The New World Order
The New World Order
The Term 'New World Order' Has Been Used By Secret Societies And The Elite To Represent Their Plan And Goal Of An Illuminati Controlled World Government That Will Be Organized According To Their Secret Society/Luciferian Principles.       The Chaotic World And Economic Situation That We Are In Is Directly Related To Their Plans For Us.       By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER They Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.       The End Begins Now!

The Dark Underside of Ronald W. Reagan  


The T.V.A., with Gore's assistance, started the Anti-Trust accusations against the then major electric machinery makers. Result? For the first and only time, so far, in U.S. history, in 1961, the heads of G.E., Westinghouse, and others, were put in federal prison for monopoly price gouging. 

N.B.C., now owned by G.E., to this day, oozes vile hate for the Gores for what occurred more than forty years ago.

In 1960, Richard M. Nixon was running against John F. Kennedy for President. Ronnie sent a hand-written letter to Nixon, signed Ronald Reagan, Democrats for Nixon. It has to be understood that Reagan equated "Marxist" as identical to "Communist".

Ronnie informs Nixon, that were Kennedy, a dangerous Marxist, to be elected, that Kennedy had to be eliminated. 

In other words, assassinated, as did occur a little over three years after Nixon received Ronnie's note.

[Before the Nixon Library, at San Clemente, California, was closed, we obtained a copy of Ronnie's hand-written note together with the typed transcript of it made by Nixon's secretary.]

In plain language, Ronnie set the basis for the JFK Death Warrant. As the plot against JFK was referred to by the great assassination researcher, Penn Jones, Jr., who lived in a Dallas suburb; the plotters, according to Jones included Nixon, together with FBI dictator J. Edgar Hoover, and various Admirals and Generals, who together met at oil cartel captain Murchison's ranch, several days before the Dallas murder. With the aid of fellow oily George Herbert Walker Bush, on behalf of the British royals, actually German royalty on the British throne, they went over the last-minute details of the public execution of JFK.

JFK won a historically-slim plurality on the popular vote against Nixon. On the Electoral College vote, JFK needed to carry Illinois. JFK's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, arranged with gangsters in Chicago to steal eight thousand ballots, putting JFK in the Oval Office. 

These were the same hoodlums who assisted the Kennedys, reportedly by way of the Kennedy firm, Somerset Importers, Ltd., to distribute many booze labels in the U.S. The firm mysteriously changed hands at the time of the Dallas murder.

Relatives of the gangsters put the accurate details in a book how they were later double-crossed and some of them assassinated or jailed to benefit the Kennedys. "Double Cross: The Story of the Man Who Controlled America" by Sam Giancana, Chuck Giancana.

JFK, Jr., as editor of "George Magazine" forthrightly admitted hiis father was elected by the theft of the ballots. ["George Magazine" was owned by Hachette, the principal owner of which has been Saddam Hussein.]

In the late 1960s, New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, started a highly-controversial investigation, turning on the New Orleans and other links to the JFK murder plot. A key witness was needed from California. Ronald Reagan, at the time Governor of California, blocked the Garrison probe by refusing to extradict that important witness.

During the years of Reagan as Governor was the Anti-Viet Nam War period. Ronnie and his State cabinet members, such as Edwin Meese, who later became U.S. Attorney General when Reagan was President, formed a then secret plan to assassinate Peace-niks, called "Operation Garden Plot", that is to put dissidents in the cemetery. [Check it out through search engines.]

In 1980, Ronnie ran for President with Daddy Bush on the ticket as Vice President candidate. They were concerned that incumbent running for re-election, Jimmy Carter, would arrange a late October release of the 52 U.S. hostages held by Iran. 

To Reagan/Bush's fear, this would be the dreaded "October Surprise" ruining Reagan/Bush's plans for the White House. 

In October, 1980, in a Paris suburb and elsewhere, on behalf of Reagan and Bill Casey, later head of the American secret political police, Bush, former such chief, arranged a treasonous deal with top officials of the Teheran government. 

Reagan/Bush paid huge cash money and arangements to ship U.S. weapons to Iran, trans-shipped through Portugal through Israel. In September, 1980, on behalf of the oil cartel, and the Rockefellers, Bush instigated his private business partner, Saddam Hussein, to attack Iraq, and vice versa. Purpose? To wreck some of the Mid-East oil facilities, to prevent an oil price collapse. After 1988, when the Iraq-Iran War ended, oil collapsed.

The 52 U.S. hostages were released in January, 1981, at the very moment Reagan/Bush raised their hands to be inaugurated, all as plotted by the Reagan/Bush treasonous scheme.

