The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!   By Using Occult Secret Societies The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.   Having No Recourse But To Be Submissive And Under Their Control Utilizing Their Digital Currency Or Reject Their Digital Identification.   Accepting It Will Surely Have Evil Implications And Deadly Consequences!   Most Will!

The Globalist Agenda - How they Control Your Mind and Your Life

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill." - "The First Global Revolution", A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider 1991
Have you ever thought something is wrong? Have you ever thought you were being lied to by your politicians, government, teachers? Have you ever thought you were being manipulated by the television? Have you ever wondered about how the world really works? Have you ever caught the media in a lie? Do you want to know how money really works? Have you ever wondered what the elite of this world believe and where they are taking us? Here you will have an opportunity to at least get a first glimpse at the true nature of the world and how we have been misled and deceived at every level. This site is not the end all and be all but it's a start.


The Globalist Agenda represents a plan to bring all of Earth's inhabitants under the control of a single, global state. There is a small, but powerful group of individuals who are the architects and instigators behind the formation and implementation of this "New World Order". Using their influence through international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, NATO, and hundreds of other non-governmental organizations, the objective of these internationalists is nothing less than the subjugation of everyone on the planet as servants to a one world government (servants means slaves). A government run by the same small group of elite that have ruled the masses for a very long time under various guises. These elite are the descendents of those that ruled for at least the past 2 centuries - kings and queens, bankers, robber barrons, priests, and assorted subservient oligarchs and media representatives. Their desire for a return to a one world feudal state should come as no surprise to anyone who has read a little history. It is their nature after all.

In the modern manifestation these people can be seen as kings and queens, international bankers, the military industrial complex and their servants - the corporate CEOs, scientists, professors, lawyers, heads of NGO's, politicians, and media leaders - all of whom the elite control partially or completely. Sad but true - you can buy or brainwash most national bankers, soldiers, beaurocrats, CEOs, scientists, lawyers, NGOs, politicians and journalists to say what you want them to say.

If you allow their plans to proceed, you will see how under the guise of keeping us all safe with anti-terrorist laws, the globalists will see all citizens gradually and incrementally lose their civil liberties preventing any dissent against either the government or the ruling elite who give the government their orders. The purpose of this website is to first provide a concise base of knowledge explaining the historical origins and mechanisms of the "one-world government" plan, and second, to provide avenues of resistance and methodologies for survival within the Chaos purposely imposed within this plot to enslave all of humanity.

"We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money."
- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., in "Foreign Affairs", July/August 1995.

What would you do if you knew all the things we know, would you stand up for truth, or would you turn away too? And then what if you saw all of the things that's wrong would you stand tall and strong or would you turn and walk away? - Musician Paris from his song  "What Would You Do?" featuring Pink


Simply put, the globalist movement is an alliance based on self-interest of the private international financiers and the royal, dynastic and hereditary land owning families of Britain, Europe and America which over the years have intermarried to create a self regenerating power structure that through lies and deception seeks to control everything and everyone on earth. Through their control of the ability to create money, they are able to exercise control over all the power centers of society including the corporations, the media, culture creation, the educational system, the historical societies, the political system, the military, religion, foundations and other NGOs, medicine, and law. Over time they have extended their network of control to include elites from countries all over the world working towards the same end.

But of course its never a simple matter. Many of those involved are not privy to the inner workings and aims of the core group, rather they think they have power but in reality only play their part as unwitting dupes to enact the real aims of the elites at the heart of the movement. Think of it as rings within rings within rings with only those at the very center understandings its true aims and intent.

Long time researcher into the globalists, their roots and agenda, is G. Edward Griffin. His presentation given at the University of Texas on April 29, 2008 titled "The Quigley Formula - A Conspiratorial View of History as Explained by the Conspirators Themselves" provides a valuable insight into the elite's plan for continued domination. This discussion is by no means the end all be all in understanding the elite but is a necessary and vital primer on the history and goals of the elite.

Of course, it is important to recognize that this conspiracy of the elite at war with the public is nothing new. In fact, it is thousands of years old. The elite have always sought to advance themselves and enslave the people whom they rule. Sadly, today is no different in that respect.

There are, however, a number of very important distinctions between now and then. First, they are much better organized today than they have been in the past as you shall discover. Second, they have and are using advanced psychological/propaganda techniques which they are applying through the mass media (culture creation - TV, radio, video games, music, fashion) and the educational system. Third, the elite now have an arsenal of technology far more advanced than they tell the general public that they are using covertly and will use more overtly in the future to attempt to ensure their dominance. And fourth and finally, given the psychological and technological means and methods at their disposal as they now seek their utopia which, if we don't stop them, will result in the complete enslavement of humanity over the coming decades once and for all (at least for those of us who unlike them have a conscience). If they are successful, there will be no turning back as they will eliminate those who do not serve them and the state and replace us with new improved genetically engineered servants.

To fully recognize who they are and what their goals are requires an extensive study of history and everyone is encourage to read their books and do your own research on all topics discussed. On this website we seek to expose them by referencing their own works and those of tireless researchers over the past several decades so that you might come to understand more fully the world in which you live and that you might come to break the conditioning provided by these social engineers and envision for yourself a very different possible world.


