The 'New World Order': The Beast System
The 'New World Order'
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The New World Order
It's An Evil And Sinister Conspiracy That Involves Very Rich And Powerful People Who Mastermind Events And Control World Affairs Through Governments And Corporations And Are Plotting Mass Population Reduction And The Emergence Of A Totalitarian World Government!     By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER The ILLUMINATI Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.

The Beast System

A woman riding a beast is displayed outside of the European Parliament in Brussels (Revelation 17:3).

Every great dictatorship in history was preceded by anarchy, mob rule, social breakdown and political confusion. This is happening today. You won't recognize America by 2015! Over 40,000,000 Americans are now on government welfare in 2010! This is what Communism has done to our nation! Our jobs are gone. Our homes are gone! Our pensions are gone!

The 3rd world empire Greece, had a pure Democracy prior to their social breakdown and mob rule. However, they had taken Democracy to ridiculous levels, abusing their freedoms, just as Americans have for decades. When Democracy is taken to its fullest, and becomes abused, it opens the doors to anarchy. Every man becomes his own God, his own leader, living by his own rules; and mob rule sets in. America has gone to far with its homosexual marriages, abortion, feminism, SIN CITY Las Vegas, and demonic influences prevalent in movies and music. God is angry with America (Psalm 7:11). Politically, morally, and economically we are headed for self-destruction. Only a dictator can unite America; but make no mistake, he will be a wicked man, an evil person, Satan incarnate, the Antichrist. Out of the ashes of the fallen American republic will arise a Godless Global Totalitarian Communist Police State!

Political parties are not going to unite the nation nor the world.  It is sad that so many think that the Republicans, or some other political party, are going to save the nation. No, no, that's not the answer! There's not a dime's difference between Democrats and Republicans!

Politicians don't speak from conviction anymore. They have speech writers. And sadly, their speech writers flip flop from being conservative to becoming a liberal on a dime; writing for a Republican U.S. President one day, and writing for a liberal Democrat the next. It is sad that U.S. Presidents don't write their own speeches. It's not from their heart. There is no conviction. The speeches are written to fool the American people. It is all so crooked and dishonest. This is what Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome were like before a dictator rose to power.

Persia had youth groups demonstrating publicly, just like youth today, fighting against the present establishment. There was political confusion and worship of youth. We see this a lot today. The world worships youth. This is the age of youth.

The Democracy in Greece became a farce. History records in the writings of Aristotle and others that prior to Alexander the Great's rise, there was anarchy and mob rule. Aristotle said, “Children have become rulers of parents.” The John Lennon's had the answers, but no responsibilities. There were evolution clubs in Greece. Plutarch said, “men wore bizarre costumes and women found joy in men's clothing.” Is this not America today? There was social breakdown, paving the way for a young dictator named Alexander the Great to become dictator. Only a dynamic man, a dictatorship, could have saved Greece from herself. Alexander the Great was that man, and he was only 20-years old when he rose to power.

The Bible in Daniel speaks of Nebuchadnezzar's image of gold (Babylon), silver (Medo-Persia), brass (Greece), legs of iron, (Rome) and toes of iron mixed with clay (revived Roman empire under the leadership of the Antichrist). The Great Tribulation will be the ultimate in anarchy, mob rule, confusion, anti-God, Anti-Christ and Anti-Bible. On the shoulders on anarchy will arise the Antichrist. Out of chaos will arise a new world order.

There never has been a world empire rise without a world dictator. There never has been a world dictator rise unless he rose on the shoulders of anarchy. This ole world of ours will never get together on ideologies. This world is too far gone; left, right; Communistic, Socialistic and we have trained a world of anarchists (every man doing that which is right in his own eyes); and we will never merge on ideologies.

We have become too enlightened. People (especially young people) have become so enraptured with his own self-worship, self-adoration, and self-esteem; that he is not willing to become subservient to one another. The only hope the nations of the world have is to rally around a personality. This is why we see popular movie stars becoming politicians. American society worships celebrities. Nothing will unite the world today except a personality that appeals to all ages, groups and political platforms. The Antichrist will be dynamic, appealing, and a personality that the world wants to rally around.

Today, we are living in inferior times. We're not living in the times of superiority of Babylon (the gold head), nor the times of silver and brass. We're living in a historical stage of deterioration, not superiority. Look at our sculptures today, comparing our art to Greece, and you'll see that we are an inferior generation. The world has never yet risen to the level of the amazing art they had in Greece and Rome.