Later, the Prime Minister of Portugal and others in his government started to go public with this. He and an associate were assassinated by a sabotaged plane crash, as arranged by Daddy Bush. The details in recent times have been made public by the Lisbon government through their Parliament.

[More details, visit part 42 of this website series. Also, the once banned book, "Farewell America". Daddy Bush as part of a post-assassination cover-up is shown by an FBI document attached to our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".]

After Reagan was elected President by treasonous means, his interim group, as his advisors, were called "The Kitchen Cabinet", which included, for example bigshots, like the one that ran the then bigtime Diners Club, Alfred Bloomingdale, the Department store heir and Reagan confidante and Bloomgindale's mistress, Vicki Morgan.They participated with Ronnie in various sexual perversions in the nude, with Vicki Morgan, who they later arranged to murder as she began to give details to reporters and Reagan's gang framed a witness, a close pal of hers. So, to keep Reagan from scandal, Vicki was snuffed out.

See, for example the paperback book "Beautiful Bad Girl: The Vicki Morgan Story" by Gordon Basichis.

The U.S./British Aristocracy that installed Reagan/Bush, had a plan to make disappear the Soviet Government created as a fake enemy of the U.S., to assist the American/British war-mongers. So when the Soviets in 1983, made Korean flight 007 disappear as if it had fallen in the ocean, President Reagan was part of the cover-up. 

Nixon had been scheduled to board that flight in Alaska, but was warned off at the last minute. Japan's radar system, seized by the U.S. military as part of the cover-up, had the correct details that the flight was forced to land in Siberia, where the plane and its passengers disappeared. The Soviets, finding out the flight was a spy scheme, felt justified.

In the 1980s, there was terrible violence in Lebanon. The U.S. Embassy was blown up. Numerous U.S. officials were killed. The U.S. Marine Barracks was blown up, killing 250 U.S. Marines. Reagan, under the supervision of Daddy Bush, covered up that the bloodshed was caused with secret munitions, created especially for the American CIA, and used by CIA trained terrorists who ran out of control.

In 1981, shortly after Reagan/Bush were inaugurated, Reagan was at the Washington, D.C. Hilton Hotel, As he was coming out the door to a circular drive, there was an attempt to put him out of action. The U.S. Secret Service were apparently part of the plot since, in violation of regulations, they parked the Presidential limousine in the middle of the street, not close to the Hotel door.

Two women TV network reporters, on the scene, stated, gun-fire was coming from several directions. These eyewitness statements were later dropped down the network censorship hole. Arrested and falsely accused as a supposed would-be "lone assassin" was John W. Hinckley, son of a Denver oil tycoon who was in business with Daddy Bush. Hinckley's family members socialized often with the Bushies. Hinckley's father almost went bankrupt but was reportedly bailed out by Daddy Bush. Also, the elder Hinckley ran a purported CIA spy operation, world-wide, called "World Vision", a supposed charity enterprise.

At the Hinckley trial starting to come out was testimony that Reagan was not hit with a bullet in the chest, but some kind of a dart or pellet which was removed flattened. An actual bullet in the chest, at Reagan's age, would have been fatal. 

The testimony was cut short when Hinckley's defense attorneys copped an insanity plea for him. Reagan the day of the event, was scheduled to go to the White House, where David Rockefeller was waiting to give Ronnie his marching instructions. Later, Bush arrived by plane from Fort Worth.

Invoking Defense Department Emergency provisions, rather than the Line of Succession, Secretary of State Alexander Haig asserted "I am in charge here". Despite Ronnie being in the hospital, Daddy Bush and Alexander Haig proceeded to conduct the semi-secret Trilateral Commission meeting headed by David Rockefeller.

About 1986, details started coming out that Ronald Reagan, jointly with Daddy Bush, committed treason in using secret Iran funds to commit violence against the left-wing government in Nicaragua. 

The Tower Commission Report was partly an expose of this, partly a whitewash. [In 1991, to shut him up, Senator John Tower (R.,Texas), was murdered by way of a sabotaged plane crash.] 

Some members of Congress, quietly interviewed but not widely publicized, contended there were sufficient grounds to impeach Ronald Reagan but they hesitated to put the U.S. through a commotion like Nixon/Watergate.

After coming out of the hospital in 1981, Reagan did not actively run the White House and the U.S. Government thereafter notwithstanding contrary public statements made in 2004 upon his death. Daddy Bush ran the White House during Reagan's two terms. 

Thus, when Bush was himself elected in 1988, he was, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, serving a third term. U.S. Constitution, 22nd Amendment.

In sum, so that despite the media-fakers' habits to forget what a former President was involved in, Ronald W. Reagan was no angel. Some claim he was, along with his 2nd wife Nancy, a great believer in Black Magic.

New World Order

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