The 'New World Order': The Absolute, Final, And Complete 'New World Order' Checklist
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.

The Absolute, Final, And Complete 'New World Order' Checklist

Martial Law will be used as a Control Mechanism within the U.S.In Progress
There will be an Economic Collapse in the U.S. leading to new currencyIn Progress
There will be an AGREEMENT to develop a North American Union consisting of Canada, United States, and Mexico, similar to the E.U., without public involvement or involvement of CongressCompleted
Agreements will be established for Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. Troops to cross-borders to cooperate with domestic issues anywhere within North AmericaCompleted
For the first time a Pentagon General will be given command of a new theater of war known as the North American Theater and this will be headquartered in Colorado in order to handle domestic takeover and NAU Integration.Completed
You will be forced to pay a Global Tax to a Global Authority, starting with the Carbon Tax to set precedentIn Progress
All Religion will come under attack and eventually be Banned, except for the new religion of the New Order, and you will be REQUIRED to follow it.In Progress
The global population will be killed off scientifically by various methods (some perceivable, most others not) to reach a world population of about 500,000,000.In Progress
Adoption of a single North American Currency known as the AMERO as the SOLUTION to the engineered economic collapsePlanned
The Constitution of the United States of America, the supreme law of the land, will be interpreted to be SUBORDINATE to the United Nations CharterCompleted
The Constitution of the United States of America will be repealed and replaced with a New Constitution for the North American peoplePlanned
Draft versions of new constitutions will be produced that have provisions to take away gun ownership and replace unalienable rights with civil rightsCompleted
There will be a Universal Identification System for all inhabitants of the Earth based on RFID technologyPlanned
You will work in assigned Birth-to-Grave Education and Occupational Programs assigned by the New Order and will NOT be allowed to choose your occupation freelyPlanned
You will have NO right to privacy or private property; Everything will be administered and controlled by the New World OrderPlanned
All Humans will be subject to Genetic Profiling and Screening; Only those chosen by the New Order will be allowed to livePlanned
All currencies will be consolidated into a single, global currency; It will be tracked and executed as a Cashless System using RFID technology and taxed automatically from your account numberPlanned
Police will have full Military Powers and License to do with you as they see necessary, along with cooperation from Military and funding from the Federal GovernmentIn Progress
Local Police will be given access to shared Spy Satellite intelligence data for domestic purposesCompleted
You will be told all of this is for your own good, for helping the children, for human rights, for increasing the human standard of living, for helping human welfare, for eliminating hunger and poverty, for eliminating crime, for stopping greed and exploitation of resources, for saving the Earth from environmental damage, etc. and that everything will be O.K., that any problems that arise will be blamed on the other party, and any dessent will be labled as cooky conspiracy nuts to ignore.In Progress
The Asian Union, American Unions, and European Unions will be merged into a single global union, under a single global currency, under a single global governmental entity - starting with harmonization of trade laws, the establishment of a Tri-Lateral Commission, and the convergence of ID systems and currencies.In Progress
You will be forced to give up your guns and the right and ability to protect yourself or overthrow a tyrannical government as part of the integration into the North American UnionIn Progress
You will be forced to work for the endeavors of the New Order against your will; Your obedience will be mandatory.In Progress
95% of the sheeple will be made to go along with the New Order and be happy about itIn Progress
Private Security Contractors will be used to carry out domestic operations against the American People involving police functions and intelligence gathering operationsCompleted
Police will begin drawing blood on the side of the road during "Checkpoints"Completed
The teachings of the Founding Fathers will be demonized by the schools and press, and Federal AgenciesIn Progress
Under UN Agenda 21 and subsequent similar programs, you will be force evacuated from the wilderness areas to urban population centersIn Progress
The UN Biosphere Program (MAB) will create permanent "buffer zones" around areas to be totally devoid of human presence (except for military and law enforcement); Home and property will be confiscatedIn Progress
Genetically Modified food will be used to control the production of global food and thus peopleIn Progress
The majority of manufacturing jobs will be shifted overseas to make NAU merger with Mexico and Canada streamlined in terms of economiesCompleted
There will be a National ID Card in the U.S. utilizing RFID as a stepping stone to the Global ID SystemIn Progress
The U.S. Dollar will be devalued to acclimate a NAU Currency Merger.In Progress
Internet 1 will be replaced by Internet 2 where content can be sensored anywhere, at anytime, by "Thought Police," and all access will be governed by Biometric ID or RFID technologyIn Progress
All U.S. Citizens will be required to submit DNA to a National Database at BirthIn Progress
All infants will be implanted with microchip(s) from birth. Via remote control/satellites the government can then control the thoughts of each individual on the planet, thus creating totally obedient robots/slaves, unable to even think the word "rebellion". Spiritual progress will be obsolete.Planned
Vehicles in North America will be taxed by the mile using GPS technologyPlanned
Health Insurance rates will be adjusted according to your Genetic Profile obtained from DNA screening.Planned
You will be required to turn in all weapons.Planned
Laws will be passed to put Americans into Labor CampsCompleted
Laws will be passed to Relocate Americans geographicallyCompleted
Laws will be passed for Federal takeover of all HighwaysCompleted
Laws will be passed for Registering All U.S. CitizensCompleted
All International law will be "Harmonized" for future MergerIn Progress
Video Surveillance systems will be put in place everywhere by the State to track your every moveIn Progress
South and Latin America will be merged into the South American UnionPlanned
The Asian countries will merge into the Asian UnionPlanned
The African nations will merge into the African UnionPlanned
A global catastrophe will be staged so that the European Union, North American Union, South American Union, Asian Union and African Union need to be merged into a World Super State where all countries will be like small provinces, answering to this Super Union, and a centralized One World Government and a One World Banking System will be formed. NATO will develop into a World Police with absolute authoritarian power.Planned
The New World Order is completed when all countries are merged into a One World Communistic/Socialistic Super State similar to Red China, but more controlled, with a microchipped population, who can not think independently, but whose thoughts are monitored and forced upon each individual so he/she can't rebel against the system. The purpose is that nobody will even be able to think in terms of rebellion. If someone falls through the crack anyway, or for some reason will be able to beat the system, he/she will have no place to hide, due to the global surveillance system. Each person will support the New World Order without questioning anything and if he/she no longer can serve the system, he/she will be terminated. Breeding will only be allowed amongst the physically best fitted, so the next generation can make even better slave labor.Planned