In 3 world empires that fell to ruin and chaos, a dictator was the only answer to society's demise. Nebuchadnezzar saved Babylon from anarchy and mob rule. Cyrus saved Medo-Persia from anarchy and mob rule. Alexander the Great saved Greece from anarchy and mob rule. These men were strong enough to pull together their cultures from mob rule.

Then there was the Roman empire, represented by the legs of iron in Nebuchadnezzar's image seen in his dream. The Roman empire was engulfed in political confusion, youth rebellion, political corruption, revolution from young people, men dressing like ladies, courts slow to try, nudity, anarchy, mob rule and rebellion. When there arose a man of the stature of Julius Caesar, who had a fanatical following from his soldiers, Rome was pulled together and saved. In times of chaos and societal collapse, only a dictator can save the known world. These dictators came because they had to come.

No Democracy has ever conquered the world. No Communist regime has ever conquered the world. Committees don't conquer, men conquer. Men lead crowds and mobs. Out of anarchy there arose Nebuchadnezzar. Out of anarchy there arose Cyrus. Out of anarchy there arose Alexander the Great. Out of anarchy there arose Julius Caesar. And out of anarchy will arise the Antichrist.

Today, we live in the same type of age that existed before Nebuchadnezzar, before Cyrus, before Alexander the Great, before the Caesars, and nothing will save this generation except a dictator. He will lead 10-nations. He will be the wicked Devil incarnate. He will be evil to the core. But he will be a world leader and out of chaos will arise a BEAST system of the coming Antichrist. The world is begging for a world leader, a strong personality; and the Antichrist will be that man! It's going to take a world dictator to unite the world.

The coming of the Antichrist is near. American society is on the verge of imminent collapse. Our dollar is ready to collapse. Tens-of-millions of our jobs have been relocated overseas. Tens-of-millions of Americans have had their homes confiscated by a corrupt, thieving and rotten banking system. U.S. borders have been left wide open for illegals to flood into our nation. Hollywood's smut, filth, God-cursing and violence is deliberate, to corrupt our nation. All of this is deliberately intended, by design, to ruin and bring America to her knees. The demonic music industry is evil, having produced generations of feminists, rebels, abortionists, fornicators, adulterers, and God-hating Communists.

The age of the U.S. Presidency will be lowered. Out of chaos will arise a young man, likely a very young man, who will become like an Alexander the Great of our day. He will conquer the known world. It is not surprising that the truce between Israel and the Arabs originated on western soil, because the Antichrist will be the defender and peacemaker for Israel during the End Times. The confederacy of 10-western nations in the Bible, under the control of the Antichrist, will defend Israel.

The Council On Foreign Relations is the visible organization of the elite. These people (which include the International Bankers) are deliberately creating chaos around the world, bankrupting nations, ruining America's economy, morally polluting societies; because out of anarchy and social chaos will arise a global state, lead by the coming Antichrist. Nothing ever delivers a society from anarchy and moral decay except dictatorship or destruction from God.

Russia, China, Turkey, Egypt and the Arabs will fight against him. The great Endtime battle will be fought on the mountains of Israel. The western powers of the United States and England, for the sake of oil, will rise and fight against Russia, under the leadership of the Antichrist.

Russia and her allied forces will be annihilated by the Antichrist. The Russians will be decimated. People will be hired full-time to do nothing but bury bodies. According to the Bible, it will take 7-months to bury the dead. SEVEN MONTHS! Markers will be placed upon the dead to come back later to bury them, because there will be so many dead.

The stone cut out of the mountain without hands (in Nebuchadnezzar's image) is Jesus Christ, who will break the kingdom of the Beast into pieces. Jesus will return at the Battle of Armageddon, and stand upon Mount Megiddo, and put down the Antichrist and his armies. Jesus will march through the eastern gate of Jerusalem, through which neither He nor man has gone since palm Sunday before the Lord was crucified. He'll ride through those golden gates, and up the hill to Zion, this time on the back of a white horse instead of a donkey, and He will rule the entire world from Jerusalem.

But first a man must conquer the known world. He will be from the western world, perhaps from the U.S., or Italy, or England, or France. This man must rise to power out of chaos. The world is ready today for the Antichrist; because the world is in the same place when she had to have a Nebuchadnezzar, she had to have a Cyrus she had to have an Alexander, she had to have a Caesar; and now she has to have an Antichrist.

The earth is too ripe in wickedness. The angel is ready to pull out his sickle and thrust it into the earth, and the earth shall reap the harvest of her wickedness. The world today is as rotten as can be. The only hope for any kind of unity at all is not in a party; but in a man, and that man is soon to come. He will be a man of ideologies, a peacemaker, the man of sin, the Antichrist.