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The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.
Is the Vatican Really the Center of Global Evil?

If one truly investigates the Vatican and is willing to accept the facts, the inescapable reality becomes clear. 

The question of whether the Vatican is good or evil is again dealt with by researcher Frank O’Collins.

This time O’Collins deals with the Vatican’s evil religious ritual known as “Holocaust, the evil religious ritual word known as “Molest” and “Molestation” and how the word “Nazi” means knight as well as “SS” standing for Sedes Sacrorum or the “Holy See”.

Further, he looks at the largest satanic symbol ever created  in WWII involving  the “worst human sacrifice camps” in Poland and Russia.

Here is what O’Collins has to say:

“Is the Vatican really the centre of a Global Evil Network?—why the strongest proof is hidden in plain sight”

If there is one thing the internet bloggers and independent news networks have in common it is conspiracy theories—from alien abductions and secret underground government laboratories to ultra secret global control networks and political assassinations.

So it is perfectly understandable that when a reader of the or listener of the Investigative Journal reads or hears about one of the alleged crimes of the Vatican and its organs—such as the Jesuits, the Franciscans and others—it can easily seem as just another in a long line of “unfounded claims”, “hoaxes” and “grudges” against religion and the Catholic Church.

Sometimes it is the complexity of the story itself that makes it hard to understand, or believe—like when the people involved in the alleged evil event lived fifty, one hundred or even one thousand years ago. It also makes it hard when the story involves talking about former countries and empires with strange sounding names and customs.

It is why rare mainstream news phenomena such as the global media coverage of the Vatican’s deliberate cover-up of organized international rings of child molesting priests, particularly in western countries—such as the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia –is so important. It proves without a doubt that the Vatican does not always behave in the best interests of the community, and in particular for its own faithful—the Catholic families who entrusted their children into the care of Priests and Nuns—only to find years later that their children had been molested.

Yet for all that is said and written about the Vatican being home to a dangerous “parasitic” cult –and the epicenter of a global network of evil for nearly 1,000 years—the proof for many people often seems farfetched, convoluted and unproven.

For one thing such claims appear to contradict the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in important charitable work, in health care, in education and vital overseas aid across the world. Many millions of ordinary Catholics are employed and continue to volunteer to help make their communities and the world a better place. In addition, there are many examples over the years under Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI where the Vatican has made public statements against evil, against war, violence and terror. So how possibly could such an organization that invests so much time, money and resources into seemingly “helping” the world be simultaneously the “epicenter of evil”?

The purpose of this short article it to demonstrate clear and unmistakable proof that the Vatican is Evil and that it has been the epicenter and controller of global networks of evil for nearly thousand years. Furthermore that this proof has been “hidden in plain sight” for anyone to see for at least seventy years. Finally, that the apparent contradiction of the Catholic Church doing so much good and yet the Vatican being the epicenter of Evil can easily be explained when one understands that the people who control the Vatican belong to a cult known as the “Roman Cult” and have absolutely nothing to do with the founding of the Catholic Church or the beliefs of ordinary good Catholics.

Proof # 1 – The evil religious ritual word known as “Holocaust”

The word Holocaust is oldest theologically correct term still used in relation to the official doctrine of satanists in the burning of people alive. The word “Holocaust” is at least as old as the 3rd Century BCE and comes from the ancient Greek word holokauston, meaning “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering”, or “a burnt sacrifice offered to God”.

The term has always meant the specific ritual of murdering innocent human beings as animals by burning as defined by the ancient Phoenician/Samaritan/Sadducee/Punic religion to Moloch and his name variances. Because these priest-king family bloodlines have traditionally considered all other human beings as “sheep and cattle”, the word Holocaust is frequently and deliberately misrepresented as “only applying to animals”.

The word Holocaust fell out of general use for almost 1,400 years until it was famously resurrected by Pope Pius XII, the Vatican and the Roman Cult after 1948 as the official and legal description of mass human sacrifice by burning of over 18 million innocent people in Russia and Poland. To ensure the word is continued to be used, the Vatican and Jesuits ensured that laws were introduced to make “Holocaust Denial” a crime–in other words, to deny that the 18 million innocents of World War II were not burnt alive as a sacrifice (to Moloch) is a criminal offence. In recent years, the Vatican has funded the Holocaust Denial movement to ensure the word remains one of the most controversial and evil labels still in use.

