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Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC

From planning positive media to crisis communication, Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC has been recognized for having the experience and skills necessary to maximize positive opportunities in business and the media. The firm also is equipped to meet the demands of an unexpected onslaught of news media attention that seems to impact so many companies and individuals these days.

What We Do – At  Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC   We Manage Your Needs

The drawn out news cycles of the past no longer exist. Today’s news coverage is in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, news organizations are more aggressive and insatiable than ever when pursuing a story. It can feel suffocating when you are being pressured by the media as they try to make their deadlines. Speed combined with a diminished priority on accuracy and the power of a negative or incorrect representation can make the difference in a company or individual’s professional survival. The threat is real. This firm specializes in creating public relations strategies that provide a layer of protection and an opportunity to manage the unexpected.

“The work we do is important. We honor the proprietary nature of our clients’ needs and issues so the firm flies under the radar most of the time. The reason we are adept at assisting individuals and organizations in navigating troubling and potentially damaging times is because we understand the long-range impacts of losing perspective and being unprepared. Awareness of unexpected twists and turns keep us focused and flexible.”

Crisis and Reputation Management

When you’re dealing with crisis and reputation management, you need a calm head and a steady hand to get things back on track. Many times, this isn’t something you can find inside your organization – you need someone from outside to come in and help.

Today’s news is no longer delayed while the networks craft their stories and prepare their releases. Instead, you have coverage in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That can make dealing with a crisis especially difficult, as the media outlets pressure you for more information day after day.

Social media can make crisis and reputation management even more problematic, as people share both news and rumors thousands of times over. You can find that your company’s reputation has been destroyed in minutes, although it took you decades to build.

Detailed and customized planning provided by Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC can provide a level of protection for your organization as you work to assess your processes, support your staff, and investigate the incident that led to your current crisis. Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC also provides perspective and helps your organization move forward responsibly and with confidence.

Handling a crisis requires clear thinking, candor, an outside perspective, and honesty. You’ll need a strategy for handing community relationships, sponsors, advertisers, and more. You’ll also need help communicating effectively with your employees, keeping high-quality talent on board, and managing morale.

You can’t predict when a crisis will hit, but you can be prepared to handle one. It’s all about knowing the right people to call for help. You may be facing the most difficult time in your organization’s history, but that doesn’t mean you’re finished. You can navigate this crisis and even come out better on the other side.


We manage the unexpected

Managing Your Reputation With Crisis Communication

The drawn out news cycles of the past no longer exist. Today’s news coverage is in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, news organizations are more aggressive and insatiable than ever when pursuing a story. It can feel suffocating when you are being pressured by the media as they try to make their deadlines.

Detailed and flexible planning can provide a layer of protection as well as the opportunity to manage and support your position. We provide perspective and the ability to move forward responsibly and with confidence with our crisis communication experience.

Managing the Unexpected

No one can plan for every emergency; that’s when the unexpected can become a crisis. Understanding the issue and how to manage it requires structure, clear thinking and candor. Managing the issue also requires the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate the media channels and defuse the crisis. Crisis Communication: It’s what we do.

Managing Corporate Communication

Look who’s talking; it seems like it’s everybody. Ensuring that your stakeholders – be they clients or employees – hear and understand your message requires the right language and in the appropriate format. We know what needs to be said, by whom and how, to ensure that your voice will be heard and your message received loud and clear.

Managing Social Media

The world is all about social media. Your media reach is almost limitless with options like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Figuring out which strategy works best can be overwhelming. We actually like social media. And we actually understand it as an effective communication tool.

Managing Strategic Community Relations

Do you need help managing your company’s community involvement? Do you have a strategic corporate giving policy? Are your employees strategically placed on local community boards of directors? How about that volunteer program that you’ve been meaning to get off the ground for so long? We perform internal and external audits, identify your resources, develop your strategic programs and activities, assist you in setting up and managing a foundation, and develop internal and external communication plans to help tell your story to key stakeholders and influencers.


The art of communication matters in virtually every industry from government, corporations to non-profit organizations. Below are just some of the initiatives that Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC has provided in addition to strategic counsel:


Litigation (corporate/criminal)

Corporate Mergers

Municipal Government

Law Enforcement

Human Resources

Non-profit Organizations

Development and Construction

Animal Welfare

Corporate Philanthropy




Public Relations 

All of our assessments and trainings are customized to fit your specific needs.  Also, our team if necessary will provide current or former Law Enforcement Officers and/or military personnel with a background in threat assessment and active shooter / threat response training. 



Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC uses a multi-pronged approach to achieve the following goals:
Perform a site assessment to evaluate the physical security and operation practices of your site(s)

          Review and update your Emergency Action Plan / Safe Plan by providing the most updated policies and procedures
Train all employees on emergency procedures by providing the necessary tools, thus empowering them to handle critical incidents

          Provide scenarios and tabletop exercises for continued staff / employee training
Provide training for executives, managers, administrators, and supervisors in the following:

           Laws and Liability
           Decision making
           Employee training
           Critical Incident Management
           Incident Command System

​Implement a threat assessment team, which includes protocols and assessment worksheets to collaboratively assess personnel that are at-risk and provide necessary resources.

​​We are also pleased to announce, we just launched an electronic online tip reporting website.  Our online reporting allows users to instantly report an incident, concerning behavior, or tip from any desktop browser or smart phone 24/7.  It also allows you to upload files and screen shots.  Once the user pushes send, a designated list of pre-approved individuals will then be notified via email.

Through our comprehensive training and services, your employees will obtain the tools necessary to act appropriately during critical incidents.

Sincerely,  Dept. Of Operations,  Total Crisis Management Solutions

Open contracts are now available upon request. 

Note: If your assignment is away from our main workplace, in addition to fees paid, employees and non-employees will be paid a per diem. This includes all travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses incurred. This policy shall apply to all traveling on behalf of the company.

Disclaimer:  Total Crisis Management Solutions, Inc. LLC  is a fictional company that is a composite of several crisis management solution companies!

Profiles of several Crisis Communications Firms:

5W Public Relations

The Helmsley Building
230 Park Ave., 32nd Flr.
New York, NY 101069

5W Public Relations, a Top 20 Public Relations firm based in New York City, specializes in high profile issues and crisis management for companies and individuals faced with the unanticipated challenges in the marketplace.

5WPR has worked across the spectrum of crisis issues from IPO’s to business and personal litigation, from product recalls and trade disputes to environmental problems, warranty and product liability claims, executive related scandals, misinformed publics, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination cases, labor issues, criminal indictments and a variety of sensitive domestic and international political issues.

In addition to traditional crisis communications, we are also skilled at navigating a digital crisis. Leveraging our experience in Online Reputation Management, we can craft a comprehensive SEO rich program to positively impact your reputation to quickly mitigate a negative story’s impact on Google search results.

Our crisis clients trust our expert counsel, as well as the confidential way in which we handle their communications.

Bishoff Communications

75 Second Avenue, Suite 605
Needham, MA 02494

Companies, organizations, or individuals facing a situation which has the potential to attract external scrutiny or create a negative perception among key internal or external audiences, need highly skilled, experienced counsel.

Bishoff Communications LLC is a highly respected and recognized crisis resource with more than twenty-five years of successfully managing a wide variety of crises and negative situations.  These have ranged from high profile accidents, crimes, and fatalities to litigation, lay-offs, data breaches, food safety, recalls, sexual harassment, leadership termination, sexual abuse, bankruptcies, and dozens of other negative incidents and circumstances which threatened the organization’s reputation, financial value, or existence.

Today’s world demands nearly instantaneous action. We move quickly to provide both strategic counsel and hands-on assistance to mitigate, contain, or ameliorate a negative situation and protect reputation.

Working in close collaboration with our clients and their professional advisors — including legal, financial, and others, we are available to our clients twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Our crisis management expertise also enables us to provide all of our clients with a valuable perspective on both pro-active public relations and risk management and readiness planning. Preparation for a negative, unexpected situation is not only desirable, but far more cost-effective. We offer audits of existing plans and collaborate with our clients and their advisors to both develop and enhance comprehensive plans.

Bliss Integrated Communication

Member of The Worldcom Public Relations Group
500 5th Avenue, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10110
Fax: 212/840-1663

Bliss Integrated Communication is a mid-sized, independent marketing communication firm that helps healthcare, financial and professional services companies build reputation and grow sales through PR strategy and execution, messaging and content development, brand identity, issues management, digital and social media and analytics. At Bliss, we focus on our clients’ goals and results, not stand-alone tactics. Average tenure among large clients is eight-plus years and includes some of the most respected names in the industries served. What sets Bliss Integrated Communication apart is our strategic approach to communication and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.

