The 'New World Order'
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.

New World Order Pyramids and Bloodlines

Feb 10th, 2009 | By Keelan Balderson

It’s always hard to comprehend and digest how the criminal elites work, because by time you reach the end of the trail you’ve completely forgotten where it started. The sheer fact that it’s confusing and people are in a defeatist attitude about it, (well what can we do?) cements their belief that they are superior and we are just worthless undesirables that must obey their ideologies and policy. As Henry Kissinger said, “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” So how is it possible that gargoyles like Kissinger, a small group of bankers, corporate leaders and politicians that often worship obscure religious orders, own and control every facet of our lives? And more importantly why do they do it?
Men that lust for control will only be corrupted when they get it. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Historian John Acton.
Most people want a small modicum of control, it is a natural trait present in the R-complex of the human brain, but the average person is happy with control over their personal affairs. A smaller group of people want absolute power, including control over everybody elses affairs. Most people are good people, therefore it is not in their nature to understand why some have this inner passion for domination over others or the lust for the destruction of nations, to replace them with a one world order. A lot of evidence points to the 9/11 attacks being orchestrated by elites high up in the Zionist movement, the US Government and the intelligence agencies around the world, but the average person cannot comprehend such a heinous act; “why would they do that to their own people?” As moral citizens it is not in our nature to believe such a thing is possible. But it is possible, and ignoring questions and evidence about such events only supports attacks like that happening again in the future. “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller. What major crisis might that be?
The alternative media and other researchers have explained the New World Order control system in many ways, but the simplest example is the compartmentalized pyramid. Ironic when many of the secret societies and top corporations have pyramidal symbolism. It is even on the back of the US dollar bill with the all seeing eye.

If you imagine a pyramid, at the top is this agenda for a one world government controlled by the elite of the elites. You can talk about who’s to blame, or whether there really is some kind of devil like creature or ancient being sitting at the very top, but the agenda IS happening. Some researchers claim there might be a complicated hidden knowledge/religion, an evil force outside of our perception, the Jews, Satanists, aliens etc at the very top of the power structure. But it doesn’t necessarily matter at the moment. You can’t blame aliens before the majority of the world even understands what’s going on. As long as the lower levels of the pyramid change their belief system and get out of this mind body and soul control system it doesn’t matter if an army of teletubbies are controlling the world; let’s just put an end to it already!
- Currently the only concrete proof we have about the highest levels of the pyramid are the international bankers that have a stranglehold over the economy and look to benefit from the agenda with a further centralized money and power system and the various religious orders they prescribe to. We can talk about the Vatican and will, we can talk about Freemasons and will, we can talk about the Queen of England and will, we can even talk about the dawn of time and man’s true origins, but whatever got us here has put bankers on the visible thrown. If there is only one bank, one currency and one government, it makes their evil deeds a hell of a lot easier. They orchestrated the recent economic crash, and there’s no surprise that Obama and Brown have opted to give them more power and bail them out, under the guise of preventing future crashes. It’s the spin of the century. These bankers and their associates are our visible world leaders, because if you control money you control everybody. We can deal with their masters later.
“We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
Famous banker Paul Warburg, who would have been happy either way.

- Below the bankers come the other “wall street” investors, financiers and heads of the multi-national companies/corporations that have a monopoly over the world’s markets, resources and products. This is not free market capitalism, these elite businessmen work like Mafioso cartels. Do you really think somebody could just come along and start a successful oil company in this day and age? These people may not be aware of the complete agenda, but will do anything to make another wad of cash, or to gain a little more control. If that means New World Order, so be it. They will happily allow and help cultivate the genocide of thousands, and plummet and enslave an entire nation’s economy just to up their share prices/bonuses, secure more oil, new contracts or a wider clientele. Third world countries are only third world countries because the elites do not allow them to develop. They’ve stolen all their resources and tricked them in to taking out crippling loans that they will never be able to pay back. And of course if everything fails, the corrupt government will bail them out with tax payers money.
- Around the same level on the pyramid are the high level advisers and politicians that dictate to the Presidents and Prime Ministers, and shape their foreign policies and ideologies (usually a new world order for peace…yeah right). These people have often twighlighted as top bankers, political scientists, military and owners of the big corporations, and have the intelligence agencies like the CIA or Mi5 at their finger tips. They act as middle men between the think tanks, secret groups, scientists, corporations, banking systems, military and CIAs, to the President. They steer their puppet in the direction that will suit their other interests. They will talk behind closed doors at the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations etc, and decide world policy years in advance.
“This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government….National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept…” Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter and the man who trained Bin Laden.