Social Darwinism / Elitism 
The elite believe they are a more advanced form of human. In order to justify their belief they grafted Darwin's theories of biological evolution onto social organization to create Social Darwinism. Over the centuries they have referred to the public variously as cattle, sheep and "its" (as Plato did in The Republic) and Social Darwinism is merely the modern expression of this attitude and their elitist belief system. Under this belief system only those that have proven their worth over many generations of dominance and control are worthy of entrance into high elite circles.

Eugenics / Selective Breeding
The elite throughout history in support of belief in their own superiority over the common person have practiced interbreeding among themselves. They do this to preserve intelligence, love of power and above all the ruthlessness and willingness to kill as required. They still practice this today. Also, along similar lines they believe in and practice of eugenics on the public to control the population and to make them more docile, controlled, stupid and compliant. Having been exposed by Hitler's atrocities the elite went underground - for example by renaming Eugenics Quarterly to Social Biology in 1969.

Psychopathy Among Elites
This is not a belief but more of an sobering fact that must be considered when evaluating the values and actions of the elite. It has been well established, as shown by Andrew Lobaczewski in his book "Political Ponerology", that the elite and those that are most capable of rising to the top of a system based on money are psychopathic. This includes leaders in all centers of power including business and politics. As psychopaths they have no conscience, lust for power and control and are literally capable of anything.

The Ends Justify the Means

Because the elite truly believe that the ends justifies the means and the fact that they are for the most part psychopathic, they have absolutely no problem lying to the public. This is also known as the ethics of war where the only morally abhorrant act is losing.

Mystery Religions / Occult
As hard as it is to imagine, the elite practice a form of pagan religion based on the mystery school religions of Sumer and Babylon under which they seek to achieve godhood. Equally important is the use of religion to control the masses and to that end they create exoteric (visible) religions for the masses while embedding in those religions esoteric (hidden) meanings that only those that and enlighted, or illumined as they call it, are able to understand. Consequently, the ancient symbols used thousands of years ago can still be seen in religion, business and the media today.

Collectivism as Social Control
After experimenting for hundreds of years with different forms of social organization, the elite have concluded that collectivism is the best form of social control. For this reason, and according to the United Nations, totalitarian China is considered the model state for the future.

The elite have long viewed a rising population as a threat to their dominance. They realized that eventually a large number of people will inevitably overthrow and remove them from power. They are particularly concerned with the middle class whose intelligence and capacity to organize makes them the biggest threat. Consequently, the elite plan to destroy the middle class and make all the of public equally poor and thus incapable of rebelling. As written on the Georgia Guidestones, they want a global population of just 500 million. This means 6+ billion people must die over the coming century.

Multi-generational Planning
The evolution of society is not something the elite can leave to chance since society could evolve in thousands of different and unpredictable ways. If they were ever to allow this they might lose their control and dominance over us. In order to continue their position as the dominant minority, they plan decades and even centuries in advance.

Revelation of the Method
The elite's do tell us through their books and publications, movies and news releases what they are doing - this is called Revelation of the Method. If you are too stupid to recognize it for what it is that is your problem from their point of view. It is a form of ritual mocking of the victim.


"The New World Order, although it's not really, it's called the New World Order, it's an old, old idea of having a controlled and planned world society that really is a merger of two systems and that was the Soviet system and the Capitalist system. But out of it is to come an efficient planned society. In other words, eventually down the road everyone who's born will be born only if there is a function for them to serve, and that is the key word to serve - and that is to serve the world state. People have been categorized all through their lives from school onwards from generation after generation into a eugenics program where the elite have long ago decided on who were the junk genes - meaning the commoners at the bottom - will there be a future for them? Well, they don't need them so they are going to eradicate them under the guise of overpopulation. And interestingly enough, because they know most people live their whole lives without an original thought (they really don't - thoughts are downloaded into them, opinions are given to them - they adopt opinions), they must have the consent of the public for this agenda including, down the road very very soon in fact, voluntary sterilization to save poor old mother earth and bring the population down. And when you look at what's been taught scientifically, a scientific socialism you might say, what's being taught even in kindergarten onwards today, they're giving them up towards this world where you'll sacrifice yourself if need be for mother earth.

It's a religion of sorts - it uses all of the techniques of religion because religion has worked so well in the past. Michael Gorbachev, who is part of this structure for a global society, said 'We are creating a new world religion and it will be based on a form of earth worship'. By that he meant you will literally live to serve mother earth. Of course Mother Earth has a new priesthood, there's always a priesthood, and you find its the experts, a scientific society, who already have declared they are too superior for the rest of us to be around and they have the natural right - they're the natural aristocracy as they call themselves - but in reality all scientists who depend on grants or funding from the wealthy, the already established wealthy elite, they're just the lackeys of those at the top. At the top of this system you have very old families who've held on and acquired more and more power down through many centuries and they've declared they're at the top of the Darwinian tree and beneath them you have the scientific society that makes the weapons for them, including weapons that will eventually control the mind, and they plan to run the whole world as a planned - not just a planned parenthood society - a planned society where every country which will be subservient to a global government." - Alan Watt,

New World Order
As we leave the age of Pisces and enter the age of Aquarius, the elite want to completely change and reorder society. They call it the "New World Order" and later rebranded it to "Globalisation" when the people started asking too many questions about what they meant by a New World Order. The characteristics of their new society are discussed in the sections below.

