BS storyline with no questions and line up to hand over our firearms....NOPE not me! This just shows me the need to stock up on more ammo.

Cant watch this stuff anymore.  Our Govt was definately involved with this , someway or another and definately NOT a single shooter. thats all I'm saying. Our Govt = corruptness at all levels.

First video that i hear bullets wizz and ricochet

After the 3:26 tribal call a single shot went off from inside the crowd.  It sounded like one quick snap and people started to run before the machine gun started firing.  I don't care what we're being told was in that room that first firing was a tape fed machine gun and there were 3-4 shooters.  You can hear the direction and distance change.  Come on folks this is crazy.  I'm not for conspiracy theories but the way we're being lied to and the pretend lack of information does feel like a coverup which means our govt is firing on us.

Doesn't sound like a bump fire stock to me, sound identical to full auto fire. Also the motive for the shooting is laughable. The dummies that believe this is real, will believe whatever they are told without ever questioning the ones whom are spreading the lies.

Again where's the fake blood - real blood ? NO Blood really? WTF

Fake.... Does not mean it didnt happen. Fake meaning the story is fake....
False flag meaning, representing something untrue.

They want our guns!! False flag. Stay aware and do not believe the MSM.

I personally lost somebody that I knew in the Las Vegas shooting so the bullets were real and people did die .....who did it and why did it is beyond me

Overlapping gunfire = multiple shooters

What happened to all the funerals, nobody died

I want to know who all the dead we're, and everything available about them.  "Leaked" hotel room crime scene photos show rifles with SCOPES.  That's for particular, selected targets.  Bump stocks/full-auto is for INDISCRIMINATE mass shooting.  What if there were 2-3 SPECIFIC targets, which would disappear in the mountain of bodies.  Why else would the lights be TURNED ON, in a mass- casualty event at night, unless it was vital to ensure the specific target was eliminated.  Everyone else dead/wounded is just camouflage and collateral damage.

It doesn't matter how many shooters there are when they're all shooting blanks.

Poor sheriff.....he better stick to the script or that guy within reach of him might take him out.....Sheriff has to be in on it.

FBI guy is creepy and he looks at sheriff as if he screws up he will disappear forever

It's so very obvious that this poor Sheriff is being controlled by the FBI !!! He probably had himself and his entire family threatened !sooo terrible !

I live in Las Vegas and know Sheriff Lombardo From Working Within Corporate Security here in Las Vegas. This is Not The Man We Know as Sheriff. Clearly We Can See And Analyze That He's Under Alot Of Pressure And Wants To Speak The Truth But Is Being Held Back To Do So. FBI AGENT IS JUST MAD DOGGING HIM WITH THOSE SATANIC EYES. WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID, WE CAN CLEARLY SEE WHO IS CONTROLLING SHERRIFF LOMBRADO!

I'm starting to get pissed. Anyone else starting to get really pissed off by all this? The changing narrative, the shady behavior, the dead witnesses, the wiped phones and cameras. Could our own government really be behind this? If this thenThis has to end. We can't let these agencies terrorize us anymore. If the truth ever came out that our own government did this to us it would be war.


What’s crazy to me is how long it took them to figure out where the “shooter” was. But now even more crazy how long it took considering the “security guard” who was shot in the leg thru the door  before the mass shooting happened. He knew exactly where the shooting was coming from. So WTF did it take so long to figure it out, doesn’t the security guard have an apparatus to contact either the other security or the police??? That’s a huge inconsistency

Coincidence that Soros fund 'Shorted' $42 million against MGM (which owns Mandalay Bay) in August this year?

So this Stephen Paddock checked in and reserved 2 rooms by himself and the hotel was okay with this?

I am failing to see any windows being shot out at the time of the shooting, sorry.

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre


Let's see ballistics on the bullets and cartridges littering this crime site. It was obvious first time I heard it that a weapon firing way more than 30 rounds from a clip magazine was firing along with another weapon at the outset. And changing when the Security Guard was shot in the timeline a week into this?It's all bullshit. Don't try lying to the public. We know when something stinks.