- Next are the top levels of military and the intelligence agencies themselves. The CIA, Mi5 & Mi6, Homeland Security and Ministry of Defense are all involved. These organizations are supposed to gather information and protect their countries from outside threats behind closed doors for safety. But what they really do is carry out operations above the law that ensure the elite’s agenda goes through. They may murder whistleblowers (those who speak out, like Princess Dianna and Palestine), assassinate foreign leaders, deliberately cause conflicts leading to war (supporting the Jundullah to disrupt Iran), feed false info to other countries to cause conflicts or hide terrorist7/7), spy on citizens, or ignore information such as a coming attack if the attack supports the globalist agenda. They often do not know the full agents (lead up to 9/11 and agenda and may even believe they are fighting for the greater good. If you think doing something illegal or corrupt will benefit your country would you do it? Most people would because they are lead to believe their country is free. But true freedom no longer exists.
“Ask the American public if they want an FBI wiretap and they’ll say, no. If you ask them do they want a feature on their phone that helps the FBI find their missing child they’ll say, Yes.”
Former FBI director Louis Freeh.

- Next in the pyramid come the EU and UN representatives, President Obamas and Prime Minister Gordon Browns. These people are the faces of the agenda that the general public think have been fairly and democratically elected, and whom they believe have ultimate power. In fact as you can see they are not at the top of the pyramid. They are nothing more than autocue reading puppets that believe in communist or new world order ideologies. They are told what to do by those higher up the pyramid, and often find themselves assassinated if they fail to carry out the agenda. Think JFK. Or they are at least used as fall guys like George Bush, who many blame for the modern wars and 9/11 despite him being further down the hierarchy. They are often selected years before they become leaders and are indoctrinated and fast tracked through the feeder systems and secret societies.
“Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order.” Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, in an address at the United Nations, December 1988.

- The high level secret societies, feeder systems and think tanks can be described as an offshoot ladder along the side of the pyramid. They help funnel people and information in to the higher levels of the pyramid and are sometimes used to discuss the agenda in secret (historically the case with Freemasonry). People at high levels in the pyramid are generally at the top of these groups, although in some secret societies that is not always the case. For example not everyone in power is a top Freemason, and not everyone at the top of the Freemasons is at the top of the Pyramid.
“The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments plans.” – British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1876.

- Following on are the indoctrinated government funded scientists and “experts” that falsely put out understudied ideas or outright manipulate data like man made global warming, or who might invent technology that helps the agenda, such as implantable microchips to track humans. They may claim the official story of a terrorist attack (like 9/11) is scientific fact, despite strong scientific opposition, or they may support a harmful vaccination for the drugs companies profit margins. Science often harbors dehuminist ideas such as population reduction or eugenics. They may be lead to believe what they are doing is for the greater good or because of flawless science, threatened with their life, paid off or completely brainwashed to the agenda. If you are a scientist getting millions in government funding you’re more inclined to support a government theory even if true science actually says it’s false. If you don’t agree they might spin your data through the PR machine.
“Global warming — at least the modern nightmare vision — is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world’s politicians and policy makers are not.” – Famous botanist David Bellamy OBE.

- Around the same level are the drug, health-care and food industries that answer to their money masters and corporate leaders. Whether it is killing people or saving them, profit is generally the leading factor. If an immunization isn’t universally safe but will make the companies richer, they’ll make sure doctors give patients the shots, and if nutrition is diminished through cheaper, chemically induced mass production of food then so be it. If there is a natural cure for cancer they’ll use their power to suppress it because natural substances cannot be patented and therefore cannot make money. Why is everything a chemical pill? If a plant can heal you, people would go pick the plants for free.
“Medicine is no longer an independent profession. Doctors have become nothing more than a link connecting the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer.” – Dr Vernon Coleman.