World Governance not World Government
It's important to understand that the elite do not want world government per se but rather a form of world governance in their personal control. A world government would imply some sort of input and opportunity for participation by the public. They have no intention of allowing this to happen. The United Nations as an unelected and as such unaccountable body has been established to serve this purpose.

Merger of Capitalism and Communism

In order to bring about global governance it is imperative that communism and capitalism be merged into a new system where economic control remains and is concentrated in private hands and social control is based on collectivism. As established by a U.S congressional investigation headed by Senator Norman Dodd into the great foundations back in the 1960's, this was in fact one of the main purposes for which the foundations were created.

Population Reduction

As stated in the section on beliefs, the elite are obsessed with over population and have written about it for centuries. Consequently, as written on the Georgia Guidestones, they want a global population of just 500 million. This means 6 billion people must die over the coming century starting in 2010.

Return to Feudalism

The elite believe that the world is simply consuming too many resources, resources that belong to them and their descendants and consequently, as outlined in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Agenda 21, we must return to a form of feudalism and into a post-industrial era.

Scientific Dictatorship
This new society will have different characteristics for different groups of people or classes, run in a scientific manner by a subservient group of technocratic scientific elite. In fact, today we already live in a form of scientific dictatorship where the majority of people are brainwashed from birth through the media and educational system. Ultimately, they want to develop purpose made, genetically engineered humans and only those with a purpose that serves the state will be allowed to be born and never able to understand the truth about the world in which they live.


One very important aspect of world control is exactly how does one go about controlling and dominating a society, or for that matter the world as a whole. Anthony Sutton spelled it out quite well in his book "America's Secret Establishment". He exposed the fact that the global elite came to the correct conclusion that to control and manipulate a society for their benefit they need to control only a certain finite aspects of society. These are:

· Education (how the population of the future will behave)
· Money (the means of holding wealth and exchanging goods)
· Law (the authority to enforce the will of the state, a world law and a world court is needed for a world state)
· Politics (the direction of the State and Economy)

· History (what people believed happened in the past)
· Psychology (the means of controlling how people think)
· Philanthropy (so that people think well of the controllers)
· Medicine (the power over health, life and death)
· Religion (people's spiritual beliefs)
· Media (what people know and learn about current events)
· Continuity (the power to appoint who follows in your footsteps)

What this amounts to is nothing less than infiltrating and controlling the power centers of a society. By placing their own people in key positions they could come to control and dominate a society completely and steer it in any direction they choose.
His observations are well made and reflected, and expanded upon slightly, in the categories on this site. Take a minute an think about it - what would you do if you wanted to gain control of an entire society?


False Flag Operations / Government Sponsored Terror
As exposed in films like Terror Storm, the majority of terrorism is in fact sponsored by governments in order to stampede their populations through fear towards a predetermined agenda. A key element of government sponsored terror is false flag operations where governments attack themselves and blame the attack on an enemy in order to stampede the population into war or social change that serves the agenda of the global elite. The attacks of September 11, 2001 and the London Bombings on 7/7/2005 are a couple of the most recent false flag operations.

Agent Provocateurs
Governments throughout history have a habit of hiring agent provocateurs in order to discredit legitimate protest. One example is where the US government hired the Black Bloc to destroy property at the Seattle 1999 WTO meeting protests. Another example is how the Quebec Provincial Police posed as anarchists intent on throwing rocks on the protesters at the 2007 SPP protest in Montebello, Quebec but were caught by protesters and ultimately admitted to by the Quebec police. No links provided - easy to look up for yourself - do it.

Incrementalism (i.e. Gradualism)
Incrementalism is a process whereby society is slowly engineered and our rights and freedoms are slowly eroded over time so that we don't notice it's happening and are led to believe change is necessary on only one item and this change is not related to other changes. In the short term the changes are almost imperceptible, but are nevertheless part of a long term campaign to gain control of us all. It is thus a strategy of coercion. This can be observed in every method of control listed and most visibly in education, religion and culture.

Hegelian Dialectics (i.e. Problem/Reaction/Solution)

The Hegelian Dialectic is, in short, the critical process by which the ruling elite create a problem, anticipating in advance the reaction that the population will have to the given crisis, and thus conditioning the people that a change is needed. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of the ruling elite is presented as the solution. The solution isn't intended to solve the problem, but rather to serve as the basis for a new problem or exacerbate the existing one.

When the newly inflamed difficulty reaches the boiling point of a crisis, it becomes the foundation upon which arguments may again be made for change. Hence, the process is repeated, over and over, moving society toward whatever end the planners have in mind.

Shock / War
Used under circumstances when the public would otherwise object, shock events are used to overcome major hurdles. False flag events such as the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are examples of shock events in action. Such events usually result in wars which are then used to make fundamental transformative changes to society.

