The 'New World Order'
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.
From Deception to Revelation Part I
An Analysis of the Attack of the Pentagon 

 By Dave vonKleist

The events of September 11, 2001 are undeniably and inarguably the most significant acts of terrorism and aggression ever perpetrated against this country. It is indisputable that the three destructive occurrences at the World Trade Center's north tower, south tower and the Pentagon, were well-planned, orchestrated and coordinated events and are inescapably tied to one another. It is safe to say that the guilty parties would do anything to remain cloaked in secrecy and will create "rabbit trails" to divert attention away from significant information as they attempt to cover-up and obfuscate any data that would lead to their discovery. Additionally, those guilty would of course make every attempt to discredit or otherwise destroy the credibility of anyone who might raise revealing questions. To expose one of these entities involved in this deception would be a most significant and vital clue that could reveal the perpetrators of these events.
At the outset, it is safe to assume that this paper and analysis will most likely be looked upon as the most outrageous and delusional proposal ever conceived, the product of the most extreme of conspiracy theorists, or it may provoke the reader to think beyond the intellectual boundries which have been imposed by the daily repetitions of the "conventional wisdom" of governmental agencies and the mainstream media. The approach of this investigation is simply to ask questions and utilize common sense as the facts and evidence are compared to what has been purported by "official" sources.
Many readers are naturally be inclined to gravitate toward the former when confronted with ideas considered "outside the box", therefore it is necessary to define the phrase "conspiracy theory".
The term "conspiracy theory" consists of two words, the active word being "theory". By definition, a theory is a concept, an idea, a proposal, a supposition. Example: "In theory, if I purchase a raffle ticket, I could win the prize." However, once the first ticket is purchased, winning is no longer a theory, but rather a possibility. The more tickets that are purchased, the more possible and eventually probable the win becomes. The same can be said about a conspiracy theory. As long as there is no evidence to support the conspiracy theory, it remains a theory. Once however there is one piece of evidence to support the theory, no matter how flimsy or circumstantial it may be, the conspiracy is no longer a theory, but a possibility! And the more evidence there is that is gathered, the more possible and eventually probable the conspiracy becomes.
There is no disputing that an explosive event large enough to demolish a portion of the Pentagon occurred on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. For argument sake, let's take the approach of a police investigator or a detective as we begin to attempt to solve this crime. Using this perspective, we will only deal with known facts and the available photographic evidence to determine the validity of the reports and explanations of media and government officials.
Media News Reports
With this in mind let us now look at the report of a plane hitting the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. As reported, at 8:10 AM EST, Flight 77 departed Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles, California, a distance of almost 2700 miles. It was also reported that the Boeing 757 slammed into the northwest face of the Pentagon at 9:40 AM, destroying three of its five rings. If, as investigators, we had come upon a crime scene such as the Pentagon, the first task would be to examine the building and surrounding area, and employ common sense and the available evidence to support the "theory" of a Boeing 757 hitting the building.
The first and most important task after arriving at the scene of a crime would be to examine the plane wreckage and determine the point of impact, the trajectory, angle and speed of the aircraft at the point of impact. There is only one problem. There is no trace of recognizable wreckage from a Boeing 757! There is no fuselage, no tail section, there are no wheels, engines, wings, luggage or passenger seats, nor are there any bodies to be found. This leads us to our first and foremost question, if a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon as was reported by the media and government officials, where did it go? What evidence is there to support the theory of an airliner careening into the building?
According to Boeing, the 757 has a wingspan of 124 ft., 10 in., an overall length of 155 ft., 3 in., a tail height of 44 ft., 6 in., and the maximum fuel capacity is 11,489 gallons. With these statistics in mind let's begin our examination of the photographic evidence.
Critical Analysis of Photographic Evidence

This first photo shows an overhead view of the Pentagon with an outline of a Boeing 757 overlay to show the proposed point of impact and relative size. Note the charred "horseshoe" that extends from the inner portion of the building to the area of the supposed crash site, along the outer ring to the east, and then back to the inner ring. More on this later.

Photo #2 shows an aerial view looking down to the northwest face of the Pentagon. One can plainly see that there are no apparent skid marks where a 757 might have hit the ground and slammed into the building. That would indicate that the plane was indeed still airborne when making contact. Also note once again the charred roof damage as in the previous picture.

In photo # 3, we begin to get a closer look at the proposed point of impact. There are several important issues that are raised by this photograph. First, the most obvious question to ask is: "Where is the wreckage of a 757?" There are no signs of wreckage whatsoever! As stated earlier, there is nothing in this or any other photograph available at this time that indicates that an aircraft the size of a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon. Notice the size of the demolished area. The Pentagon is four stories high, and if each story is 10-12ft in height, and the added height for the roof area is another 10ft., the total height of the building would be approximately 58ft. The width of the hole according to this and other photos would be about 60-65ft. The wingspan of a 757 as stated earlier is almost 125ft. Why is there no visible damage on either side of the hole where the wings would have struck? Keep in mind that the fuel is carried in both the fuselage and the wing tanks. Notice also the lack of roof damage to the immediate right of the hole and the area just beyond it heading into the center of the Pentagon where it appears the charred roof continues. Finally, once again, there is no indication that a plane hit the ground at any time before making contact.