The Hebrew word Tophet is also an ancient and important religious word used by the Sarmatian (Jewish) Priests to describe the actual location of their sacred ceremonies where they burnt “heretics” and innocents. The word means “burning place” exclusively in reference to human sacrifice.

The controversy surrounding this word is twofold–firstly, the word is no older than the 9th Century BCE and secondly most frequent reference is to be found in the heavily revised “Holy Bible” and “Jewish Talmud” scriptures.

The word appears to have been particularly important to the Sarmatian Jewish priests until the destruction of their homeland in the 6th Century by Emperor Justinian and the outlawing (by death) of the religion of Sarmatianism.

The Latin word Immolate (Immolatus/Immolare) is a word created by AntiPope Innocent III (1198-1216) in his creation of the official doctrine of Satanism to religiously murder hundreds of thousands of “heretics” according to the revised liturgy of the Sarmatian (Jewish) practice of human sacrifice. The word means “to sacrifice, kill as a victim by fire” and is the most specific-purpose designed words to describe this kind of evil sacrifice.

While the exact etymology of the word is not clear, it almost certainly comes from the simple combination of IN+MOLOCH (“to Moloch”). Since the creation of this religious word of power, it remains the official “legal” term used to describe all people who are killed by fire–therefore “offered up to Moloch” by simple use of the term.

The hebrew word Shoah which means “annihilation, cataclysm, natural catastrophe” is neither an official religious word associated with human sacrifice by burning, nor an old association. The word Shoah was first used in 1948 in rejection of the language used by Pope Pius XII and the Vatican to describe their mass murder of 18 million people by fire as a The Holocaust.

Since most educated Jewish scholars understand the religious significance of the world “Holocaust”, the word Shoah was selected in opposition to the unrelenting evil behaviour of the Roman Cult and Vatican. Unfortunately, the word is rarely understood and not widely used in replacement to the word “Holocaust”.

So the fact that it is the Vatican that resurrected this supremely evil word and it is the Vatican that continues to insist this word is used proves that the Vatican is involved (at least to some degree) in dark and evil practices—by the insistence of the world using its satanic language.

Proof # 2 – The evil religious ritual word known as “Molest” and “Molestation”

The words Molestation/Molest come from the 14th Century religious term “Mollista” created from Moll (from Latin Mollis meaning “soft, weak, young child/boy) and Ista (Latin suffix used to indicate adherence to a certain doctrine or custom).

The original official and religious meaning of Molest (Mollista) is “the adherence to the doctrines and customs (of the Roman Cult) concerning the soft, weak, and young child/boys.”

The common definitions ascribed to “molest”—from late Latin molestus meaning

“troublesome, disagreeable, annoying” are deliberately misleading and designed to hide the religious origin and religious significance of the word.

For example, the Latin words laedo ledo which mean “strike, hit, hurt, damage, offend, annoy, violate” were in historic use for hundreds of years to defined the exact same claimed meanings of molestus –defying a rational explanation why a new word like “mollista” (molestus) was needed, unless it had a different implied meaning.

To add to the confusion, the word Molestation was again altered in its apparent “common” meaning by being introduced into Scottish law by 1456 to mean “the harassing of a person in his possession or occupation of lands” as well as English common law as “injury inflicted upon another.”

In spite of the deliberate efforts to confuse both the origin and key original religious meaning of the word “Molest”, there exists strong evidence of a second important meaning of the word in relation to the common meaning of Moll in the 14th Century onwards.

In England, the word Moll by the 16th Century became a common euphemism for “criminal” and prostitutes became commonly known as “Molls”—the claim it is a shortened version of Mary a ridiculous diversion.

However, prior to the word Moll becoming associated openly with the notion of criminals, it appears the word was used at least from the 13th Century as a shortened version of the name of Moloch and actions undertaken in the name of Moloch, or “Molls”.

This gives us then a second important and credible religious meaning associated to the word “Molest” being “the adherence to the doctrines and customs (of the Roman Cult) concerning the soft, weak, and young child/boys and a sacrifice to Moloch.”

The term Pedophilia (first recorded in 1951) is a modern term created from the Greek words (gen. paidos) “child” (see pedo-) + philos “loving.”