- Below them are the globalist/government owned media organizations that repeat the spiel the Presidents and “experts” have been dictated to say, whilst mixing it with mind numbing celebrity garbage and their own deluded political views. They are also responsible for misleading people about the economy and keeping the political left and right debate alive, when it really does not exist; all political parties and ideologies are controlled by the elites. Media will present vaccines, wars, ID cards and the like as being positives, or at least offer staged arguments to give the illusion that their is some conflict on the matter. But in the end they will conclude that the government line is the truth. They may even oppose the government in order to keep radicals in a holding pot from finding the real truth, such as Glen Beck on Fox News, or UK newspaper the Daily Mail. If the higher levels of the pyramid want to go to war with a country, the news will do its job in convincing the public that it is a good idea. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Bin Laden? All over-hyped by the media.
“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X.

- Next we have the education system which is used to indoctrinate children in to the current agenda. They will be taught a white-washed version of history, that global warming is completely scientific fact, that the left right in politics really exists, that government funded theories on science are the only theories, that University is the best way to go, that the EU is positive etc. Children will come out of school in an almost matrix like reality where they have no idea about the real power structure of the world. Of course that’s if the school bothers to teach them adequately at all. Giant companies like McDonalds also need a workforce.
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” – Albert Einstein.

- In a similar position is the entertainment industry, which tunes society in to what’s “cool” or acceptable. For example mainstream rappers will help keep the poor black community in chaos by promoting degradation of women, guns, drugs and the pursuit of money by any means necessary. Movies will promote the military and world agenda and brainwash society as to what normal behavior should be. How many movies are about stopping the nasty Middle Eastern terrorists from setting off a nuclear bomb? How many songs are about sex violence and money? Of course when it’s not always this blatant, mind numbing trash will be presented with no agenda at all other than to clog up the airways to keep people distracted, and of course to make the producers a revenue stream.
I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television….You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images.” – Hal Becker quoted in ” BRAINWASHING: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare.”

- Organized religion also joins in at the brainwashing level by closing the minds of its followers. Now instead of seeking out the depth of truth, it is simply the devil’s work. You’ll also find paid off rich ministers praising politicians like George Bush because he pretends to be Christian. Religion is not inherently bad, but it is probably the most manipulated level of the pyramid. People will do anything in the name of God or Allah. Or on the flip side they’ll do nothing because the holy book is written in stone and God and Allah will take care of the world’s problems. All Presidents are Christians, because that means Christians will vote for them. Maybe, just maybe religion is part of the agenda…
“By the end of this decade (2000 AD) we will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of nations … a government with absolute authority to decide the basic issues of human survival. One world government is inevitable.” – Pope John Paul II.

