The 'New World Order'
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.
The Jesuits and The New World Order

Isn't it interesting how little people generally know about the Jesuits? If you spend just a couple hours out of your lives to study about them, you'll see they're likely the most influential group of people in human history.  I'm going to give a layman's view of the relationship the Jesuits have in the New World Order.

The leading researcher of the Jesuits is Eric Jon Phelps, who wrote a book called Vatican Assassins. I have listened to many of his interviews and radio shows. His knowledge of the Jesuits is very in-depth and revealing. Also, there was an ex-Jesuit priest called Alberto Rivera, who came out of the Jesuit order in the 80s exposing the Satanic cult, and was killed in the 90's by poison from the Jesuits. These are two people who need to be looked into for anyone interested in the truth about the Jesuits.

Now, the recent Pope is the first Jesuit to be a Pope, that is the white Pope, cause the Jesuits have always had a black Pope, who is actually the leader of the Vatican. This doesn't have anything to do with skin color, but he color of their garments. The Jesuits are called the Society of Jesus. They were formed in the 1500s to fight the Protestant Reformation, but were formed from the Knights of Templar. 

The Jesuits have been working on infiltrating America's protestant churches since the beginning of America. See, the whole world is under the control of the Vatican, it's a country all to itself. America wouldn't even recognize the Vatican as a country until the 80s when Reagan officially did this, and invited the Pope over to kiss the ground of America. This meant, finally America had been brought back into the fold of the Catholic Church. It took that long for the Vatican to recapture America and put it in subjection to the Unholy Roman Empire.

Everyday now, America is being conditioned for the coming New World Order, where the persecutions of the true Bible believing Christians and Jews will begin. The new Pope is mixing worldliness and Godlessness into the official Catholic dogma. Those who hate Jesus Christ, are starting to like the Pope and the Catholic church more and more. The protestant churches in America are getting in step with the Pope and becoming worldly as well. The Jesuit infiltration of the protestant seminaries has bore the wicked fruit in the form of a massive apostasy from the faith of Jesus Christ.  95% of the churches in America aren't Biblical and bow down to the Pope of Rome.

There is a new Christianity, which melds all different faiths and includes all beliefs, even Satanism. The Pope will be all inclusive and start a New World Religion, in which on the outward will seem like what everyone has been hoping for: peace, love, tolerance, understanding, and an end to all dogma and judgmental thought. Their common enemy will be the Christians, the “heretical ones” who refuse to stop believing the Holy Bible for what it says. The fundamentalist born-again Christians who read the Authorized Version King James Bible, will become the enemy of this New Age Religion. Also the Torah believing Jews will be persecuted as well. Muslims and all other religions will get in step with the Catholic dogma, because Islam was created by the Catholics anyway and they will be manipulated by thinking their messiah has come.

The common enemy will be the Christians and Jews, and as of now our culture and society are being conditioned into believing the fundamentalist Christians and Jews are the enemies of world peace and progress. This is how the mass killing and persecutions will be allowed to happen in front of everyone, and the world will think it's doing God's work. The state church will lead the fight.

The front line of Satan's forces are in the so called Church itself. Where else would the Devil be most effective from? Satan has worked hard to always infiltrate the Church, sow discord and then take it over in the guise of being Christian. All the evil done in the name of Christianity has been done by Satan, and his main workers of iniquity: the Jesuits.

The Jesuits are running the seminaries and the denominations. The Jesuits are running the government and the central banks. Some people think it's the Zionist Kabbahlistic Jews, but they're just working for the Jesuits. Anyway, the Jews who are in power doing the work of the Vatican are false Jews, they are part of the synagogue of Satan. 

The world and all it's leaders bow to the Pope, the Pope thinks he is God on Earth, and there are billions of people who follow after him already. With this new Pope, even more of the world is being conditioned to following after him. The stage is being set for the man of sin to be revealed and the New World Order to emerge in force. The Jesuits are the central soldiers in Satan's army, who have put the pieces in order with their evil deeds. The most vile, wicked, sick, perverted people are being lifted up by the world and the deception is so thick as people think these people are good. The only people who see through this facade is the sincere born-again Christians who only follow the Holy Bible in it's correct manuscript, the 1611 Authorized Version, also called the King James Version-- for English speaking people. The manuscripts this Bible was taken from were written through men by the Holy Ghost, and there is a true version in every language. 

This is my summary of the Jesuits and the New World Order.  These are the end of the end days, and the New World Order which is being formed and already is, will give rise to the Man of Sin, who will rule the world. The common enemy the world will have is the real Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible and those who follow this real Jesus. A false Christ will be promoted and followed by the apostate Christians.

Remember though Christians, our God is an awesome God, and He reigns from heaven above. In this world we will have trouble, but fear not because Jesus Christ has overcome this world. Our mortal lives here are temporary and will come to an end, but eternal life awaits us with our creator in heaven. So we have nothing to fear, but are just here to do the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.