The 'New World Order': Personal GPS Tracking Devices
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.

Personal GPS Tracking Devices

Personal GPS tracking has gained a significant amount of attention in the past few years. People travelling overseas for work and leisure into areas where kidnappings are prevalent or students travelling abroad are using Personal GPS tracking devices to allow co-workers, family and friends to know where they are at all times. The frequency of the tracks can be determined by the user and by clicking on the "Track Now" feature, devices can be located immediately when needed. All tracking data is in real-time and it is also stored on a map in a database for later retrieval should it be needed. 

Emergency SOS Feature. For emergency management the SOS feature can be set to notify up to 5 different email addresses or 5 predefined cell phones via SMS text messaging. The notification is immediate and provides the time and the address from which the SOS originated.

GPS mapping software is used to create a GeoFence or virtual perimeter on the map, when the device either exits or enters that perimeter, a notification can be delivered to a specific email or phone via text message. This makes tracking individuals carrying valuables or for other security reasons an easy task. Many of those who use these devices are executives that travel from the United States into Mexico or other countries. Corporate insurance requires that these executives use GPS tracking devices in order to ensure the safety of the executive and reduce liability.

Other applications for GPS personal tracking devices include the tracking of luggage, mobile electronics such as cameras and laptops, family pets, boats, jet skis and a host of other personal items that require theft or loss prevention. With the use of a GPS tracking device and the GPS tracking software, location of these personal items is quick and painless.

Features of a personal GPS tracking device

The GPS tracker is designed for advanced tracking/monitoring of any vehicle tracking using GPS, GSM and GPRS technology. The GPS tracker is designed for use in any vehicle to track their location, such as caravans, boats, motor homes, trucks, vans and construction machinery and many more - live tracking possibilities are limitless. This is particularly useful if your vehicle, pets, child or your belongings have been stolen. Time to enjoy the benefits that a GPS tracker brings!

It can be used for household monitoring; children, the elder, and pets'care and the trace for lost cars or other possessions

LBS positioning: please directly edit capital letters"DW" SMS to the alarm in China, and on aboard please edit capital letters "GPS"to the alarm, The alarm will revert a message including the information about addresses/longitude and latitude/web site content in a minute.

Sound Control Dialing: use mobile phones or fixed-line to get through SIM card number in the alarm, hang up the machine when hearing the sound of the machine about 3 seconds, and that means it sets up successfully. When there is a sound above 45 db within 10 miters around the alarm, the call will be automatically make call number which you set before

Power On: open the back cover, put the SIM card into the seats, then it is automatically power on. When booting, indicator will light for 10 seconds, after the indicator is off, cover the back cover then it can be used

SOS Emergency call: Edit the content of messages capital letters"SOS"to alarm, directly press the key SOS above three seconds after the success of seting, the alarm will directly call the seting number. And the indicator will flash.

Living Tracking, Orbit recorded

9 SOS Emergency Contact Numbers

Tracking with both Mobile phone message and internet

Call bound Number and talking each other (with Earphone)

Battery volume checking. Low Electricity Alarm, Saving-Electricity Mode Setting, Battery Last many days

Call back through Voice

Management through Wechat Freely

Supporting Android, Apple Mobile Phone App to Control