The New World Order
The New World Order
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Manchester's Missing Shoes And Dangerous Women - Ole Dammegard

"There are always loose shoes lying around. You will often see the wounded missing one or two shoes. And often with one trouser leg torn to pieces or pulled up. This is a Freemasonic ritual. When one shoe is missing, it shows that the person taking part in this ritual is doing it voluntarily. Two shoes off shows that they are doing it out of homage to this sacrificial location." -- Ole Dammegard interview with Rogue Money, recorded a day before #ManchesterBombing (fast forward to 52:00 minute mark).

With those words in mind it should come as no surprise that the esoteric imagery that seems to pop up at every turn has once again reared its ugly head in the wake of the deadly Manchester Arena suicide bombing of May 22, 2017. The mainstream media lost no time in pushing several images and numbers right out the gate to make sure we would see them, as noted below [see UK Telegraph gallery here].

Immediately we saw the image of a wounded girl with remarkably clean bandages being allowed by emergency workers to walk around partially barefoot at a site that is supposedly littered with broken glass and debris. She might even have both shoes off. I'll let you decide.

That photo was immediately succeeded by this image of another female with both shoes removed from her feet, desperately making a call to loved ones on her cell phone. Both shoes are clearly displayed as being held along with another girl who may be walking in her stocking feet as well.

And then the numbers came streaming in ... "50" wounded which immediately reminded me of the first-posted number of "50" dead in the Orlando Shooting only one year ago. But the number that seems to be getting emphasized more than any other is "22." The bomber was "22" years old, the attack happened on "22" of May, and the initially reported, and incessantly repeated, number of those killed was, you guessed it, 22.
Eleven Times Two

It was an odd coincidence that this event occurred on the precise date of a previous Jihadist attack on a UK soldier, a brutal hacking and decapitation of Lee Rigby. In fact, his family maintains a memorial foundation and had just held a biker's ride as a salute to the slain soldier the day before the Manchester event. "Somebody" really had to make use of "May 22."

Prime Minister Theresa May made a statement after daylight to remind us of the initial reported number of "22" deaths and the heinous act of brutality committed "against children." If there's anybody who should know anything about acts of brutality being committed against children, it should be the British elite.

    All acts of terrorism are cowardly attacks on innocent people, but this attack stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice — deliberately targeting innocent, defenseless children and young people who should have been enjoying one of the most memorable nights of their lives. As things stand, I can tell you that in addition to the attacker, 22 people have died and 59 people have been injured....

As I was perusing the UK Telegraph's photo gallery of the Manchester aftermath, I found this curious image taken from street level looking upwards at a hotel windows. If you let your eyes "zoom out" from the photo, perhaps you will see what I do: the Roman numeral for eleven "XI". From the vantage point of a person in the hotel, the symbol would be reversed and then becomes an "IX Monogram," sort of a variation of a "Chi Ro" Christ symbol. Our Mr. W. has mentioned that the number 11 is used often as an "anti-Christ" symbol by the occultists:

 I was reminded of the interview that I had copied earlier in one of my recent Antarctica blogs, a statement made by a man still loyal to the Nazi party many years after WWII had ended. His name was Wilhelm Landig and he is on record as saying this about the number eleven:

    "Everywhere the number of 11 played a role. – As if the Kabbalah is a factor here. – You see there is also a kind superstition amongst the (hostile) secret services. And: at least it points to the backers, that there are backers from among the Kabbalists."

As Rogue Money guest Ole Dammegard stated in his interview and has been reiterated by Mr. W. many times, when you see the "11" being doubled or tripled, it is an indication that the perpetrators are seeking magnification of the energy or the "frequencies" of their actions. An entry at [linked here] explains the signficance of "22":

    Number 22 is the master number or the builder number on the material plane. The 22 expands from the number 11. However there is four times the power and energy in its vibration, so there is much strength to use on the material plane. Number 11 is the root and 22 continues its path, this is the source energy put into the material plane, the vibration of this number has great deal of responsibility. Because of the great power of this number you may have success or there could be disastrous downfall.

    The master number 22 bears many of the motivational ideas of the number 11, it also combines the vibration of the number 4. Which makes it unlimited and yet very disciplined. It brings down energy into material form. It has great plans, big ideas, idealism and leadership and great self confidence.

Speaking of Kabbalists ... there's something else about that night's featured pop star goddess -- literally referred to as an "idol" within the Telegraph's Manchester photo gallery -- that you should know. Ariana Grande has been practicing the Kabbalah since the age of 12.
Eyes of Horus and Queen Bees

Ariana Grande is one of those stars who have followed in the path of others like Madonna to keep perpetuating the dark side of the music industry. It was at the conclusion of her "Dangerous Woman" concert that the attack happened.

According to her Wikipedia page, Ariana was:

    "... raised a Roman Catholic but abandoned Catholicism during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, citing opposition to the church's stance on homosexuality, noting that her half-brother is gay. She has followed Kabbalah teachings since the age of twelve, along with her brother Frankie, believing "the basis lies in the idea that if you're kind to others, good things will happen to you." A few of her songs, such as "Break Your Heart Right Back", are supportive of LGBT rights."

Obligingly, the UK Telegraph gallery treated us to an image of Priestess Ariana next to the well-known iconic image of the Wadjet aka the Eye of Horus on the man's knitted cap.


 After the attack, people felt compelled to gather at Trafalgar Square and flash the "womb" or "uterus" symbol in front of the "penis" symbol. Yes it's quite likely that the people in this photo are not aware of the imagery that they are creating with their "heart" gestures, and yes, the monument shown here is Lord Nelson's Column and not technically an "obelisk." However, for the purpose of staging this photo, the Column does very nicely.

 Other photo opportunities have let it be known that Queen Isis is alive and well. This sign with a "bee" image made sure that we know that the temple priests and priestesses from ancient Egypt and Babylon have not yet been relegated to the dustbin of history. In fact, quite the contrary is true.

 As Ole Dammegard eloquently reminded us in the interview linked at the beginning of this blog, now we witness the next familiar act in the stage play, the Hegelian Dialectic already-in-progress. "The People demand security and they shall have it!" Armed troops will now increasingly supplant the iconic unarmed, baton-swinging Bobbie of yesteryear on British streets.

After the Manchester event, Ole Dammegard has kindly given his preliminary analysis of this incident to John B. Wells as posted here on the Caravan to Midnight Youtube channel:

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