Bliss has extensive corporate reputation and issues management/crisis experience in product recalls, government and regulatory inquiries, pricing issues and advisory meetings, and was ranked among the top crisis management PR firms by healthcare industry clients in Black Book. Bliss is skilled at developing tailored playbooks and scenario plans for our clients, including protocols delineating internal responsibilities, and preparing teams with content, press releases/company statements, 3rd party engagement, Q&As and media talking points.

We have deep expertise training spokespeople and orchestrating all logistics involved in a rapid-response situation. Moreover, Bliss works closely and proactively with media to educate and gain trust, building dependable relationships for use in times of crisis. As part of our issues management strategy, we also maintain rigorous real-time monitoring of both traditional and social media sources, keeping teams up-to-speed and using this knowledge to inform external response.

Boardroom Communications Inc.

1776 N. Pine Island Road
Suite 320
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33322

Boardroom Communications is one of Florida’s top PR agencies offering statewide coverage. The firm’s experienced staff of public relations and crisis management professionals routinely handle high-profile crisis projects and public affairs campaigns each year. Examples include: investigations, hostile takeovers, litigation, product recalls, criminal charges, safety compliance issues, accidental deaths, project approvals, bid objections and legislative campaigns.

Whether you’re developing a crisis communications plan or responding to an urgent threat, Boardroom’s trusted and respected team will help you evaluate the situation, mitigate the risks and deal with your most important audiences, i.e. media, social media, employees, stakeholders, customers, government and others. We immediately consult with your executives to assess the situation and develop an appropriate strategy and plan. Out team monitors traditional media, blogs and social networking sites and handles all inquiries. Call or email us if you are faced with a “Bet-the-Ranch” situation where a capable, seasoned crisis management team can help guide you to a satisfactory resolution.

Fineman PR

150 Post Street, #620
San Francisco, CA 94108
Fax: 415/392-1099

Consistently recognized as one of the top public relations firms, Fineman PR — founded in 1988 and headquartered in San Francisco — specializes in crisis communications, brand messaging, community relations and multicultural communications.

Fineman PR’s high-profile crisis communications work has achieved national renown. In today’s fast-paced culture of instant media exposure, online defamation and quick-draw lawsuits, its battle-tested experience and strategic resourcefulness guide clients through rough waters. Agency president Michael Fineman is ranked among the nation’s top crisis counselors.

Fineman PR works extensively on reputation building, crisis preparedness, crisis communications and reputation recovery with a wide range of organizations, from schools and municipalities to food companies and Fortune 500 corporations.

Fineman PR’s successful, high-profile crisis work includes helping our client respond to and recover from a national public health crisis, managing consequences from the Santa Barbara “Tea Fire” for a college beset by the firestorm; initiating client-community relations after a tragic apartment complex explosion in Truckee, California; putting a juice company on firm public footing immediately after an E. coli crisis; setting the record straight after media slander of packaged salads; helping resolve labor relations for a highly prestigious medical group in Southern California; and working for so many other clients whose names were successfully kept out of the news.


685 Third Ave., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017

Established in 1998, ICR partners with companies to develop and execute strategic communications programs and advisory services that achieve business goals, build credibility, and enhance the long-term value of the enterprise. The firm’s highly differentiated service model, which pairs capital markets veterans with senior communications professionals, brings deep sector knowledge and relationships to clients in more than 20 industries. Today, ICR is one of the largest and most experienced independent advisory firms in the world maintaining offices in Boston, Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Clients: Boot Barn, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., Cobalt Int’l Energy, Dave & Busters, FleetCor Technologies, Inc., Fossil, Inc., Freshpet, Genuine Parts Co., Gildan Activewear, Harman, Herbalife Ltd., HubSpot, lAC, Jarden Corp., Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, La Quinta Holdings, Inc., Legg Mason & Co., LLC, lululemon athletica, Mobileye, Michaels, Michael Kors, New Relic, Ocwen Financial Corp., Pandora Media, Inc., Paramount Group, Inc., Planet Fitness, Inc., Red Hat, Inc., Shake Shack, Starwood Property Trust, VF Corp., Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Wingstop, Workiva and Zoës Kitchen.