- Then at the very bottom are you and I.
Not every single layer of the pyramid has been covered in detail here, but all will be explained further on in the website. It should also be noted that this is not “set in stone”. It is a basic example. Some people are at multiple levels of the pyramid. Some people may reach a higher level and still be clueless to the agenda. Some lower down may be fighting for freedom, as might some higher up. There is often inner-fighting and conflict, but two gangs fighting for control are still gangs with gang mentality.
All of these levels are controlled by the level above, and the majority do not know the full extent of the agenda and therefore happily continue promoting it. They are just pawns who are clueless, think what they are doing is right, or they are cowardly and bury their head in the sand; believing their own lies. The higher up you go the more wealth and control is contained, but the fewer and fewer people reside there.
Through this complicated pyramid, or spider’s web as it is sometimes described, candidates that might support the agenda are funneled in to the feeder systems and out in to a high position of power, completely brainwashed to the agenda. Researcher Norman Dodd explains that, “the careers of men are watched. The men who indicate that they would be especially capable in terms of the aims of this group are approached quietly and invited into the inner circles. They are watched as they carry out assignments and eventually they are drawn into it under circumstances which make it virtually impossible for them to ever get out of it.”
It is rare that a normal hard working Joe is selected by “the brotherhood” of elites. If a candidate does come from a working class family they will have been selected at a young age because of their intellect or because they are a distant relation to a current brother. There are schools that now exist, some set up by corrupt Freemasons, other elites and aristocracy, or funded by the untrustworthy tax free foundations of these same men, that take “gifted” children from their parents and place them in to private schools on scholarship. These schools then indoctrinate the young hopefuls and offer them free entrance in to the likes of Yale and Harvard where they will be groomed in to the pyramid from then on. It of course appears charitable to outsiders or the impoverished parents of these hopefuls, so nobody is wise to the system.
However the more likely scenario is that the child is born in to an elite family and by default receives an elite education and a position high up in one of the cartel’s firms. It is no coincidence that many Presidents are related, that we’ve seen father and son both enter the whitehouse, and the same names running corporations throughout history. It is also no secret that all Royal families are inbred, and have been inbred since the dawn of royalty itself. The term “blue blood” in reference to royalty and aristocracy is used because they are figuratively a different species living in their own bubble, having no real contact with the lower classes, nor any experience in their shoes. The same cartels of families and their descendants have owned the banking houses, corporations and have sat on the royal thrones since the dawn of such concepts. This is where the idea of “Illuminati Bloodlines” comes from. The elite group of illuminated or enlightened families that control the world.
Of course in modern times although ancient and royal bloodlines still show their power to some degree, we are no longer ruled directly by kings and queens; instead other lines and trails we should follow are that of banking, corporations and business partnerships. As the European monarchies began to face opposition and the “new world” theoretically broke free of Britain, the New World Order rose up through the Rothschild banking families, cartel industrialists like the Harrimans, Carnagies, Rockefellers and eventually in to the political families like the Bushes. Many were still related to the powers of the old world, but these new world elites intermarried with their business contemporaries to push the agenda in to the modern age. Our world leaders of today owe their power to the kings and queens of the past that kept the bloodlines intact.
And you thought arranged marriages only happened in Asia and the east? In elite circles arranged marriages have always taken place. If you were the daughter of a rich oil baron there was no chance in hell that you were going to be allowed to marry some peasant farmer. By default you would have socialized with other powerful offspring and even then your father may have pushed you in the direction of somebody that could aid his business dealings, somebody who could consolidate the power and wealth of both families.
In more modern times “…as they set about protecting their vast estates, moreover, these Jewish dynasts often found it useful in the United States as in western Europe to marry among each other,” wrote history professor Howard M. Sachar. “Solomon Loeb and Abraham Kuhn, it is recalled, married each other’s sisters, and Jacob Schiff became an instant partner by marrying Loeb’s daughter. In turn, Felix Warburg, scion of a distinguished Hamburg banking family, assured himself a senior partnership in Kuhn, Loeb by marrying SchifPs daughter Frieda. Felix’s brother Paul married Solomon Loeb’s daughter Nina—from Loeb’s second wife—and thus became his own brother’s uncle. Another partner, Otto Kahn, married Adelaide Wolff, daughter of one of the firm’s original investors. At Goldman, Sachs & Co.. two Sachs boys married two Goldman daughters.”
Another more recent example of these upper-level connections was the much publicized 1950s love affair between Elie de Rothschild and Winston Churchill’s former daughter-in-law, Pamela Churchill. After the affair broke up, she moved to New York where, after a short-lived marriage to a Broadway producer, she wed financier and CFR member Averell Harriman. In 1993 Pamela Harriman was named U.S. Ambassador to France by President Clinton.
It is a fact that 25 US Presidents are related to each other and all of these relations can be traced back to common ancestors within the old European Royal bloodlines and then later on the bloodlines of big business. For example Washington, Madison, the Harrisons, Taylor, Cleavland, the Roosevelts, Coolidge, Ford and the Bushes are all descendants of Edward I. Both Bushes even go back to King Henry II, and later on there are 8 Presidents directly related to Edward III. 34 Presidents have been genetic descendants from the tyrannical eighth century King of the Franks, Charlemagne, and 33 (watch that number) have been related to both Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, King of England. It seems that by design or just by the proxy of coming from Royal stock, a lot of US Presidents got their job because of their genes, not their own merit. Genalogical research from Burke’s Peerage shows that every presidential winner since George Washington had more British and French royal genes than the other candidate – but the most shocking thing is, they all had some of these genes, as if it was a prerequisite for running a campaign.
So it seems despite popular belief, not just anybody can become President of the free United States, they need at the very least an elite education and the rest of the bankers and elites on their side. But if they match the bloodline of the old world royalty, then welcome aboard to the new world order. As they say, blood is thicker than water and it is easier to keep an empire progressing through indoctrinated family members than risky outsiders that must be trained. If presidents are democratically elected, what are the odds that we would pick so many royal descendants? Modern government is itself a monarchy, yet the war of independence was supposed to be overthrowing these tyrants. America has never really been free. Yes it was a new world away from the old world of the royals. But it was a New World Order with the same concept of ruling classes. It was just packaged with a pretty pink bow this time around.


