The New World Order
The New World Order
The Term 'New World Order' Has Been Used By Secret Societies And The Elite To Represent Their Plan And Goal Of An Illuminati Controlled World Government That Will Be Organized According To Their Secret Society/Luciferian Principles.       The Chaotic World And Economic Situation That We Are In Is Directly Related To Their Plans For Us.       By Using Occult Secret Societies Along With The Power Of LUCIFER They Will Bring All Of The Nations Of This World Together As One.
The Rise of the New World Order

The rise of the one-world government is beginning to take its shape as early as now. Its form is hidden in the emerging New World Order. The New World Order is established by the Elite of the Elites consists of the Fourth Reich of the SuperRich/the Lords of Money/ the International Bank Cartels/the Secret Societies/the Broherhood and the Order/the Committee of the 300 Billionnaires of the World including the Power Elite of 13 Old Line Families through the years.

This group envisions a one world banking system and currency that will give in to a cashless computer financial system, one world centralized control of global population, global control of the world’s environment, economy, trade and army.They have already made a giant step. The year was 1945, when they drafted and created the United Nations.

These men have unbelievable power and they have spelled out their agenda in advance. That global agenda is constructed around six goals. It is amazing to know that they are following prophecies written in the Bible.

Goal #1 : The establishment of international economic order (cashless society)

Goal #2: The establishment of a one-world government

Goal #3 : The conquest and subjugation of two super powers (USA and USSR)

Goal #4: The ascension of the United States of Europe as the dominant nation in a Confederated one-world government

Goal #5: The ushering in of a supreme world leader to preside over the new unified One-world government

Goal #6 : The establishment of a one-world religion which will coordinate all the world’s religions, cults, faith groups and spiritual beliefs under the guidance of Supreme Pontiff

All these goals are coming to fulfillment right before our eyes. We are now in the era of the “Debit Card System.” This is the final step before the cashless society (the system of the Antichrist). With this system, we don’t need to bring cash whenever we go shopping. All we have to present is a card with microchip that bears information about ourselves and our accounts. This card is scanned and then the amount of our purchase is deducted from our account. Also similar systems are being used in the form of Smart cards and E-cards. The European Union has implemented its one currency unit for all the member nations, the EURO. 

The one world currency is a major requirement for the establishment of a cashless society. Ordinary citizens of the world are not aware that the world is already divided into ten magnum regions referred to as kingdoms. Regionalization of countries is a step forward to the one-world government. Organizations associated with the New World Order use a “ten kingdom” model in their plan for the coming world government. In the Book of Revelation, the prophet John revealed that the AntiChrist and his ten-nation confederacy will rule the world during the last 31/2 years of the coming Tribulation Period. Organizations associated with the establishment of a one-world government have already drafted their one-world constitution.

On December 31, 1992, the plan for full integration of Europe came into reality. European Union has finally emerged. The Europeans now have :

One European citizenship

One High Court

One Central Bank and Currency

One Foreign Policy and European Army

One Political, Economic and Military Control

The New World Religion is at hand. With the forming of the United Religions Initiative 2000, one world religion is coming to reality. In June, 1997, delegates from 100 historic religions and 100 spiritual movements gathered at Stanford University to begin work on United Religions Charter. Sitting together were Christian ecumenical leaders, black muslims, American Jews, Australian aborigines, California pagans,South African Hindus, Thai Buddhists, British Baha’ias, Catholic priests, Indian Sikhs, and other religious leaders.

USA and USSR are yielding their sovereignties to United Nations due to economic crises in their respective countries.Their governments are coming under the folds of The New World Order. There is still one major goal set to be fulfilled, the ushering of one “Supreme Leader” to head the one-world government, he is the AntiChrist.

The Economic System of the AntiChrist

One of the most distinctive feature of our generation is the tremendous rise in the wealth of rich nations while the third world countries become poorer each year. In Revelations chapter 6 :5,6 John recorded his vision;

“When the Lamb broke the third seal, I heard the third living being say “Come!” And I looked up and saw a black horse, and its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. And a voice from among the four living beings said, “a leaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley for a day’s pay.”

The vision refers to the third horseman of Apocalypse which is famine. A time will come when a day’s wage will be just sufficient to buy a meal. In fact, we are experiencing the birth pains as early as now. We are moving towards that crisis. The World Bank ‘s poverty threshold $1 a day and that “near poor” are those who live in less than $2 a day. In the Philippines as of 2001, 13% and 46% are classified as “poor” and “near poor” respectively. $2 is hardly sufficient to sustain the basic food needs in a day.

The world’s most exclusive and private club of international power brokers meet secretly ten times a year in Basel, Switzerland. These men are the most powerful leaders in the world of international finance. This small group of financial leaders use their vast amount of wealth to trigger the recurring recessions, booms and busts affecting world economy. They may create an economic climate for the world that nations will be compelled to embrace the one-world government.

Who Is The AntiChrist ?

“And now in my vision I saw a beast rising up out of the sea. It had seven heads and ten horns, with ten crowns on its horn. And written on each head were names that blasphemed God.”

Revelations 13:1

The beast rising out of the sea refers to the AntiChrist. He is destined to rise in the last days as the ruler over the one-world government. He will rule in tyranny and will bring great terror. The AntiChrist is destined to be the ruler of the last empire to rule the world which is actually the revived Roman Empire. This empire will control politics, economics, army and religions of the world. This ruler will be fearless and will not embrace any religious conviction. He will demand to be worshiped as God. He will force everyone on earth to bear his mark on their forehead or in their hands. Without this mark, neither anyone can buy nor sell. The revived Roman Empire is now existing in our time as the United States of Europe or European Union which consists the rich nations of Europe.

Summary from The World's last Dictator By Dwight L. Kinman
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