Simply put they lie and lie some more. The real intents and objectives are hidden from the public and shrouded in secrecy.

Bread and Circuses
As the Roman elite recognized, in order to create a compliant population, it is important to keep them fat (bread) and happy/distracted (circuses) with copious entertainment so they don't do too much thinking. To this end, the television is the greatest method of distraction and mental manipulation ever created.

Dumbing Down of the Population
A well informed and educated population is the last thing they want as they prepare to bring the people through the greatest period of change in human history. To accomplish this they have systematically reduced the quality of education and have chemically reduced the IQ of the population by adding fluoride to the water and mercury to the vaccines.


A.     Finance & Economics
"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it back again...Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit."
- Josiah Stamp, former Governor of the Bank of England during the 1920's
Private Central Banks
The control on money and the ability to create money and indebtedness is the primary method of control exercised by the elite. This is a con game of monetary magic whereby they create money out of nothing then lend it at interest to the public. This is in reality a Ponzi scheme that is preprogrammed to collapse. Unfortunately, the US at the end of this cycle of collapse and their destruction is inevitable as such. A number of great documentaries such as Money as Debt and the Money Masters explain this very well. They have systematically gained control over the banking systems of most countries on this planet. The U.S. Federal Reserve and many more central banks (even those that are supposedly now government owned) are in fact privately owned banks and the central banks for all central banks the Bank of International Settlements is also a privately owned and controlled by international elite banking families.

An integral part of the money con game and an absolute necessity to make is work is the forced requirement of the public to pay income tax in order to pay interest to the private banks. Opening to standing ovations at the Cannes Film Festival, the movieAmerica Freedom to Fascism explains this and shows that income tax at least in the United States is in fact illegal and enforced by threats and coercion. In the U.S. all taxes paid go to pay interest on the national debt - very penny - and not one cent goes to provide for the functioning of the U.S. government.

International Financial Institutions

The widely know and acclaimed International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are reported by the media as lending much needed funds to third world countries so they can further develop. This is a lie. In fact, the IMF and World Bank have through indebtedness enabled the complete destruction, control of the economies, and raping of the resources of developing nations. As demonstrated by John Perkins in his book Economic Hitman this was a planned and coordinated effort for control, domination and impoverishment of the developing world.

Finance as a Mechanism to Transform Societies
Throughout the recent century the powers of financial capitalism have used their control over money to transform whole societies and the world at large. They have funded both sides of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, funded and instigated both the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. They have created the mortgage / housing crisis in the United States and actively promoted the current U.S. Economic Collapse. Throughout history they have used their power over money and finance to foment war and revolution as means of transforming society in order to further their control and power.

B.     Media, Psychology & Culture Creation

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."
- David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991 
Media Control
Over the past 50 years the ownership of the media has become increasingly concentrated until today we have a few corporations along with the government owning all of the media outlets. Through editorial control they have created a socially engineered construct or a psychological prison representing a complete fabricated version of reality in which most people live out their lives never knowing the reality of the world around them. To maintain this illusion the media exercise relentless and continued censorship of all news and events of importance. The media has become pure propaganda using lies of obfuscation, distortion, distraction and primarily omission. The media lie and distort everything they report, knowingly and unknowingly (let's remember most of them were brainwashed along with the rest of us), to create a false version of reality to the public in order to keep them compliant and controlled.

Culture Creation
In our society today, culture is created from the top down. Virtually all forms of culture including television, radio, music, fashion, arts, and video games are created by the elite and delivered to the public to create a false sense of reality, ensure social compliance and control the future course of cultural evolution.


"As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented. With the printing press and the newspaper, the railroad, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly and even instantaneously over the whole of America."

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." - Edward Bernays from his book "Propaganda" The elite are using the incredibly powerful weapon of mass psychology as a method of controlling the minds of the people and gaining their acceptance of their goals. Some of the methods they are using include Hegelian Dialectics (problem reaction solution); destruction of the family/separation of generations; gender role reversal; dehumanization; moral relativism; predictive programming; Pavlovian repetition; trained ego-syntonic behaviour; psychic driving; and the destruction of existing norms.

Interactive Communications

Interactive Communications, including the internet, cell phones, MP3 players, games, and virtual reality, in the guise of entertainment and communications are being used as methods of gather information on every individual, tracking their every movement (internet and cell phones), and influencing current and future behaviour. Further, these tools are being used to separate and isolate people from one another. One example worth highlighting is the use of violent video games to desensitize the participants to violence so that they might be more effective military soldiers in the future. In fact, video games were created by the military for just this purpose.

C.     Government & Military

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

Henry Kissinger, quoted by Bob Woodward in The Final Days, 1976

Monopoly of Power

For the agenda to succeed, the elite must maintain a monopoly of power. Part of this is maintaining control of the political system of the countries they control. This is done by creating a front called "Democracy" with two major parties (both of which they control) where the public are lead to believe they have a say and minor competition among lower level politicians is allowed, but at the top only those that are approved and properly vetted by elitist groups, such as the Bilderberg Group, are allowed to ascend to the top. The elite and those that serve them thus constitute a secret government behind the visible government. There are many other aspects to this including gun control; centralization of power by increasing power and authority of the executive and bureaucracy; threats, intimidation, assassination; corporate / government partnerships, and others.

