The New World Order
The New World Order



Just a few quick observations for today about the Miley Cyrus performance and the Syrian situation...

From Chapter 9 of Illuminati Mind Control: "The Teddy Bear the child is given by her Daddy is to remind her how helpless she is to prevent him from raping her"...

And the "reptilian tongue" is apparently another one of their hidden symbols...

...If you look through the first linked article, you'll see she was showing it as much as possible.

It makes one wonder about the wild stories surrounding her and her father Billy Ray...

At any rate, this spectacle is an effective distraction for the sleepers as the Cabal attempts to start World War 3 in Syria. Be in a state of readiness for the economic event as soon as the attack begins, as is correctly noted in this article...

“This is all about the conversion of world’s economic trading mechanism from a U.S. dollar based system to a SDR. The Middle East and Syria is merely the catalyst for is implementation. The ‘flash-bang’ of the magic act. And once this catalytic action is started, we cannot go back. War in the Middle East and particularly Syria is the catalyst that will disrupt transactions and commerce all over the world. And few will see it coming, or know what hit them.”

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