Contrary to public belief, the term Pedophilia has the unfortunate literal meaning of “loving children”, than the criminal action of child abuse. While Pedophilia has absolutely no religious significance as a word, its continued use as a term to describe child molestation and child abuse is misleading—implying those branded as “pedophiles” have some emotional empathy towards their victims (implied by philes/philos-love).

To date, the Roman Cult, otherwise known as the Vatican is the only organization in history to orchestrate as a “sacred” religious ceremony the systematic and widespread encouragement of its clergy to abuse of children from as late as the 14th Century.

The physical and mental abuse of tens of millions of children for 700 years by the clergy of the Vatican is the largest unbroken “child abuse ring” of all time, still in complete operation today.

The motivation for such evil remains the dedication of the innocence of children to the demon god of sacrifice- Moloch either consciously or unconsciously by the Roman Catholic and some Christian clergy.

Due to the lack of understanding of religious terms and the true meaning of words, some parents with children under the care of Catholic clergy mistakenly believe that the Roman Cult of the Vatican have openly repudiated the “sacred act” of molestation—a false assumption.

The Vatican – always precise with their words—has condemned pedophilia which is a modern term and has absolutely nothing to do with the ancient worship of Moloch, nor the religious term molest/molestation.

No parent who values the sanctity of the innocence of their children should ever believe that their children are safe in the hands of Catholic Clergy until the Roman Cult and Vatican is disbanded. Until that day, all children in the care of Catholic Clergy remain at extreme risk throughout the world from ongoing, encouraged molestation.

Proof # 3 – “Nazi” means knight, “SS” stands for Sedes Sacrorum, the “Holy See”

1933 marks the first year the religious word Nazi (from Hebrew Nasi meaning “Knight”) was used as the official new name of the NDSAP in government controlled by Adolf Hitler.

It is frequently and incorrectly claimed that the word “Nazi” comes from the haphazard extraction of letters from the first word of the name of the NSDAP – NAtionalsoZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei to produce a simple abbreviation. This explanation is patently false as the NSDAP already has a perfectly good and well known abbreviation- NSDAP!. The word “Nazi” appeared only after Hitler assumed power invited by Franz Von Papen for an entirely different reason.

The word Nazi/Nasi dates back to the time of the Sanhedrin councils of Palestine first formed by the Romans in the 1st Century BCE. To members of modern Judaism, the Nasi were the appointed spiritual leaders of the Sanhedrin as opposed to the temporal leadership of the High Priest of the Main Temple. While there is some uncertainty as to the credibility of all the claimed history of the office of Nasi and the bloodline of Rabbinical Scholars of the House of Hillel, there is no doubt the position existed at some point.

Another one of several absurd mythologies accepted by eminent historians and academics is the proposition that the Schutzstaffel (German for “Squadron” and the same concept as the Italian “Blackshirt Squadrons” of Catholic Mussolini) was formed in 1925 as the personal bodyguard of Hitler following his release from prison.

Some audacious writers have even “revised history” to claim the Schutzstaffel (frequently cut in half to try and get two S’s our of the single word for squadron) had already started to use the SS and skull and bones symbols, including calling their head the Reichführer-SS and the Roman Salute (straight arm) to their allegiance to the Vatican, Rome.

The ridiculous nature of these lies are easily exposed when the facts are considered that Hitler’s main claim to fame in 1925 was as a book writer and budding political philosopher, surrounded by a tight group of individuals each providing key skills such as Rudolf Hess-personal private secretary, Ernst Hanfstaengl-media, Hans Frank-Lawyer and Julius Schreck-personal security. Furthermore, the NDSAP was a publicly banned organization until May 1927.

As stated, two S’s cannot logically be extracted from the word Schutzstaffel simply means “Squadron”. The significance of the use of the SS symbol by the elite of Himmler’s forces after he personally attended the signing of the Reich Concordat with the Vatican in 1933 is frequently ignored.

Prior to its use by Himmler, the symbols SS were most frequently and officially used as the abbreviation of Sedes Sacrorum or the legal name of the Vatican being the “Holy See” (Latin Sedes = seat/see and Sacrorum = Holy/Sacred) since the 16th Century as a sign of imprimatur over official Vatican documents.