Government Sponsored Terror / False Flag Operations

As exposed in films like Terror Storm, the majority of terrorism is in fact sponsored by governments in order to stampede their populations through fear towards a predetermined agenda. A key element of government sponsored terror is false flag operations where governments attack themselves and blame the attack on an enemy in order to stampede the population into war or social change that serves the agenda of the global elite. The attacks of September 11, 2001 and the London Bombings on 7/7/2005 are a couple of the most recent false flag operations.


Nothing is more profitable for international bankers and industrialists than war. Further, more change can be accomplished on a societal level in 5 years than in 50 years of peace. As such, war has been used as a tool of transformation throughout history.

Military & Advanced Weaponry

Given that the elite knew their might be problems down the road as they move us into post-industrial feudalism and depopulation the planet, it was important to encourage the growth of the Military Industrial complex and create wars (real or imaginary such as the Cold War) to ensure continued public support for the massive investment in military weaponry. And of course if you don't have an enemy any more the government and military create one as they did on 9/11 and the war on terror. This is nothing new as governments are responsible for the vast majority of terrorism - a tool they have used over and over down through history to get the people to comply with an agenda. The consequence of this massive investment is that the elite now have an entire arsenal of advanced weaponry they can now turn on the public to ensure their control. These include bioweapons; weather modification weapons (HAARP); psychotronic weapons; microwave weapons; tectonic weapons; space based weapons; and robotic weapons. Concurrent to the scientific developments, the elite knew they would need to create a generation brought up to fight that would fill the ranks of the military and police forces and introduced violent video games and movies for this purpose.

Regional Harmonization

In order to facilitate the management of a global society, the elite are merging the countries of the world in four superstates - the European Union, African Union, American Union and Asian Union. The European Union is almost complete with only the final step of a constitution to be established. The others are in progress and at different stages.

Local Government and World Government

Ultimately, the regional bodies will be subservient to the United Nations which is to serve as the unelected, unaccountable World Government controlled and run by the elite. To a great degree this has already happened as we know the UN passes regulations that are dutifully passed on by national governments for enactment at the local level. Over time the UN's powers will increase as national militaries are incrementally brought under UN control. Ultimately, the UN will control the world's food supply and reduce each countries allotment of food as the population is brought down.

D.     Education & History

"Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars...but also without [the government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from a speech given September 11, 1973 
Historical Societies

In order to understand the present, one needs to know the past. If you can control how the public perceive their past you can control their perception of the present. To that end the elite took control of historical societies and actively promoted professors who would promote the view of history the elite wanted
promulgated and eliminate inconvenient nasty episodes from history. As they distort and change history for mass consumption, the elite's maintain real histories
in archives with access granted to only a specific group.
Despite their efforts some real history books have been written and published such as "America BC" and "Forbidden Archaeology"but they remain little known.

Universal Education (i.e. Indoctrination)
A critical component to ensuring their domination and control of a society has been control over the educational system of a country. The principal organization in this regard is UNESCO, an organization founded by Julian Huxley who also founded theEugenics Society and the World Health Organization (WHO). The purpose of UNESCO and government controlled education is to indoctrinate/brainwash the young into adopting a particular view of history and the world in which they live in order to create a more compliant servant/worker. Consequently, whenever a country is invaded/conquered one of the first organizations entering the country is UNESCO in order to re-educate the young to to adopt a particular world view so that the conquered society can be integrated into the system desired by the conquerors. It is apparent that the desired outcome is that of a dumbed down and ignorant population incapable of critical thought. Two excellent works on this topic are "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt and "Underground History of American Eduction" by John Taylor Gatto

Control of Academia
Most grants to scientists and other academics at the university level come from the elite through their control of their foundations (see section on Philanthropy/NGOs). Because of this, the elite steer the direction of research by giving money for certain projects while not funding other avenues of research. All academics are dependent on these grants and are thus controlled lackeys for the elite.

E.    Science & Technology

"It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude."
- Aldous Huxley, Berkeley 1962 Speech

Today we have the best science money can buy. Most grants to scientists and other academics at the university level come from the elite through their control of their foundations (see section on Philanthropy/NGOs). Because of this, the elite steer the direction of research by giving money for certain projects while not funding other avenues of research. All scientists are dependent on these grants and are thus controlled lackeys for the elite. Further, those projects yielding desirable results are snapped up by the elite's private interests and used to extend their control and dominance and further particular aspects of their agenda.

Technology Given to the Public vs. the Real State of Technology

Despite what we've been told by the government and media, namely that we are on the cutting edge of technology, the fact of the matter is that real scientific and technical knowledge is in fact many decades ahead of what the public are given. When we look into recent history we can see this fact demonstrated over and over again. In order to maintain power and control over the masses, the elite tightly control the development and release of advanced technology to the public so that they can control the outcome.