Institute for Crisis Management

Denver, CO

The Institute for Crisis Management has specialized exclusively in crisis communications management since 1990. ICM prepares executives and management teams to prepare for, manage and mitigate reputation/organizational crisis with a variety of planning, training and consulting services. Contact us for affordable Vulnerability and risk assessments; Risk-specific planning tools; Real-time crisis communication support; Crisis plan development / implementation; Crisis Simulation exercises; Custom training; Strategy and message development; Spokesperson/ media training; Executive coaching and interview preparation; Media and social media monitoring and analysis; Reputation management and damage mitigation; Debriefing and crisis response assessment.

ICM has developed crisis plans, counseled executives and managed crisis communications for clients in virtually every industry for crises including workplace shootings, social media attacks, strikes, white collar crime, criminal and civil investigations, large-scale mergers/acquisitions and bankruptcies, data breaches, recalls, plant closings, unfounded rumors, wrongful death/patient abuse investigations, activist threats, boycotts, natural disasters, social and political issues.

Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher

622 Third Avenue, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10017

When an unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary event threatens a company’s operations or reputation, a fast and intensive response is essential to prevent or mitigate serious damage. We have extensive experience in delivering unique solutions for unique situations, including earnings surprises; short attacks; accounting irregularities; regulatory actions and government investigations; management changes; facility closures and workforce reductions; labor disputes; facility disasters and workplace violence; data security breaches; consumer boycotts; and product recalls.

We are immediately available to our clients during all phases of crisis planning and response. And when a client is in the spotlight, we help determine how best to control the dialogue, take the initiative, fix what’s broken and gather support. We give our clients the training and tools necessary to hit the ground running when a crisis strikes.


437 Madison Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Many companies or institutions will confront unforeseen events that could alter their future, pose unprecedented challenges and potentially set them on a new course that will redefine the organization and significantly impact key stakeholders. What is required in these circumstances is an expert, experienced strategic communications partner to work with senior management and a Board of Directors to: articulate a new business strategy and a vision for success; explain an enterprise-transforming event and its significance; successfully navigate complex business challenges or crises; build trust and support among key stakeholders; and strengthen the organization’s credibility, reputation, and brand.

Successful execution requires superior counsel, judgment and expertise, broad experience, and a comprehensive, effective and intelligent approach for communicating to all stakeholders. For over 45 years companies and institutions around the world have selected and relied on Kekst to provide that counsel and support across a wide range of disciplines including: corporate & financial communications; specialized investor relations; mergers & acquisitions, shareholders activism & corporate governance; IPOs & spinoffs; crisis communications; bankruptcy and restructurings; and litigation and regulatory support.

L.C. Williams & Associates

150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3800
Chicago, IL 60601
Fax: 312/565-1770

L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA) has successfully guided clients — from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations — through some of their worst-case scenarios, including product recalls, lawsuits, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, government regulations, restructuring and reorganization initiatives, social media firestorms, employee and labor relations issues, workplace accidents, natural disasters, environmental crises and more.

Today, a crisis can take root in minutes. Our social media response team monitors chatter constantly so that we can provide the real-time counsel and execution needed to minimize and turn around negative issues. LCWA’s experienced crisis communications professionals are available 24/7 to help prepare executives and manage communications to targeted audiences, channels and media.

We also conduct detailed crisis planning for our clients — anticipating potential crises and outlining process, messaging, roles and responsibilities, and conducting spokesperson training, so that the entire team is ready to take action if a crisis should occur.

Marketing Maven

37 W. 37th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Bicoastal integrated marketing and strategic communications firm, Marketing Maven, focuses on media relations, investor relations, issues management, crisis communications and public affairs. We are in constant communication with key financial media, analysts, shareholders and influencers on behalf of our clients. From traditional earned media to new forms of social engagement, Marketing Maven drives conversations while maintaining a positive reputation for clients by delivering newsworthy messages to key audiences, using a range of platforms.

From high profile litigation, bankruptcy or restructuring announcements, analyst calls with media, public affairs issues with utilities companies, law enforcement association communications, mergers and acquisition stakeholder communications to reputation management for educational institutions, our strategic execution is core to the success of our campaigns for financial and professional services clients.

