The New World Order
The New World Order
This world has been divided into major geographical regions and nerve centers.      These regional nerve centers are within or contain military bases.      The Illuminists know that all of the governments around the world are destined to collapse soon.      They know this because these are planned economic collapses.      With the total collapse of the global economy a world wide police take-over will be enforced thereby creating a Totalitarian Police State.

Free Survival Manuals - Links


Free Survival Manuals and Prepper Guides

Survival Manuals and Preparation

Survival manuals and tactical guides can assist in basic training and survival methodologies. This includes unconventional techniques that are not necessarily relevant to current disasters, but can be applied when your group has been stripped to bare necessities.
  1. Survive! A guide to survival in any situation
  2. The Anarchist Cookbook
  3. Counter-insurgency Warfare – Theory and Practice
  4. 11 Steps to Survival CEMO
  5. 5 Basic Survival Skills
  6. Above Ground Fallout Shelter
  7. Advice on being prepared to Bug Out
  8. Survival Aids
  9. Civil Defense Radiological Monitoring
  10. Body Armor for Mines
  11. Build a Generator From a Lawnmower
  12. Captain Dave’s Survival Guide
  13. Citizen Preparedness Guide
  14. Combat Survival and Evasion
  15. Fallout Shelter Designs
  16. Food & Water in Emergencies
  17. Guidelines for Mass Fatality Management
  18. Modern Weapons Caching
  19. Recovering From Nuclear Attack FEMA
  20. United States Marine Corps USMC Survival Guide
  21. Guide to Rappelling 
  22. Urban Preparation Kit I 
  23. Counter-intelligence Interrogation Techniques
  24. Understanding Surveillance Technologies

Medical Prepper and Survival Manuals

A common failing in the prepper community is the absence of sufficient lifesaving techniques and even rudimentary baseline principles. Training is key for all members of your survival group.
  1. Ditch Medicine – Advanced Field Procedures
  2. US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
  3. US Army FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

CBRNE Guides and Manuals

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Weaponry Field Guides and Manuals to be used in the field during disasters. This is includes MOPP (mission-oriented protective postures) and HAZMAT (hazardous materials)SOP (standard operating procedures).
  1. HAZMAT Medical Protocols Part I
  2. HAZMAT Medical Protocol Second Edition
  3. FM 3-4 NBC Protection
  4. The International CBRN Training Curriculum
  5. Chemical Warfare Agents, Chemistry & Pharmacology
  6. Nuclear Survival Skills
  7. Effects of Nuclear Weapons
  8. Radiation Safety in Shelters
  9. Wyoming Nuclear Civil Defense Program
  10. Fallout Shelter Management
  11. Biological Threat Management
  12. Biological Warfare FAQ

Ammunition Ballistics Guides

A firm knowledge in modern ammunition should be standard among survival groups and militias. Such knowledge includes; production of new ammunition, reloaded ammunition, SOP for tactical combat operations and etc.
  1. Homemade Handgun Ammo
  2. Ammunition Handbook FM 4-30
  3. Munitions Support in Theater Operations FM 9-6
  4. Accurate Arms Reloading Manual
  5. Hodgdon Reloading Manual
  6. IMR Reloading Manual
  7. Centerfire Reloading Manual

Department of Defense Survival Guides

  1. US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76
  2. US Marine Corps Survival MCRP 3-02F
  3. USMC Summer Survival Course 
  4. USMC Winter Survival Course 

Navy Seals Training Manuals

  1. United States Navy Seals Sniper Training Manual
  2. Navy SEAL Patrol Leaders Handbook
  3. Navy SEAL Breakthrough to Master Levels of Fitness

US Army Combat Field Training and Survival Manuals

  1. US Army Ranger Handbook
  2. US Army Attack Helicopter Operations FM 21-76
  3. US Army Combat Stress Control FM 8-51
  4. US Army Mines and Booobytraps FM 12-43
  5. US Army Topographic Symbols FM 21-31
  6. US Army Combatives FM 21-150
  7. US Army Rifle Marksmanship M16 & M4 2008 Release

 Field Active Training Documents

  1. How to Start and Train a Militia 
  2. Standardized Amateur Radio HAM Prepper Communications
  3. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms JP1 02 DOD
  4. Visual Aircraft Recognition
  5. JFCOM UAS Pocket Guide – Predator Drone Manual
  6. Communications, Radar & Electronic Warfare
  7. US Marine Corps Antenna Construction and Propagation of Radio Waves
  8. US Marine Corps Automotive Engine Maintenance
  9. How to Make a Ghillie Suit
  10. Tactical Ready Guide

Firearm Field Guides and Manuals

  1. Combat Survival Weapons Improvised 7.62 mm SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle
  2. US Army FM 3 22 68 Machine Guns
  3. US Army Combat Pistol Training 
  4. US Army Operators Manual for M16 and M16A Rifles
  5. US Army Pistol Training Guide
  6. Centerfire Rifle Ballistics Tables
  7. US Marine Corps Sniper Manual FM 1-3B
  8. US Army Operators Manual for M9 9mm Pistol
  9. US Army Operators Manual for AK47
  10. Ammunition Handbook – Tactics and Techniques
  11. Encyclopedia of Modern US Weapons

Guerrilla Tactics and Guides

  1. Ambush and Counter-Ambush
  2. ANC Briefing Personal Security and Surveillance
  3. Aptitude for Destruction 1
  4. Counter Guerrilla Operations MCRP 3-33A
  5. Counter Guerrilla Operations FM-90-8
  6. Counter Insurgency Operations UK Army Code 71749
  7. Counter Insurgency Operations FM-07.22
  8. Counter-terrorism Handbook CRC Press
  9. Defending the American Homeland
  10. Defense of the US Homeland Against Strategic Attack
  11. Emergency Response to Terrorism
  12. Homeland Security and Geographic Information System

FEMA Guides and Manuals

  1. Comprehensive Preparedness Guide Developing & Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans 
    1. Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 502 
  2. FEMA Publications Catalog 

Here are  some Survival PDF Downloads that you might also find useful –
  1. FM 4-25-11 First Aid - While I suggest everyone take a dedicated first-aid class under qualified instructors, this manual by the U.S. Army is a good start for anyone wanting to learn life saving first aid skills.
  2. Army Ranger Handbook (2006) – I picked this manual up at a gun show a few years ago it’s loaded with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and other info.
  3. Principles of Home Canning – Excellent (and free) guide to canning your own produce. Did I mention that it is free? I like that word – Free…
  4. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – The title says it all. Great book, if you must garden in a small area or have poor soil.
  5. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - Combat techniques for an urban environment, including target engagement, situational awareness, crossing open areas, movement past windows, movement within a building, fighting positions etc. I hope you never need any of this but here it is just in case…
  6. Get Tough - How to win in hand-to-hand fighting. As taught to the British commandos and the U.S. armed forces W. E. Fairbairn.
  7. FEMA Are You Ready? - An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22) FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. Provides information on specific hazards including what to do before, during, and after each hazard type.
  8. Vegetable Gardening in Containers - Practical tips and techniques for container gardening including variety selection, planting information, and common problems.
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