The internet, also known as the world wide web (www), has a completely different meaning to the controllers and that is the "World Wide Wiretap". The reality is that the internet developed by the US Military via DARPA was given to the public not as a method of efficient communication but rather as a method of controlling and tracking the public; training people to divulge private information freely; and identifying and psychologically profiling each and every person's habits and behaviour. One of the unintended consequences has been the free flow of knowledge about the controllers themselves. Consequently, the internet itself is being targeted for transformation under Internet 2 into a government/corporate control medium (like TV) where free flow of ideas is censored and prohibited and only approved information will be accessible and the concept of internet neutrality is destroyed.

Technological Mechanisms of Control
While it is true that the technological advances have resulted in increased communication capabilities, it is also true that there is an equally dark side to electronic communications and that is the ability to track, monitor and control. Intelligence agencies now routinely monitor ALL email, cell phone and internet traffic. As the technology advances this control will only increase using technologies such as RFID to track a person's every move and the products they own; the cashless society where all financial transactions will be monitored and the government will know everything you purchase and own; virtual worlds such as "Sentient World" will be used to duplicate in cyberspace every person living in the real world; and as has happened over the past several years microchip implants will used to track and trace your every move.

F.     Religion

"They must find it difficult ... Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."

- Gerald Massey

Religion as Control
Religion throughout history has always been used by elites as mechanism to control society. They have known how to do this for millennia and have repeated the same formula over and over again at different times and locations. Virtually all religions over the past 5,000 years have been allegories based on earlier forms of pagan sun worship.

Destruction of Religious Beliefs

In order to bring about their desired complete reordering of society, the elite have engaged in a systematic effort over many decades to destroy the current religious and moral structures that have dominated for centuries. This requirement does demonstrate that there are real morals and values worth holding onto taught by the major religions even if their stories are largely fabricated. By promoting a do as you please culture via movies, television and other means the elite are creating a cultural climate of moral relativism. In such a climate there are no boundaries and the public can be led to accept any standard no matter how degrading.

New Religion Based on Earth Worship
Today, the elite are seeking to destroy the old religious belief systems and replace them with a "new age" religion based on a form of earth worship. Doing so will accomplish multiple objectives - to get people to accept lower standards of living; to accept voluntary sterilization to save mother earth thus helping to depopulate the planet; and to accept restrictions on rights and freedoms in the name of saving the environment.

Scientists/Experts are the New Priesthood
As we move into a more advanced form of scientific dictatorship based on earth worship, the new priests are the scientists and related experts. These experts will serve as the technocracy, or the middle man holders of knowledge, as they have throughout history.

End of the Age - New Age / End Times Theology

Sadly, Christians today are being indoctrinated with a constant stream of End Times Theology. The desired result is the neutralization of Christians to comply with the government as the great changes occur and stop them from taking action to resist those changes.

G.     Business

"Competition is a sin."

- John D. Rockefeller

Corporate Control of Everything
Through control of the global multinational corporations, their public - private partnerships and interlocking corporate directorships, the elites seek ownership/control over everything that control every aspect of society - chiefly water, power and food.

Cartels / Monopoly

Money cartels, oil cartels, food cartels, water cartels. You name it, any key strategic resource required to control and dominate society, a cartel of wealthy elites are seeking to own all resources in every important sector of society.

Globalization of Poverty

In order to establish dominance over the entire planet and its populations, the elite must create a society of equally impoverished slaves. This necessitates the elimination of the middle class and the concentration of wealth in private hands. As such, the United States as the driving force of the world economy must be destroyed and all populations impoverished to bring about the global plantation.

Regional Harmonization

To facilitate global government and the dominance of global multinational corporations it is necessary to eliminate national boundaries and create the superstates of Europe, Africa, America. This will allow the corporations and their owners to further consolidate power and control of the masses while at the same time maximizing corporate profits.

H.     Energy & Resources

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat with demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned namely mistaking systems for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself."
- Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, 1991

Energy is a primary mechanism of control. The population must remain dependent of oil so they can be controlled. We are fed a constant stream of lies about Peak Oil despite the fact that the world is in reality awash in oil. We are lied to about energy alternatives and have seen the suppression of super efficient and even free energy technologies.

Food and Water
As in any war on the public throughout history, the elite are now using the basics of survival - food and water, as weapons on the public. We are now seeing the widespread use of genetically modified crops and their clearly demonstrable harmful side effects. Further, we see the propagation of terminator seeds whereby the local population cannot store seeds for the coming year but rather are forced into dependence on the multinational food corporations like Monstanto and other big agro interests. Ultimately, as stated in the U.N. Agricultural Policy, all food will be controlled by the global government and each country will only receive enough food to support the approved level of population, which will of course be reduced over time.


Unfortunately, the very real and pressing environmental concerns of the environmental movement have been hijacked by the elite to serve their own aims. The are now promoting global warming (recently rebranded as climate change since the earth really isn't warming) as a real threat not to solve any real environmental issues but rather to promote a global system of taxation and control.

I.     Law

Contract/Equity Law
In order to understand the legal system we operate under, it is critical to understand that the current system operates under maritime admiralty law and as such is based solely upon contract/equity law. The power of contract is your road to freedom or your road to enslavement.

