The New World Order
The New World Order
Coming Are Ten Kings Who Have Not As Yet Received Their Kingdom.     These Kings Have One Purpose: To Yield Their Power And Authority To The (NWO) Beast.     The World Will Worship The Beast And Declare, "Who Is like This Beast And Who Is Able To Wage War With Him?"     And All Of The World Will Marvel And Follow After This Beast.     Then Power Will Be Given To Him Over All Kindreds And Nations.     This New World Order Will Rule And Reign For Forty-Two Months.
Flat Earth Arguments

Point 1. The ISS is Fake.
Point 2. Total Lack of Pictures of the Earth from Space. There are only a few alleged actual photos of the Earth from space showing the entire globe, primarily the dubious photo of Apollo 17.
Point 3. The Space Shuttle is Not a Space Craft.
Point 4. The Phases of the Moon Every 6 Months Do Not Evince Movement of the Earth around the Sun. Watch at 7:53 - The phases should be reversed at opposite times of the year because the Earth is at opposite sides of the solar system while the Sun remains roughly in the middle. Furthermore, how come we never see a dark "new moon" in our daylight/dusk skies? If the moon is covered in total darkness during new moon phases, why can't we ever see a black/brown round ball in the sky (daylight)?
Point 5. No Viewable Curvature Even 20 Miles above the Earth.
Point 6. The Horizon Remains Flat and at Eye Level No Matter How High You Go Up and the Perspective Problem.,,
Point 7. No Change of Speed from the North Pole Versus the Equator. For example, if you were in northern Alaska, the rotation of the Earth would be much slower (approx. 300 mph) than the rotation of the Earth at the Equator (approx. 1,025 mph); yet no one feels any change of speed when they travel from northern Alaska to the equator.
Point 8. The Sun Is Much Closer than 93 Million Miles and Can Even Produce a Hot Spot.; also, watch at 30:29 -
Point 9. No Lowering of Atmosphere Speeds as You Reach Higher Levels When Fluid Dynamics Principles Dictate Otherwise. Imagine a model of the spherical Earth being placed in a swimming pool and begins spinning at speeds near 1,000 mph. The water would begin spinning around the sphere as well. However, the speed of the water would not be uniform. The water closer to the sphere would move much faster than the water further away. We see no evidence of this on Earth and this raises the skydiver problem. Skydivers should end up hundreds of miles away from their targets.
Point 10. The Atmosphere Speed Near Space Would Be Many Thousands of Miles Per Hour if it Were Connected to the Earth.
Point 11. Many Photos of Objects that Should Appear Below the Horizon. Watch at 13:53 - Spherical theorists counter that the effect is caused by refraction and looming. Flat earth theorists counter that "refraction," "mirages" and "looming" are convenient excuses that just so happen to create an appearance of a flat earth.
Point 12. Seeing a Full Moon During Near Noon Should Be Impossible. Why? Because the sun is well behind the moon and directly behind it.
Point 13. The Deliberate Use of Fisheye Lenses to Make the Earth Appear Round.
Point 14. The Polaris Problem - No Movement Yet the Earth is Traveling at Hundreds of Thousands of Miles Per Hour in Varying Directions.
Point 15. The Bedford Level Experiment (also the Bishop Experiment and others).
Point 16. The South Pole Problem - No Time Lapse Photos Showing a Circular Pattern of Stars as Shown at the North Pole. No video of individuals over the south pole with compasses going crazy.
Point 17. The Apollo 17 Photo is Fake. The Apollo 17 photo and all other photos of the earth show that earth is a perfect sphere; however, NASA says that the Earth is not a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid ( Also, the land sizes in the Apollo 17 photo (and every other alleged photo) are entirely incorrect. They should more closely follow the Peters Projection Map ( not the Mercator Projection Map that we are all familiar with ( Finally, the Apollo 17 photo shows too much detail when the colors should appear washed out due to the atmosphere.
Point 18. The Thermosphere is Too Hot to Support Satellites, ISS, and Hubble.
Point 19. The Atmosphere Does Not Escape into the Vacuum of Space.
Point 20. The Sun Produces Non-Parallel Rays and the Moon Only Lights Up Surrounding Clouds. Watch at 4:14 and 10:13 -
Point 21. The Admiral Byrd Video. Admiral Byrd was a well respected naval officer, aviator, and explorer.
Point 22. The Gravity Problem. We are told that gravity keeps us from being flung from the Earth as it rotates at nearly 1,000 mph. However, the speed of the Earth's rotation is admittedly much less at the poles than at the equator. Accordingly, gravity would have to be stronger at the equator and a weight should weigh many times more at the North Pole than it would at the Equator. There is no change.
Point 23. Railroad and Bridge Engineers Do Not Account for Changes in Curvature.
Point 24. No Hot Spot on the Moon. Take a globe and shine a light on it and the side closest to the light will be brighter than the other parts of the globe. However, the moon's light is uniform.
Point 25. The Sun and Time Problem.
Point 26. The Lunar Eclipse Problem. At the rate of speed the Earth travels around the Sun (18.5 miles/sec.), it would be impossible for a Lunar Eclipse to last longer than a few milliseconds.
Point 27. The Selenelion (Horizontal Eclipse) Problem. Atmospheric refraction? Yeah, right.
Point 28. The Antarctica and Flight Problem. Touring the depths of Antarctica is generally prohibited by treaty (why no commercial ventures where there are vast mineral deposits). No commercial flights are ever taken across Antarctica. Non-stop flights over long distances below the equator are almost non-existent.
Point 29. Solar Analemma Proves the Flat Earth. (watch at 5:34).
Point 30. The Roundtrip Airplane Model Would Produce Unequal Times. Spherical artists argue that its similar to playing ball in a car but ignore the fact that the car is closed - i.e., does the Earth have a dome that seals it? This also is similar to the wind problem, how does wind (and storms) flow the opposite direction of a ball that is pulling an atmosphere with it at 1,000 mph?
Point 31. The Airy's Experiment.
Point 32. Pilots Don't Have to Tip the Nose of the Plane to Account for Curvature.
Point 33. Moonlight is Cooler. A property that is inconsistent with the claim that the moon reflects sunlight.
Point 34. The Time Problem. A solar day is almost exactly 24 hours and is not adjusted. Move the Earth from one side of the sun to the other (as supposedly done each year) and in 6 months day and night will be opposite.
Point 35. Very Little Experimentation Proves the Spherical Earth. There are few experiments that prove the earth is moving, spinning, rotating or that it's a sphere (e.g., Eratosthanes - see
Point 36. The Seasons Problem. The sun is 93 million miles away and yet a minor tilt of the Earth produces seasons.
Point 37. The Arctic Nights Problem. There would be no Arctic nights lasting more than 12 hours - ever!
Point 38. Lunar Phases Should Change at Different Globe Vantage Points. The moon can't look the same from the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth.
Point 39. Water is Always Flat and Cannot be Curved.
Point 40. No Commercial Ventures in Antarctica Ever.
Point 41. Tall Objects Far Away Only Appear Vertical.
Point 42. Time Lapse Video of the Sun Proves the Flat Earth.
Point 43. No Zigzag of the Sun During the Midnight Sun in the Arctic.

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