Marketing Maven is 8(a) certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), has WOSB status with the government and DBE, CUCP and CPUC certification.

The Montgomery Strategies Group

5711 Ogden Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20816

The Montgomery Strategies Group is an elite consulting firm with unsurpassed expertise in crisis communications, public affairs, the financial markets, and reputation creation & management.

We draw on decades of collective experience as trusted counselors and strategists to global C-Suite executives, Boards of Directors, marketplace leaders, and elected officials — with a team that includes former senior leaders from the SEC, FTC, The White House, Justice Department, HHS, HUD, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNBC, and a host of Fortune 500 companies and global consultancies.

The breadth of our award-winning team includes expertise across all types of criminal and civil litigation, regulatory actions, Congressional investigations, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies, data breaches, product recalls, executive transitions, and activist investors. The solutions we put in place are customized to meet the needs of all our client’s stakeholders from Wall Street to traditional and social media.

We maintain an alliance of consultancies with offices in: New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, London, Zurich, and Brussels.


1101 West River Pkwy., #400
Minneapolis, MN 55415

PadillaCRT is a top 10 independent public relations and communications company. Its 240 employee owners use insightful strategies to help clients develop deep connections with the people who are important to their success. Its 360-degree approach uses research, branding, advertising, design, digital, social, mobile, media relations and crisis management expertise to build corporate and product brands with customers, investors, employees and communities.

The worst time to plan for a crisis is in the midst of one. When an emergency situation arises, the right response is crucial to help protect your reputation — and often, your bottom line. PadillaCRT’s highly experienced Crisis Consultancy team prepares to deal with any worst-case scenario. And if trouble strikes, day or night, we’re just a phone call away. We’ll help tell clients’ stories clearly, coherently and credibly, whether they are speaking to the media, employees, shareholders or government officials.

We understand the urgency of a crisis. That’s why you can contact the PadillaCRT Crisis Consultancy team anytime — day, night and weekends — by calling  1-877.PR.ER.911.

Is your company or organization prepared to manage a crisis situation? PadillaCRT’s Crisis IQ helps to answer that question. This tool is based on proven crisis-response methodologies. 

Peppercomm, Inc.

470 Park Ave. South
4th Floor North
New York, NY 10016

Peppercomm is an independently owned 20-year-old integrated communications and marketing agency headquartered in New York with offices in San Francisco and London.

Everyone loves a good listener — and at Peppercomm, we’re always paying attention. We’re a strategic partner that listens to uncover your business objectives. Then we listen to your audiences to learn what they need and how they think. We look around corners to see what’s coming next, and help our clients creatively push boundaries while avoiding minefields and mitigating risk.

Founded in 1995 by Steve Cody and Ed Moed, Peppercomm began as a traditional PR agency and has evolved into a fully integrated firm with a focus on financial and professional services, B2B industrial and consumer lifestyle and the technology that serves them all.

Our combined years of deep category experience and love of what we do shapes our work. We engage your audiences on every level and set your brand apart. And we do all this to help your bottom-line and build your business. So get in touch. We’re all ears.

Public Communications Inc.

One East Wacker Drive, 24th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Protesters are attracting media crews outside your gates, your board chair has been accused of harassment, a new study questions your company’s miracle drug, you have been hacked, business is halted due to a cyber security incident. Each situation could be your organization’s undoing.

With experienced, senior counsel Public Communications Inc. helps clients manage crises online, in the news, on the air and in the C-suite. The core principles remain the same. Assess the situation. Communicate clearly and honestly. And do it quickly to protect the client’s reputation. Those first few hours can make the difference between a crisis that is contained and soon forgotten, and one that becomes part of your media boilerplate. Our counselors bring strategies and calm. And we continually adapt crisis management principles to a world in which good news and bad, fact and rumor, travel at lightning speed, disseminated by anyone with a laptop, cell phone, blog or Twitter account.

We are always on call to counsel clients in crisis. And, when things are calm, we help our clients avoid, anticipate and prepare, so that if a crisis does strike, it becomes the type that is soon forgotten. We can help. Let’s talk.