Ancient System of Pledging / Birth Certificates

Our parents/grandparents were misled into registering us at birth and in doing so, under the ancient system of pledging, made us slaves/collateral to the government/bankers. For example, on the back of most Canadian's birth certificate it says "Revenue Receipt No. A1234556 For Treasury Use Only". What this means is that you are property/chattel of the government and that a bond was created with your name or number on it that was pledged by the government to the bankers based in your future taxes as collateral on the debt. Thus, you are legally enslaved and property of a banker somewhere.

Social Insurance Number /Taxes
What you haven't been told is that at 18 years old you had an opportunity to legally opt out of the system. However, by applying for or continuing to use the Social Insurance Number, applied for on your behalf by your parents or relatives, you agreed to become a taxpayer and have duties and responsibilities as such. Had you chosen not to have a Social Insurance Number and use your lawful right to contract you would would never had to pay taxes and been free to operate outside the jurisdiction of most statutes.

Common Law vs. Commercial/Admiralty Law (and Freeman-On-The-Land)
As demonstrated by numerous alternative lawful scholarly groups, we and our parents have been tricked/deceived into a system in which we have given up our god given natural rights as human beings. This has been done by the creation of artificial persons/corporations that were created by the government and have similar names to our true selves but which are in fact separate corporate entities. We were deceived into accepting these artificial persons as being one and the same as us, the human being, and in the process voluntarily, but out of ignorance, had our rights reduced to that of slaves. By accepting this corporate identity we have given up our common law rights and accepted commercial (i.e. admiralty) law.

J.     Health / Medicine

Eugenics / Population Control as Dominant Ideologies
It is important to understand the the goals and beliefs of the eugenicists never went away. In fact, they have been conducting eugenics operations on the public in the west since world war II. Fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines and GMO crops all contribute to the creation of a sick, dumb and compliant population.

Population Control Implementation (Hard Kill)

The overarching desire for population reduction has been implemented in two forms - hard kill and soft kill. The hard kill versions created in bioweapons research labs include AIDS, Ebola and SARS. These programs were designed for large scale population reduction.

Population Control Implementation (Slow Kill)

As Henry Kissinger said population reduction has different characteristics in different parts of the world. In west, the slow kill method has been implemented. This includes vaccines containing mercury and Simian 40 cancer viruses; fluoride in water supplies as used by Hitler and Stalin in their concentration camps; the introduction of the excitotoxin aspartame into the food supply; the presence of xeno-estrogen / bisphenol in plastics; the introduction of GMO crops and their well understood destructive side effects; the use of cell phones will result in brain cancer for millions in coming years as a result of the radiation; and the use of microwave ovens - which the Soviets banned in the 1970's due to the fact that they destroy the nutritive content of food. Further, the combined effects of these programs has manifested itself with a 75% reduction in the sperm counts in the western males according to the UN (ask yourself why aren't the alarm bells ringing and a crisis announced to the public) and an increase in the rates of cancer from 1 in 66 to 1 in 3 over the past 50 years.

Allopathic Medicine vs. Holistic / Natural Medicin
A critical aspect of control is the compliance and acceptance of the population of allopathic medicine and medical orthodoxy and its partner big pharma under which the population can be drugged. A critical part of this agenda is the suppression of alternative/herbal medicine and the advancement of Codex Alimentarius which severely restrict natural health products available to the public. Codex Alimentarius if implemented as scheduled by the end of 2009 could result in the deaths of billions of people from malnutrition and the diseases related to poor nutrition.

Persistent Contrails (aka Chemtrails)

While the true intent of the chemical spraying of the skies that has been going on full scale since the late 1990's is unknown, since the governments refuse to tell the public the true purpose, we do know that the chemicals being sprayed include aluminum, barium and cadmium, all of which have detrimental effects on the human immune system. Consequently, we could conclude they are softening the immune systems of the public for the upcoming pandemics which we are repeatedly told are inevitable (the spraying is fact but the purposes are speculative).

K.     Philanthropy / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) / Think Tanks

"... we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."
Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation speaking to Norman Dodd in his Congressional Special Committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations, 1954

Foundations as Methods of Control
One of the greatest tricks perpetrated on the public has been the turning the robber barons /elites into philanthropists. This great trick was accomplished by the mass media and various psychological techniques. Through these mechanisms they have managed to convince the public that they gave up their power in the interests of society, gave their money to foundations and other philanthropic organizations and faded into the pages of history. This is a lie. They still exist and exercise their power through their control on the monetary system and their control of the the foundations and their ability to fund their desired outcomes. The foundations (Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc.) use their tax exempt status and great wealth to advance the elite's agenda for complete global domination.

Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations
In the modern era, the key institutions are the British Royal Institute of International Affairs and its similarly named counterparts in Commonwealth countries along with its branches in non-Commonwealth countries all called Council on Foreign Relations such as those in the US and India. Equally important to recognize is these institutions are subservient to the Round Table Groups. Historically, these groups were central in advancing the spread of the British Empire over the world and as such are central figures of control. However, they are now part of a larger and more extensive system of control.