The ILLUMINATI, A Secret Society 13 Bloodlines Control The World

Monday, September 20, 2010 9:29

The word Illuminati means 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. 2. Illuminati Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment.  See illuminate.
Like the definitions tell us, any group which considers itself "enlightened" could rightfully call themselves the Illuminati. This is also the case! If you google "The Illuminati", you will find quite a few groups claiming this name. It can be confusing, so before we continue, I want to make very clear that the Illuminati we are discussing here is NOT a benevolent secret society who wants to bring peace and harmony to this world by helping to bring back freedom to the people. I know such a benevolent group exists and also happens to call itself "The Illuminati", so I apologize if some people will mix up the different groups. The Illuminati I am exposing here is the super-rich Power Elite with an ambition to create a slave society!
The Illuminati are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions). They are the REAL Decision Makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can't stand scrutiny. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years in time, and they are very careful keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding. That is why you so often see royalties marry royalties, for example. Their parents decide whom their children should marry.
Their power lies in the occult, (magic rituals) and in economy - money creates power. The Illuminati own all the International banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and education and they own most governments - or at the very least control them. They even own Hollywood and the Music Industry.
A good example is the American election for presidency. It is no secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money and positive Media coverage wins the election, as this gives the power to "un-create" the opposed candidate and effectively promote the candidate who will follow the plans of the Illuminati. Media, knowing how to manipulate ignorant people, can easily steer an election in a desired direction so the candidate that's been selected by the Illuminati wins. More often than not, it is the candidate with the 'purest bloodline' and who is the most corrupt that will be chosen for the job. The Illuminati put in top positions people who they know have a dark past, so they can be easily controlled. If these appointed people, who are promised fame and fortune if they follow the rules, are breaking the same rules, the Puppet Masters can easily get them back in line by threatening to put their dirty laundry out to dry in public. If that doesn't help, the person will end up like John F. Kennedy  and others.
More often than not the Illuminati sponsor both sides to have a game to entertain the ignorant public. They decide who will be the next president, and they see to that their man wins, even if they have to cheat like they did in Florida when President George W Bush "won" over Al Gore. Even if their pre-elected candidate for some reason can't win and the other candidate does, they just go to Plan B, which is very well structured and prepared before hand, should this happen. So basically, no matter which candidate wins the race, THEY win. They control both the Democratic and Republican parties. Most president campaigns are financed with drug money, which is understandable when you understand that the Illuminati run the drug trade industry as well (more about this elsewhere on this website). Elections are really not necessary, but they let us vote so we can have a game, and by letting us do so, they pretend to follow the Constitution. It gives us an illusion of choice.
But isn't the President running the game? Not the least. Think of the President as the CEO of big corporate America. He is the decision maker as long as he is following the polices of the company. If he should have own ideas how to change things, he needs approval from the real owners of America Inc., which is the Hidden Hand, the Illuminati. The power is not with the politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top players, as far up in power as we can confirm, are mostly of a  Sectarian Jewish Elite, who in modern time use Zionism as a tool to create a Jewish State in Israel with Jerusalem as their Capitol. Zionists are not to be confused with the common Jews, who have nothing to do with this treason against humanity. Soon enough you will see that you don't even have to be a Christian to realize that the Bible Prophecies anticipating an AntiChrist and the "End of the World as we now it" are actually unfolding right before our eyes!
The leading candidates for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families, and if we research all the Presidents of the United States from the beginning and up to present time, we will find that almost all of them are of the same royal bloodline, and they are all "family"; related by ancestry and family trees. Royalty is equivalent to the Illuminati. We have heard a lot about this during presidential campaigns lately, where mass media have revealed the family ties between the candidates and also showed how a certain candidate is of royal blood.