209 10th Avenue South, Suite 214
Nashville, TN 37203

We are healthcare crisis subject matter experts focused on helping our clients navigate disruptions — both anticipated and unforeseen — that pose a potential reputational or financial challenge to their business. When a crisis happens, you can’t afford for your agency to have a learning curve. Our deep industry expertise and issues management experience can help any healthcare organization navigate the complex healthcare, legal, regulatory, and business landscape.

As an integrated marketing communication agency, we help our clients create and grow brands —and protect them when something happens. We have profound experience in litigation support, legislation outcomes, union issues, data breach preparedness and reputation management. We are unique in that we are the only agency in the nation to specialize in the business of healthcare finance with a specific niche in payor/provider communication.

As part of the Weber Shandwick family, we provide our clients the perfect mix of solutions as boutique healthcare specialists with the depth, breadth, capabilities, and relationships of a global agency.

Sard Verbinnen & Co.

630 Third Ave., 9th Fir.
New York, NY 10017

Sard Verbinnen & Co is a leading strategic corporate and financial communications firm with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London. We provide communications counsel and services to clients including multinational corporations, smaller public and private companies, investment firms, financial and professional service firms, and high-profile individuals.

The firm’s highly experienced senior professionals provide sound, objective advice and execution support to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our work encompasses corporate positioning, media relations and investor relations, transaction communications, litigation support, crisis communications, special situations, and social media and online communications.

We are regularly cited as one of the top M&A and crisis communications advisors in North America. 
Founded in 1992, our firm is recognized for delivering candid and thoughtful strategic advice, excellent written product and tactical execution, and tireless advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Our senior professionals are actively engaged in both counsel and implementation. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise, unparalleled relationships and credibility with the media, and deep understanding of the investment community drive the firm’s ability to help our clients manage complex situations and communicate to multiple constituencies successfully.

Schneider Associates

Member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group
2 Oliver Street, Suite 402
Boston, MA 02109

A hallmark of Schneider Associates’ 36-year history is our ability to counsel companies and individuals during a crisis situation. While we hope our clients never face a crisis, we stand ready when a major issue threatens a company’s growth or reputation.

SA has been relied upon to handle communications for everything from white-collar crime, product recalls, fires, accidental on-the-job deaths, securities fraud, sexual harassment, legal issues, social or digital media issues, community relations, website hacks, user data breaches, organized labor issues, and other business situations requiring a prompt response. Through the years, we have been successful in averting crises through preparation and creating solid, actionable plans prior to any crisis occurring.

Schneider Associates is a full-service public relations and integrated marketing communications agency specializing in Launch Public Relations®, a proprietary method of launching new and revitalizing iconic products, services, companies, institutions and communities to build awareness, excitement, and sales. 

Sitrick And Company


Los Angeles 310/788-2850
New York 212/573-6100
San Francisco 415/369-8470
Denver 720/904-8560
Washington, D.C. 443/977-7215

Sitrick And Company is widely regarded as one of North America’s leading strategic and crisis communications firms. While it has substantial practices in corporate, financial, transactional, reputational and crisis communications, Sitrick is best known for representing clients facing sensitive issues, including reputation management, complex litigation, problems emanating from short-sellers, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings.

The New York Times called Sitrick “The City’s Most Prominent Crisis Management Firm.” BusinessWeek said, the “firm is known for going atomic on opponents, using ‘truth squads,’ ‘wheel-of-pain’ tactics and high-profile journalists (who write profiles).” The general counsel of a major publicly-traded company wrote simply in an email, “You saved the company, literally.” The firm’s senior executives include former reporters, editors and correspondents from such media organizations as Barron’s, Bloomberg, CBS Television, CNBC, Forbes, Fox Business News, NBC Television, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Wall Street Journal.

Sloane & Company

7 Times Square, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Sloane & Company is a specialist public relations firm that focuses principally on corporate and financial media relations, investor relations, crisis communications, transaction support, business to business public relations, and public affairs. We provide both strategic counsel and tactical support to leading public and private companies, both domestically and around the world.

Our clients represent a wide array of industries — healthcare, financial services, technology, telecom, media and travel to name a few. Unlike many smaller firms, we have not built practice specialties limited to one or two industries. Because we enjoy a broad worldview and are students of our profession, we can share different approaches and best practices across our client base.