It is either an extraordinary coincidence that Himmler and his elite began wearing the SS symbol as Reichführer immediately after the signing of the Reich Concordat in 1933 with the SS- the Sedes Sacrorum, the Holy See. Given the four hundred year precedent of SS being associated with the Holy See, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the wearing of the symbols is associated with some as yet unpublished spiritual/temporal powers bestowed on the SS Troops by the SS- Holy See.

When one considers that Nazi SS translates most perfectly into the meaning “Knights of the Holy See”, that the role of Himmler best translates into the new Grand Inquisitor and that over 18 million innocent people were burned alive in human sacrifice camps in Poland and Russia, then the SS were without doubt the new “Holy Army” of a great inquisition against “heretics” orchestrated by the Vatican, Rome.

Proof # 4 – The largest satanic symbol ever created was in WWII with the “worst human sacrifice camps” in Poland and Russia

It would be crazy to think someone could try and hide the Great Wall of China right? It is thousands of miles long and famously was one of the distinct man-made objects that could be seen from space. So how about a 300 mile wide pentagram in the perfect ancient shape of the Pentagram of Mendes, the goat’s head- the geometric symbol of black magic?  Sound’s impossible? In fact, the pentagram exists to this day and can easily be plotted on any map.

You can still easily plot this Pentagram for yourself today by simply calling up any map of Poland.

1. First, find Pulawy on a Map—the Palace and Temple to Cybele is located just to the South West of the town itself.

2. Now go directly up and stop just south-East of Ostrow—this is the top tip of the Pentagram and the site for Treblinka Human Sacrifice Camp.

3. Now continue to travel down South -East—past Pulawy until you find the town in Orthodox Ukraine called L’viv. Due west of this town was the Janowska Human Sacrifice Camp—frequently misrepresented as merely a labor camp.

4. Now travel west until you travel past Krakow until just above the town of Bielsko-Biala. This was the site of the massive Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Camp.

5. Now travel north until you find the town of Lodz. This was the site of the only human sacrifice camp dedicated purely to children- the Lodz Human Sacrifice Camp.

6. Finally, travel east again until you find the small town of Wlodawa—almost on the border of the Ukraine—this was the site of the Sobibor Human Sacrifice Camp.

In addition to the worst human sacrifice camps of WWII being the points of a 300 mile satanic pentagram, when the lines are extended out, the connect up some of the most important cities for the Roman Cult controlling the Vatican.

1. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-East to South-West from Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Auschwitz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects St. Petersburg through the outskirts of Zagreb and through the heart of Rome and the Vatican itself!

2. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-West through Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Janowska Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Stockholm to Bucharest to Suez (Zeus backwards)–the ancient Zion.

3. The “Ley line” of evil running West to East from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp to Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Dublin, then Hannover to Belgorod in Russia.

4. The “Ley line” of evil running North West from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp and down South East past the Janowska Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects the Shetland Islands to Odessa to Tehran.

5. Last but not least, the “Ley line” of evil running North East from Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp south-west through Auschwitz Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp cuts through the heart of Bordeaux, Zürich, Munich and connects up to Nizhny Novgorod .

If the ley lines and shape of the pentagram is even changed by one degree of latitude, or longitude, the ley lines have no meaning. It is only when the Nazi death camps that form the pentagram are placed exactly as they were historically located that the pentagram has power.

Like any virus or cancer, the Roman Cult is a parasite attacking the body of the world

While this article unfortunately has required a fair number of words to expose four indisputable facts “hidden in plain sight” that prove the Vatican is Evil, the evidence speaks for itself.

Once a reader or listener understands that we are discussing a parasite –like any virus or cancer—that lives off the good will and kindness of ordinary Catholics, then hopefully they understand that in exposing the Vatican as the epicenter of evil in no way reflects negatively against the Catholic Church,  Catholics and Christians in general.

The Roman Cult is the parasite, not the Catholic Church.  The Roman Cult is responsible for much of the evil in the world for the past 1,000 years including now the global recession that is threatening to become a global depression.

Hopefully once good people wake up to the fact that when we discuss the Vatican we are talking about a criminal conspiracy involving just a few thousand people who consider themselves the elite rulers of this world—not the hundreds of millions of good Catholics and Catholic clergy—then these people will finally be exposed. Once exposed, we can start to work on a cure.

By: Greg Szymanski

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