Merger of Capitalism and Communism

As Norman Dodd discovered in the 1960's congressional investigations, the purpose of the "great foundations" was to merge capitalism and communism into a system of global control. The new system would be economically capitalist, and as such privately owned, and socially communist run by scientist and other experts as were the Soviet councils.

Hundreds of Think Tanks and other NGOs / Thousand Points of Light

As George Bush stated in his speech on September 11, 1990 and and again September 11, 1991, there was an opportunity for a New World Order and it was being worked on by a thousand points of light. Highly masonic symbolism. What he was referring to was the myriad related and interlocked NGO's and think tanks like the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission; environmental groups; and many others think tanks and NGOs created and funded by the elite to bring about their New World Order. As an example of the diffuse nature of these NGO's is the Club of Rome, a premier think tank which published the First Global Revolution in which they invented the global warming fraud.

L.     Secret Societies and Occultism

"There is... an inner core of intimate associates who unquestionably knew that they were members of a group devoted to a common purpose and an outer circle of a larger number on whom the inner circle acted by personal persuasion, patronage distribution, and social pressure. It is probable that most members of the outer circle were not conscious that they were being used by a secret society."

- Professor Carroll Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishmen
This is a controversial but critical aspect to understanding the elite's control of our society. Yes, there are secret societies operating and their have been for many decades if not hundreds of years who believe in ancient pagan and occult systems from which they believe they derive their power.

Illuminati - 1776
Adam Weishaupt is credited with the founding of the Illuminati secret society in Bavaria in 1776. This society was exposed and supposedly eliminated but the evidence shows that they continued on in other guises.

Cecil Rhodes
Cecil Rhodes stated that the he believed the British to be the finest civilization and wished to propagate the British system throughout the world. To this end, he used his substantial wealth to found a secret society based upon the Illuminati precisely for this purpose.

Alfred Milner and Milner's Kindergarten

As explained by Carroll Quigley in The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope, Alfred Milner took over from Cecile Rhodes in the goal to propagate the British system throughout the world and was instrumental in founding the Round Tables group. This group has been instrumental in creating the interlocking network on influence and control under which we live today. This group spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs which operates in all Commonwealth Countries and the Council on Foreign Relations which operates in non-commonwealth countries like the United States.

Rings within Rings

Rings within Rings within Rings. The inner group which has no name are the controllers of the game and the ultimate holders of the real objectives of the group. The next level is the 2nd ring called the Society of the Elect. The 3rd ring is the Round Table Groups. At this point the group is still quite small and its important to understand that at each level these groups all think they are part of the inner circle. Next comes the 4th ring which includes but is not limited to the following groups the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), high Freemasons, etc. There are many other groups and societies at this level including secret societies, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and others outside of governmental control or as George W. Bush phrased it "a thousand points of light".

Outer Rings
It is important to recognize that the outer rings are populated by for the most part unknowing dupes. The outer rings include non-governmental organizations (other than the founders) and their indoctrination and brainwashing from a young age is used to falsely assure them the cause they are involved in is a positive development for our society.

Freemasonry Freemasonry deserves a special mention since it is practiced by the elites in every country, albeit in a different form from your local masonic lodge. The elite and powerful put the symbols of masonry everywhere throughout our society today.


Elite's Utopia
The elite's utopia is not the Star Trek federation ideal but rather and complete controlled on dominated society consisting of the elite and their slaves.

Population Reduction to less than 1 Billion people

The elite firmly believe the earth is overpopulated and the population must by any and all means (war, starvation and pandemics included) be reduced to less than 1 billion people.

Post Industrial Feudalism
The elite believe that the current level of resource consumption is unsustainable in the long run and consequently the world must enter a post industrial society once again based on a form of scientific feudalism.

Implantable Microchips
As sociopathic control freaks, the elite want to create a completely controlled society of slaves that are implanted with microchips so they can track every move of the population and ultimately control every thought a person has. As an interim step, all products we purchase will include and RFID chip that can track and trace the location of all we own. Also, cash will be eliminated as a medium of exchange and replaced with cashless credit and all those who refuse to comply with the elite's dictates will simply have their cards turned off. Ultimately, those that are implanted will be able to be downloaded with new information/skills and reprogrammed for new tasks as the need requires and individual free thought will be impossible.

Purpose Made Humans

As their knowledge of genetic engineering advances, the intent is to create a slave class of purpose made humans to serve the elite. As part of the new society they seek to create, the elite seek to control reproduction in a scientific manner. Ultimately, they seek to control/restrict reproduction scientifically and create hermaphroditic slaves/beings who will be granted permission to reproduce and only be given that permission if they have proven their worth to the state.

The elite are obsessed with death and the possibility of escaping it through science to achieve immortality. The tremendous amounts of money being pored into research in genetics and life extension reflects this. Of course, only those with tremendous wealth will be granted access to the technology necessary to live forever.


As the elite's seek immortality, they foresee a possible future in which they merge with machines and the resulting "species" lives immortal lives and replaces all humans as we know them today.

End of the Age - New Age
As we leave the age of Pisces and enter the age of Aquarius, the elite plan to create a completely new and different society in which only those with a purpose to serve the world state will be born