The Illuminati have "six disciplines of training" within their Family. These are:
1. Military
2. Government
3. Spiritual
4. Scholarship
5. Leadership
6. Science
Each member is schooled extensively in all of them from early childhood. Like an Illuminati member said: "With the addition [to the above six disciplines] of a complicit Media machine and ownership of your Financial establishments, all bases are covered."
One thing I want to make clear here is that any person can join a secret society if you are accepted, but no one can join the Illuminati. You are born into it and have to be of the right bloodline. Greedy and evil people join their agenda for power and money, but they can't join the Illuminati itself. Important distinction.
So what is the true goal of the Illuminati? The main goal is to create a One World Government, with them on top to rule the world into slavery and dictatorship. George Bush Sr. and a few other major players like Mikhail Gorbachev and Gordon Brown have openly called for a New World Order, which is referring to this One World Government. In fact it's nothing new with the New World Order, it's the same Old World Order that has always been in place. The only difference is that now they want to put the crown upon the head of their World Dictator, and with that their mission is completed; the Battle of Planet Earth is won!
This is a very old goal of theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal isn't of a kind that's supposed to be obtained within one lifetime; it has been a goal that slowly is to be reached over a long period of time. However, they have accomplished more in this direction during the last few decades than they have done in hundreds of years, due to the Industrialization and the Information Technology Era. Their immediate task is to lower the living standard of the developed countries, like the United States and Europe, to a low enough level so the government can more easily control us (you can see this happening). The living standard in the third world countries will then increase to the same low level that is planned for the developed countries, so that it all evens out. To be able to accomplish a "New World Order", the living standard must be similar all over the world - they want a uniform world to rule over. We can see this goal slowly being reached right before our eyes. The following article shows it clearly: Africa and Asia Push for 'New World Order'.
This goal has been planned away from the public, in secrecy within Secret Societies. Most Secret Societies with secret grades of initiation are these days controlled by this malevolent Illuminati cabal, and Freemasonry is perhaps the best known of them all. Although Freemasonry and a few other secret societies were not created by the Puppet Masters, they have been infiltrated over time and there are very few unique ones left that are actually working against the Power Bloodlines. The Elite that controls the societies and the Illuminati are occultists and black magicians. They say their God is Lucifer, "The Light Bearer", and by occult practices they manipulate and influence the masses. Although branches of the Illuminati are Gnostic in nature and claim to acknowledge Lucifer as the Head of the Game, even that seems to be a deception. With time and after years of research, I've come to understand that Lucifer is not equivalent to Satan, but they are two different entities. The REAL power behind the Brotherhood is therefore not Lucifer, but Satan himself! Hence, it is correct to refer to this cabal as being Satanists and not Luciferian. It doesn't matter if you and I believe in this or not, as long as they do. And they take it very seriously.
It's a breath-taking thought that this planet, as a matter of fact, is run with Black Magic - a planet where magic is not supposed to exist at all in any shape and form, except in the movies and in books, and if somebody tells you it does exist, he/she will most certainly be ridiculed. After people have watched movies like "Lord of the Rings" they wish there was more magic in their lives; little do they know...
From the occult, science, mind control and Intelligence have developed. By taking over the Movie Industry, the Record companies, and by their control of the Fine Arts, they know how to influence the teenagers to dance to their tune and accept their kind of reality. This makes sense if you look at what kind of "entertainment" we are enforced to enjoy. If you doubt it, just look at what influence the modern music has on the kids; it's not uplifting and doesn't have love and compassion as its end product. It promotes darkness, not light. And I am talking about the overall effect, not individual artists, whom on rare occasions may release something positive.