Photo #4 illustrates the approximate size of a 757 in relation to the hole that is claimed to be the result of such a plane slamming into the building. It is self-explanatory.

Photo #5 shows the roof area that collapsed into the demolished area. Notice that the roof for the most part is still intact and came down in mostly one piece. It is also important to note that the area just below the roof also remained relatively intact. Given the tail height of almost 45 ft., and the fact that there is no evidence that an aircraft hit the ground and slid into the Pentagon, how is it possible that the roof and area immediately below remained virtually undamaged save for the collapse?

Photo #6 is a vital piece of this puzzle. There have been hundreds of photos from this angle of the gaping hole in the Pentagon, but this one was chosen for two reasons. First, it was scanned from one of the countless publications by Time, Newsweek, People, and others, to commemorate the event because of the caption. The final sentence reads: "The jagged wound cut through three of the buildings five rings, trapping hundreds of people." On reviewing the first three pictures, one can easily see that only one of the buildings rings was penetrated.
To make the next and possibly the most important point of this report, let us recall the other events that happened earlier that day. At 8:45 AM EST, American flight #11 slammed into the North Tower at the World Trade Center. The resulting fireball was so huge and so hot, that as reported, it melted and fatigued the supporting steel girders to the point that the building collapsed. At 9:03 AM EST, United flight #175 slammed into the South Tower at the World Trade Center. The resulting fireball was so huge and so hot, that as reported, it melted and fatigued the supporting steel girders to the point that the building collapsed. At 9:40 AM, EST, American flight #77 reportedly slammed into the Pentagon. All three of these planes had embarked on a trans-continental flight and carried approximately 8,600 remaining gallons of fuel at the time of their respective impacts. The first two crashes caused intense fires hot enough to melt steel. Now look very closely at photo #6. Notice the left side of the hole and note that the walls of the interior are not only unblemished, but show no signs of soot, smoke or heat damage. On the upper floor, to the left of one of the support columns, one can plainly see a green file cabinet with a computer monitor or TV on top of it. Two floors below one can plainly see a wooden stool with an open book on top of it. Are we to believe that a plane with 8,600 gallons of fuel would not generate a fireball and enough heat to singe the pages of an open book only feet away? or to melt the plastic case of a monitor?

If the fire was so localized, how is it when we look at photo #7, we can see farther down on the left side of the building, flame shooting out of the window? If there was a fireball as reported, and as is illustrated in the recently released surveillance film from the Pentagon, how could the fire have directed itself in such a way as to create a "horseshoe" of roof damage, damaging a major part of the north rings.
Was the damage of the Pentagon caused by a Boeing 757 as reported by government officials, or was it the result of some other event which is being covered up in an attempt to mislead and manipulate the American people into a war and into the willing relinquishment of their rights?
 Please note that there are no accusations being made and there are no "theories" being proposed in this report. Questions however have been raised that demand answers. The implications are far too important to be ignored. If the government agencies and mainstream media choose to ignore the facts and evidence presented by this and many other articles addressing these issues, than their silence can only be interpreted as consent to the vilest of deceptions the world has ever known.

From Deception to Revelation Part II

Newly revealed photos are irrefutable proof that
a Boeing 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon!

By Dave vonKleist
Within 12 hours of posting the first part of this analysis, photos were discovered that show that a fire truck had responded to a fire that had been possibly caused by a small aircraft hitting the lower portion of the Pentagon. The area had not yet collapsed and firefighters were working to contain the flames. The collapse occurred after fire retardant foam had extinguished a portion of the fire. These photos are self-explanatory and are irrefutable evidence that the damage to the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, was not caused by a Boeing 757, and in fact the story about the airliner is a complete fabrication.
The implications are of indescribable significance and it must be assumed the Pentagon, the U.S. military, the government and the media are engaged in the biggest cover-up in the history of this country, if not the world. As stated in the first part of this analysis, the events of September 11, 2001 are inescapably tied to one another, and if one group can be tied to one of these events, it would be safe to assume that they would be tied to all of them. No one wants to even entertain the idea of our own government being responsible for the horrific slaughter on innocent lives, police officers and firefighters, but the evidence is now before us that this might very well be the case.

Note that the area in question had not yet collapsed. The area being sprayed in the above picture is the apparent point of impact of a small aircraft, possibly a Piper Cub or as some may have postulated, an F-16 fighter.

Note the large wire spools in the center of this picture. It had been reported that the Pentagon had been in the process of being renovated in this area and had just been re-wired. The roof-line and face of the building is still visible and had not yet collapsed.

We now see the damage that we have all seen in prior photos. The official story was released by the Pentagon and the mainstream media that a Boeing 757 had slammed into the Pentagon. Note also the wire spools still in place.
These photos are just a few of hundreds that have been available but show clearly and undeniably that America and the world have been manipulated and lied to. We owe it to the victims, their families, the firefighters, the police officers, America and the world, to demand that the real guilty parties,   THE REAL TERRORISTS, be brought to justice. The madness must be stopped before we are led into a third world war because of a lie. Is there no one willing to stand up against this horrendous injustice? In America, are we truly the land of the free?.. or the home of the brave?  Let’s prove it.

New World Order