We believe in building partnerships with our clients. We work quickly and immerse ourselves fully to understand a client’s operations, culture, storylines, opportunities and issues. We then build thoughtful communications programs that deliver the right messages to the right constituencies using the right vehicles.

Solomon McCown & Company, Inc.

177 Milk St., #610
Boston, MA 02109
Fax: 617/695-9505

With offices in Boston and New York, Solomon McCown (SM&) supports clients that face complex, mission-critical issues at the intersection of public policy and business. The firm works within healthcare and real estate and with corporations and non-profit organizations to deliver strategic communications, messaging, public affairs and crisis communications services through media relations & training, digital, social & video that help clients achieve the definition, recognition and protection needed to meet their goals.

Clients: 47 Brand, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., Aligned Energy, Arrowstreet, Atrius Health, Beacon Capital Partners, Bioprocess Technology Consultants, Boston Beer Co., Bozzuto Management, CBT Architects, Chi Omega, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Cottonwood Management, The Davis Companies, EF Education, First Iquilinos Boricuas en Acción, Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston, Lahey Health, Lendlease, Lupoli Companies, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council, Massachusetts Medical Society/New England Journal of Medicine, MITIMCo, Mount Vernon Co., Nellie Mae Education Foundation, New Boston Fund, Nizhoni Health, Related Beal, RE/MAX Integra New England, Rockland Trust, RSM, Skanska USA and Westbrook Partners.

Tellem Grody PR

30745 PCH, Suite 243
Malibu, CA 90265
Facebook: @TellemGrodyPR
Twitter and @susantellem.

Tellem Grody Public Relations, Inc., (TGPR) a global public relations and social media agency, has expanded its crisis management practice to include homeland threats, terrorism and cyber-crime. The team is led by Susan M. Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, the agency’s senior partner. TGPR helps companies, law enforcement and citizens manage terror-related crises. Her diverse crisis team includes a seasoned private investigator with Israeli military training, a veteran food safety expert and a photo/video news journalist who worked daily with the LAPD.

Tellem’s 35 years of crisis preparedness and management expertise includes counsel to the DA prosecuting the Michael Jackson case; Pope John Paul II’s visit to Los Angeles where she led a media advance team, credentialing more than 3,000. She recently completed two FBI courses on terrorism, including an intensive program on “ISIS and Social Media.” She herself survived an active shooter situation; the gunman was killed by police. Tellem is a LAPD Reserve Officer Specialist (retired); a registered nurse (retired); and a member of the FBI’s InfraGard team. She served as a Malibu Public Safety Commissioner and is trained and frequently drills as a Malibu Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member. She speaks frequently on crisis management, most recently to the Orange County Coroners Association and at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Leadership Retreat.

Weber Shandwick

909 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022

In the digital and globally interconnected world we live in today, the immediacy of events impacts everything — from seismic global business and policy issues to the seemingly insignificant second-to-second conversations on social media. We all operate “In the Now,” where everything is knowable and sharable as events unfold through the 24-hour news cycle, citizen journalists, content aggregators that prioritize trending topics and stories and, of course, social media.

Our global Crisis practice encompasses a team of senior professionals who possess an unparalleled mastery of protecting corporate reputation in the digital age. Working in partnership with our clients, we understand that preserving corporate and brand reputations are the highest priorities. We ensure that all constituencies that have a stake in the outcome are addressed, and are expert in managing social and digital, as well as traditional media. As such, Weber Shandwick offers the full cycle of issues and crisis management.

Our Crisis practice has provided counsel to many Fortune 500 companies and we meet their needs with expertise and insight. We have successfully managed crises in a wide number of areas including environmental and safety issues, litigation, activist campaigns, political pressure at the local, regional and state level, regulatory actions, operational crises and negative press. We have managed environmental disasters and product recalls, proxy battles, federal investigations, investigative media reports and board disputes.

In addition, Weber Shandwick offers educationa l tools and trainings to prepare clients for a potential crisis. Since 2010 we have conducted interactive, multimedia crisis simulations with firebell, our award-winning proprietary simulator tool, which allows clients the opportunity to stress-test plans and messaging in an environment that mimics real-time social and broadcast media pressures. All of our crisis response trainings are paired with discussions of proactive approaches that can mitigate risk and minimize damage in event of a crisis.