The New World Order
The New World Order
It's Time To Open Your Eyes To See The Truth.     The Elite Are Going To Bring Us All Under The Control Of A Single Global Fascist State.     The Goal Of The Elite Is To Set Up An Orwellian Police State!     First They'll Destroy This Present World System And Then They'll Bring In Their "New World Order".     What They Want Is Intrusive Government Surveillance And All Individuals Subordinated To Their Will.     This Is Their Main Agenda, "Order Out Of Chaos" To Gain Control By Fear Introduced Into The Hearts Of All People.

Mark Forced On Everyone


"He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead." Revelation 13:16
The beast is Satan. But he will appear on earth as a powerful, awesome being. He will claim that he is God. This will happen very soon.
A few months after the beast comes to earth he will attempt to force every person on earth to receive the mark of the beast. He will make a law requiring every person to receive the mark of the beast and there will be stiff penalities to anyone who refuses. This law will apply to every person in every country on earth.
It won’t matter if you are very wealthy or if you are poor. It won’t matter if you are the leader of a great country or if no one knows your name. You may be free, or you may be in prison or in debt.
You may be old or young, male of female. You may be very religious or you may not even believe in God. Nothing about you will matter. If you are alive you will be under great pressure to receive the mark of the beast.
If you choose to receive the mark of the beast it will be placed on your forehead or on your right hand.
You will be given a choice about what mark you want to receive. You will be allowed to choose from any of the 666 names that belong to the beast. Each of the 666 names is a name for God. Each name is blasphemous because the beast is not God.
The beast is Satan, pretending to be God. He will command you to worship him and to receive his mark and he won’t care which of his 666 names you choose.

Who will get the mark of the beast?

Almost everyone in the world will get the mark of the beast. There are many reasons why people will choose to get the mark:
  1. It will be required for everyone
  2. There will be severe penalties for refusing the mark of the beast
  3. There will be great rewards for getting the mark of the beast
  4. People will believe they are honoring God by receiving the mark of the beast
  5. People will be afraid of not getting the mark of the beast
  6. Peer pressure – most other people are getting the mark of the beast
  7. Financial pressure – can’t buy or sell without the mark of the beast
People will want to get the mark of the beast because then they will be allowed to buy food, water, medicine and clothes. They will be able to work and get paid. Humanly speaking, getting the mark of the beast will be the logical, sane, safe, smart thing to do. But spiritually speaking, it is not wise to get the mark of the beast.
Please understand that God will not allow anyone to receive the mark of the beast unless they choose to get it. People will not be physically forced against their will. But most people will choose to worship the beast and to receive his mark.

New World Order
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