In fact, the music the teenagers have to listen to is often totally without quality and lead many of them into "robotism", apathy, violence and drugs. It's also used for mind control, as we shall see later. Real quality music is rejected by the big record companies in favor for those with lack of talent. Since Black Sabbath in the beginning of the 70:s and the Rolling Stones before them,  Satanism (magic and black magic) has been promoted through the music industry. Many groups followed on the same track and have always been Hard Sale and heavily promoted and distributed. Ozzy Osbourne is still going strong as is his buddy, Marilyn Manson. Some people dispute that Black Sabbath were into Black Magic, but were actually singing about God and condemning Satan. This is of course not true, but a playing with words. It doesn't matter how you present the lyrics when the vibration of the music is dark and gloomy. Tony Iommi, the guitar player in Black Sabbath, tuned down his guitar to create this low vibration in their music, something that the later Heavy Metal and Death Metal Industry adopted big time. Geezer Butler,  bass player in Black Sabbath and the one who wrote most lyrics, admitted in public that Black Sabbath were into black magic.
The same thing goes with Hollywood, which is also controlled and created by the Jewish branch of the Illuminati and the Mafia (same Masters). The "E.T"-movies, Dooms Day films and catastrophe-movies all align with the purpose to influence us in certain directions, as we shall see later in this article. Occult movies have also been made popular by Walt Disney and others to influence our children. All to prepare for days to come. Still, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, there is a lot to learn from the Hollywood movies. The Brotherhood loves to put the truth out there in plain sight in form of symbolism and coded messages. Those with the knowledge to interpret it will be able to get the message. The rest of the population only see an entertaining movie played out in front of them. They miss the whole point.
I told you above that the men who control the Illuminati are members of thirteen wealthy families. Who they are has always been a well hidden secret, and the leadership has gone from man to man over generations. Nevertheless, no secrecy is kept forever, and sooner or later there will be leaks, so also in this case. Not many people knew who these families are exactly, but quite recently this has become known, due to people from the Illuminati who have left the Order and revealed the most remarkable information. So here are the names of the 13 families - the Secret Government (and here is another link, in case one of the websites goes down, and here is yet another one).
1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (Chinese)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)
The following families are also interconnected with those above:
Also, in addition to those four families, there are hundreds of others that are more remotely connected to the main 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Although significant, they are not mentioned here; they are considered less powerful and less "pure" by the 13 Elite Bloodlines.
All the families above can be studied in much more detail in Fritz Springmeier's excellent book: "Bloodlines of the Illuminati".          
The Secret Societies have been present in the history of man for a very long time. It all started thousands and thousands of years ago with the "Brotherhood of the Snake", a secret society that goes back all the way to the time of Garden of Eden and old Sumer.
Most secret societies have been created with a purpose to keep hidden, spiritual knowledge away from the masses, to be shared only by a selected few of the Power Elite, who have generationally ruled over mankind behind the scenes since ancient times.
George Carlin, the late comedian, described it very well when he talked about an Exclusive Club ruling over us, and we are not in it. Don't think for a second that people who have reached the top in society, whether it is in science, politics, music and art, Hollywood, banking or whatnot, have done so merely because they were smart, had talent and/or high intelligence. No, they had access to hidden information that common people don't have access to. Einstein, Ford, Carnegie, Clinton, Bush, Obama - the list goes on - they all had help from one secret society of another.
Secret societies are also called Brotherhoods for a reason. Once you become a member you swear allegiance to the Brotherhood and promise to serve them before ANYTHING else. This is very important to understand, because it means that the President of the United States swore an allegiance to serve the Brotherhood BEFORE he serves the country. With other words, the Brotherhood owns him and ultimately decides what he should or shouldn't do. You are in the hands of the higher rank members of the secret society you're signed up with, and this becomes more obvious the higher up their ladder you climb.
One very important purpose with a secret society is to help other members and have an exchange of secret information - if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. On a very high level, from where the powers-that-be operate, various esoteric and powerful information is exchanged so that these "special" people, almost always of the certain 13 Bloodlines, can reach the goals that they decide for themselves and others. So much for the "American Dream" where we all are supposed to have a chance to become rich and powerful in the land of opportunities if we put our minds to it. This, of course, is just an illusion and will not happen unless you are "one of them" and go to the "right schools". Every once in a while, some "common person" slips through the crack and actually becomes something big on his/her own, WITHOUT help from the Brotherhood, but this is very unusual. Even if so, you are not very likely to keep your success if you in any way step on the feet of the powers-that-be. If you do, they will destroy you or your wealth. If you are considered "harmless" they may let you get away with it just to "prove" that anyone can make it in the United States. The truth is that this person of the people who actually made it, did it despite the efforts from the Brotherhood to make it almost impossible.
This is how the world is, and has always been, set up. A few people in power have access to some very secret spiritual (and other kind of) knowledge which gives them the privilege to step a hundred miles ahead of us "common people", to make sure THEY keep the power, and they keep it within their bloodlines.
Usually, "common" people are welcome to apply for membership in secret societies and are sometimes accepted, but 98% or so are just "foot people", a face outwards toward the society and never reach the top, where the true secret knowledge is taught for the "worthy". Therefore, it's just smoke and mirrors for most members, and on the surface the secret societies serve as charity organizations, or help organizations to show the world that they are indeed benevolent and there is nothing to fear. It's a perfect front, but now that front is breaking more and more as the real truth about these societies comes out in the open.
Also important to mention is that there are benevolent secret societies as well, that were created as opposed to the Brotherhood controlled by the 13 Bloodlines. These "friendly" societies were created to keep THEIR intentions and knowledge away from the 13 Bloodlines, especially during times when oppression has been severe, like in the Dark Ages for example. These benevolent secret societies still exist, but are now more and more coming out in the open due to the necessity to do so. We live in a very special time, and some of these more friendly oriented societies will come out and teach mankind some very important spiritual lessons. Keep your eyes and ears open and you will soon know about them!Rhodes and the Round Table
Another important agent for the malevolent Illuminati was Freemason Cecil Rhodes, who in the 19th Century tried to build a One World Government with the British Empire on top. This agenda was sponsored by the Rothschild's and it was also Rhodes who created the Round Table, a secret society in itself, named after King Arthur's Round Table, where the Brotherhood Elite is gathering to plot up to this day.
World War I and II were both attempts to take over. After the Second World War people were so tired of all the killing that they welcomed the United Nations when it was founded. The official policy of the UN was to safeguard the peace, so nothing like WW II would ever happen again. But indeed the UN was another important front organization for the Illuminati, to unite the countries of the world into one.
Here is a typical example of how the Brotherhood works: they use a modus operandi we call "problem-reaction-solution". By starting two world wars they created a problem. This in turn created a reaction from the population, who wanted a solution to the wars. So the Illuminati created a solution to the problem they themselves created by founding the United Nations; one step closer to a One World Government. This eventually led to the EU project, which anyone with  eyes to see, will understand goes right towards the direction of the biggest fascist state known to man, where each country gets less and less power and sovereignty, and Europe is put under the reign of a few, in a centralized government. And who are running EU? The Freemasons and the Illuminati. Do the pieces start coming together now? But unfortunately, this is just the beginning:
Next on the Agenda are the North American Union, (which is already being built as we speak, thanks to George W Bush who was furiously working on erasing the borders between the U.S., Mexico and Canada and merge them into one, also starting to build a Super Highway running through these three countries), the South American Union, The African Union and the Asian Union. Finally, all these "Unions", including the European Union, will merge into one big Union, which will be run by a One World Government.
By creating galloping inflation, the International Bankers have succeeded in making us believe that the only solution is a One Currency in Europe - the EMU. When that project is safeguarded, the Central European Bank (Illuminati) has all the power over the economy in Europe and can lead us in whatever direction they want. Some politicians are just ignorant and power hungry, while others are aware of facts and work for, and with, the Illuminati. The ignorant majority of the people, being deceived, are the ones who will suffer the most. This is a betrayal beyond comprehension. And now the financial meltdown, which creates such fear and uncertainty amongst the populations of the world, that soon enough people will welcome a world currency as a solution to inflation and further financial crises.